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an important health issue along with the rest of the Gang stalking package

(Do I even have to say before you read this that YOU need to talk to doctors with schooling you trust before doing something you arent sure about?? If you read my blog you arent that dumb..but I dont want anyone getting sick(er) or hurting themselves. And tell them ALL the meds your taking.
I did a cleanse once and I fasted..I tried to go out with someone to a smoky bar and drink and I felt like I almost really hurt myself. It was a stupid thing to do...genuinely stupid. Its sad that people have to feel desperate and take matters into thier own hands becuz the craft has become the industry and a business. War is never easy. However, humans are self healing and caring and innovative. Look at the example of the days of coat hanger abortions [if you are old enough to recall or at least heard stories from women who do]. People shouldnt have to figure out thier own solutions due to the denial of the medical field or laws preventing treatment..even unwritten ones [wink!]).
Some of what is going on experimentation wise may involve parasitic diseases. I am not going to get into this heavily here..but IF the subject matter of part of the experimentation is the immune system (recall all those bio scientists who mysteriously died) and/or for the purposes of seeing if tech or chemicals can influence people who are in crisis conditions like famine, sickness--one of these extreme conditions could be parasitic diseases affecting peoples minds.
MK Ultra all TI's should be familiar with. Basically its experimenting with chemicals and brain washing tactics and radiation for some reason, as connected to mind control of human beings. One of these chemicals was LSD which is Ergot, a mold. same mold possibly partly responsible for Salem witch hysteria and has been shown in history to be the cause of much insanity of humans affected by it usually through grains eaten.
Per my experience the mold is important to MK Ultra becuz it helps 'wipe' the mind via affecting the brain. It also helps with being suggestible-as long as one uses the other tactics as well of course. Mold exposure is documented to be used by the Soviets in past to dumb down dissidents and lower intelligence. Certain molds are synthesised by the US military to create a weapon called Yellow Rain, so mold has destructive properties to human tissue-thats for sure.

One of my theories is that with coming global warming and floods mold will increase. With globalization parasitic disease according to the CDC is endemic and in concentrated areas epidemic. Doctors ignore this and its no secret to alternative health care that the medical field and especially psychiatric field actively ignore parasitic disease present in humans.
IF people are going to get sicker with infectious diseases and/or rising mold and other unhealthy conditions then perhaps the tech is being used to see if the masses can be kept calm and controllable under these conditions via remote influencing technologies.
TI's know that the body can heal itself more rapidly and under duress it seems the immune system beefs up..however we also know that the remote influence via tech can make one think one feels almost blissful even when one is in pain or when one is being tortured or dealing with the results of torture. Remote influence acts as pain reducer (often leading TI's to neglect health issues along with being conditioned to fear doctors via being harassed by the system so health care is avoided and this ads to the TI appearing to be a paranoid.) I am not going to spell out the changes to the health care system since the 1990''re grown ups and TI's get a clue. Its controlled either by corp funding, HMO or its institutions. They will play along with this game. Poor TI's get guinea pigged more so probably. My mother used to snap at me that I was having problems all the time getting ill treated becuz I was dealing with 'Boston doctors'...I could never figure that out. Really its an industry here and that may be what she meant.

We know that targets emotions are influenced or muted. We know we are made to feel good when really we should be angry. All this may be to subdue a population being genocide or dealing with horrible conditions in future.

It has also been shown that experimentation related to the same parties who were involved with MK Ultra consisted with experimenting with infectious diseases on humans.
This is enough for me along with globalization causing a rise in infectious disease to think its connected somehow.

Also if you are a TI and forced onto the street or into shelters you MUST take care. There is a reason that the psych community wants to medicate people instead of admit to organic brain disease as a cause of insanity.
Your great grandmother wasn't stupid. When this generation wanted African Americans to drink from separate fountains, when everything that was foreign was strange or to be kept out of their lives there good reason for this. And it has little to do with true racism which is not the focus of this blog. This is survival and all that matters is facts or theories concerning what will keep you alive and sane.

Parasitic disease exists in every country so don't think its a strictly African or Asian or 'foreign' problem. (immuno-supression..well duh. People on the web into alternative health have been on about that for years.)

And to be honest, IN do European Americans ('white' people) are the foreign invader on US soil and that needs to be looked at to trace infectious disease. If you want to live through any of this, dispense with racism per connected to this subject, dispense with myth or folk tale, and stop thinking that disease is caught because one is dirty and more ridiculous-immoral.

I have seen people who judge those immoral to be 'dirty' and probably thus diseased and then call the stupid '5 second rule' on a piece of food off the floor and eat it. Hey, if YOU want to live like someone out of the middle ages go right ahead. I want optimum health as long as I am in this body.

Firstly the immune system:
You are going to be subject to some illnesses that others are not. This starts with you, your families passing things onto you such as genetic weaknesses and strengths. Gauge of find out what they are, either talk to your family or the family doctor. Fish for info- don't be open about what you are doing unless you have a doctor that is open to sharing info with the patient like you have a brain of your own. Docs can get into control issues, out of trying to take care of the patient (they are the ones with degrees) and they'll clam up on you or avoid the subject.

Secondly: diseases your family may have passed onto you.
On has to ask..if I am infected with something where did it come from? Things have to be contracted somewhere. All puppies are born infected with a certain parasite at birth which has to be treated.
Humans may contract infectious disease from family members.
One example is if a family member now lives up north but lived in the swamps of LA as a child and also had high risk behaviors like eating raw hamburg (an old southern habit-perhaps ethnic) this should be looked at. This same relative also did multiple service over seas in Philippines, Germany, Japan, and Korea. All of which are risky but some of those countries are just outright high risk for infection. This relative shows overweight, multiple heart attacks, addiction to cigarettes,diabetes and in old age cannot stop eating sugar and develops dementia. Some of these issues may be
connected to contracting parasitic disease and this persons travels may be the key to what was contracted and where.

Others around you:
America being the melting pot of different countries its illogical to even consider that we have not contracted each others diseases by assimilating. What infectious disease was already present among the native American population when whites and African Americans arrived? And what of the Jewish populations, which due to diet and being to themselves more so may have and do avoid alot of contraction of disease yet their movements are not tracked readily in history books like other populations (you can see now why this is very unpopular but one day all this must be looked at unless the medical field wants to just test everyone efficiently now as is and fix the problem). There was a case of orthodox Jews in NY who were strict in diet yet still contracted pork tapeworm into their household and the source turned out to be some foreigners who lived in as servants who actively ate pork.
This is where illusion will get you sick or killed. Just becuz you observe, don't be fooled into thinking that is enough. There is not this invisible shield around your family just becuz they belong to a certain religion...this is why in order to be thorough one must disregard race and religion and all forms of belief in place of the facts as they are shown.
There are devious people in this world who want to keep humans sick and they want to do it by hiding infectious disease..its safe to say big pharma is on that list. You get it. Theses factions will undoubtedly try for some racism card in play to make you feel bad or scared about looking at facts. PC will not help you out of ill health...its a belief system and I have illustrated that those don't shield from disease only mask its presence.

The brain:
I was watching a program on TV years ago, this little boy just struck out at this girl and killed her for no reason. He had no prior record of violence and this was not recorded to be his nature. This was when my health and abilities were more intact also. I looked at the boy on tv as he was interviewed a few years after the attack. I looked into his eyes and could tell he had some sort of thing wrong with the brain....his eyes were off. This was before my healing abilities were destroyed by being targeted. Often I could tell if there was brain damage by looking at someones eyes..years later I would be saddened most of all by looking at the damage in my own in the mirror.
The show went on to say that they suspected that he had lesions in his brain which could create a malfunction and cause this sort of outburst against the persons will. He did indeed have lesions it was shown. I don't recall how he got them however.

What this told me is that the brain is where emotion and thought and action take place and damage or disease should be minimized. If parasites or other infections get into this organ it can affect not only what we call our 'minds' but who we are as people. It may take some time for you to be able to stretch your mind to accept this thought but before you go on you must. I had to sit there and really take a realistic look at what my own brain was made up of. It is never easy to analyze oneself as just flesh. Each of us pictures our brains as our Minds really- a vast universe, a whole other world in us. Yes, this is amazing but you have to stop the ghost and look at the machine for a moment. (ole book I read when 18 that stated the mind is the ghost in the machine which is the brain. The Police ripped it off later).

Cup your hands and really look at the size. This is how big your brain is about. Its grey matter connected to a stem. It is protected by fluid and surrounded by...oh just look up some anatomy on the web. This is you and what you look like inside. Now, accepting that you are just flesh for a moment, realize that most animals have parasitic diseases. Its not yucky or scary and you shouldn't freak out over it. Actually, its very natural. Nature wouldn't come up with something that was as disgusting as what you see and feel in the movies or on tv. THAT is probably the most horrible experiences in life you'll get. Real life is much less disturbing than the dreamscape that holds you while making you submit to inaction--to 'watch' tv is to not be able to do anyting about what you are seeing. The ultimate submission and often its contents are manipulative and horrible.

But that is not real real life you CAN act and defend yourself. And nature is the way it has been for centuries. So imagine your brain as I said then if you can just imagine that it may be an organ that may become diseased. You are now living in the primitive...the natural. The way things really are outside man made enviorments. Man made environments are not safer if disease can get in and doctors are not willing to admit thier presence..this is why you should seek alternatives and be realistic about residing in a human body and accept its possible vulnerabilities.
So now you can accept, without being 'grossed out' that you are a system of organs and tissue and what a creation you are. YOU LIVE!!
If you do enough research and find you suspect that you have parasitic disease then there are some things you can do.

First try to look up all you can on the Internet about your symptoms.
Then see if you can easily get the medical field to help you. Some of you have money and docs who will help you easily. If you are poor however, due to the hidden endemic of para disease among poor more ghetto populations, docs may ignore you just because that is the way the world is right now. Its like giving money to homeless people..I suppose they figure that they cant cure everyone of this population so just ignore it all together. You may luck out and find someone who will help you. If you are a TI, the profession may blow you off do to being poor and targeted or they are warned to let you get sick..perhaps for purposes of human experimentation or perhaps becuz it will lead to mental illness and that is one of the perps main objectives as targets have seen. This is the passive part of gang stalking...where INaction is actually in the interest of worsening the target's situation. If you dont think humans are capable of this think again.

There was a case in MA where a girl got sick with neurocycsticosis....a part of tapeworm infection where eggs are present in the brain..hey. I told you to keep your cool and not get grossed out! It happens and this is part of life.

Now, it was found that 5 Mexican males were living next door in a home she frequented. 2 of the men wouldn't test, 2 were found positive and one negative. None had outward signs of infection. How this girl even got help is my question... I guess you have to reach the level of seizures before anyone will take notice.

If you are poor and feel you are at risk or have risk factors from travel, those around you or family members like I said try docs first.

The Doctors:
Alot places play games like calling the dept of infectious diseases "Tropical medicine" and not even letting you in for testing if you 1) haven't traveled outside the US 2) are referred by another physician..uhh, does this seem like its a invite only social club or what? You'd think the doors would be wide open with the subject matter of this problem the way it is.
Another game they'll play is whining that any testing that is done has to be reported to the CDC so they dont waaaannnnt toooo. (wahhhh..I have heard a doc whine once. its not a pretty sight).

Yet another game is to go into denial...something I have seen doctors enjoy almost like a sport. This could be becuz I am a TI and have always pretty much been mis treated by a number of medical professionals through out life where as my mother, who I feel is also an intergen TI, is coddled by the medical profession often. I cannot account for this difference in treatment. Since understanding I am a TI I do not allow doctors or any other medical people to abuse me under any circumstances. You would be appalled if you heard the kinds of abuse I have endured from the medical community over my lifetime.
Denial- if you get the stone wall walk away and find another doc. And DON'T let them keep you from 'tire kicking' as they call it so that THEY can have control. They will do this. As a patient in today's system you are cattle, sheep or to be controlled. They want money like everyone else and poor people with brains are not to be tolerated--especially targets resisting.
Antoher game connected to denial is you being portrayed as either a hypochondriac or someone who exploits the welfare system by asking too much of the medical community.

Their continued negligence is not your problem. It is not your fault that in general they wish to hide infectious disease to perpetuate illness among the general population of not destroy or experiment on a targeted population or individual.
Dint put up with their crap. You are going to have to learn the fine art of being fake and full of shit, of smiling in peoples faces when you want to reach over the desk and kill them, of kissing ass to peons who work as secretaries and of dealing with docs who sometimes are just the same intel level as you if not lower.

Here is an inspiring story- at Tufts dental trying to deal with my cavitation. Waited in chair for student dentist. Watched as female student in next cubicle asked a patient if she endured abuse as a child especially sexual (ps if they try this intrusive bs from the 1990's on YOU politely tell them you dint think its relevant to dentistry and you dont answer those kinds of questions. These are intimidation tactics and also allows professionals to play control games. Because I notice it was not asked of every patient just that one female.)
Now as this female went to get a needle I watched behind the area which I prob wasn't supposed to be able to see into where the needles were lined up. Her professor was going to do some work on a patient and she was assisting. I saw her drop the needle then look around to see if she was seen doing that. Then she pretended to throw away the needle she she did it I noticed something. She seemed like her whole outlook was based on her faking it through many people do what everyone else wants for a living not what they really want. Thus they are not being themselves. She really seemed like she did not want to be there.
So many people, even those who would have them believe they are superior to you due to job, money status position family are really unable to feel free to be themselves in this world. A professor I met on the road once who had it with the world of academia said to me " You cant be yourself in this country"..really I think that that is true of adults in general. It is no surprise that workplace mobbing often happens to targets who are not only people who are GOOD at what they do, naturals, but they love what they do. The sheep destroy the wolf.
There is so much lying and pretending on the part of so called 'adults' that its easier just not to trust anyone. Yet we are asked if not demanded of us, especially the poor, to trust medical professionals blindly like priests..moreso in the world of psychiatry nowadays. You great even your grand mother's good old fashioned common sense has gone out the window and its not fashionable to be able to 'read' people or have a common sense approach to the art of people. Its probably so useful in seeing thru bs that it is or will be a disorder soon--"Sooo, you feel you can tell alot abut people. You think you can read their body language do you? Well you my dear are a sick girl." Of course you are...cuz you have primitive ways of seeing other humans that is natural and for protection of you and yours. This interferes with the herding of the sheep and the keeping down of the poor.
Dont let them do it to you. Trust your GUT intuition.

They mostly hate this in women becuz we have superior abilities that used to be described as 'womens intuition'. For those who know- Crowley may have knocked women but Mathers made statement that men have to join lodges and work at it just to have WHAT WOMEN POSSESS BY NATURE. Since you exist in a man made reality be prepared to be not only misrepresented but down right blocked out for being correct in your judgements. (so there).

Now the worst thing you will deal with as far as denial is this article I found:

This article is fair in its stating that parasites do exist and that testing is poor. He states only 10% are found..I read 20%. Anyway, there IS a mental disorder out there I guess, but if you have genuine symptoms I will list later, then you can draw attention to this instead of saying 'Doc , I feel like I have parasitic disease'. Understand that TI's are a population living under duress and that we are not acknowledged...officially. Being targeted is real but this in itself may bring a a label of delusion.
What I am trying to say is that either a well meaning doctor can say you are delusional and definelty a doc who is engaging in active denial might try this one as a deflection.
The very fact that they dont just treat everyone or give out info freely concerning parasitic infection is suspect enough. In other cultures like India and parts of Europe it is and has been part of the reality of health for centuries. Its very suspect that the subject is held in such high controversy here in the USA and there is now the threat of saying its delusional if a doc thinks he can get away with it. Why is it such a big deal?
Becuz anything that the system wants to hide has to be clouded and there have to be veiled threats if you seek the truth and actually insist on it.

Parasitic disease has been shown to be responsible for some mental illnesses. That would mean its organic disease of the brain. Interestingly in 2003 when I was doing my research I found lots of articles on parasitic disease and mental illness. People were showing that some of the psychiatric drugs that are given out in fact contained medicine that killed off parasites and this was what was improving conditions for patients.

Infectuios disease:
there are many different things under this heading. It includes HIV, Hepatitis etc. What I am focusing on is parasitic disease which is considered infectious.

Since being targeted and losing most of my mental notes as well as all of my paperwork and records I cannot do more links here. It is traumatizing for me to see how much info I have lost as well as I should not have to do it all again. Do your own research here is a guideline: stick to university sites and info that has cred. Look up docs and researchers to see if they are credible. Realize that you are going to find some sites just put up by conspiracy nuts, totally bogus practitioners and people out in left field of alternative health practice that are total BS. What you want to look for is what is being studied by the people in the field that is being kept quiet from the public. Info that a person in the field would be into reading. There are 'leads' from the far out left field, even some good ideas, but they are so non scientific I wouldnt go there.
A good place to get care is from a progressive health center. A place where real docs have gotten sick of the institutionalized bs and have decided to get real. They branch out into alternatives even more natural medicines...I would never trust anyone who did not have some legit medical study behind them.
Watch out for alarmists who just want to sell you cures. Doing research is like digging for bones or treasure. I am good at it, some people are not. You have to disgard what sounds illogical or like its to fool you. That is on both sides- the far outs and the established institutions.

There is something untrustworthy about some hippy outfit that wants to cure you without science and magical surgery or something( this is what Andy Kaufman tried to use to cure his cancer- you can see it in the movie about his life).
Its trickery and borders on a dangerous deadly meidival medicine type thinking. You NEVER want to go for that. Just do some research about the horrors of medicine before humans got alot of sceintific knowledge...worse than the realites of parasitic disease is the reality that humans are aggressive ape like creatures that without the right training are murderers with a medical instrument in their hands.
This is why still working WITHIN the scientific and medical fields is recommended.

There is also something untrustworthy about an elitist profession or an institution that now has superior knowledge and training and thus can manipulate the public and even hide what they know for continued profit.

You have to find the knowledge that YOU need to survive within a field that is hiding it from you. Also, its my uneducated opinion that herbs and more sensible sanitary practices are good for managing ones health issues but we defintely need 'western medicine' to cure what is really serious or life threatning. We just need to realize that like every other career these men have to be sales men to survive. Being a doc is no longer a craft like it used to be. They are coming off the assembly line and I have seen this here in Boston. SO many docs and so many lawyers. Just like so many we need that many? I guess people like choice...but then to survive these people have to compete for your business or, like in handling the poor, outright intimidate to make money.
If you keep in mind that being in the health profession is a business, these people might be cons like in any other business, yet, they do possess the knowledge you seek and the right info is SOMEWHERE it just has to be found---you will make a great researcher.

I will state that I recall there are various kinds of parasites..but tapeworm, round worm, pinworm etc are all I have read up on.
Its easy to read up on the rest..and I am sure there are herbal treatments that are sound at least for maintenence of health.

Some symptoms are:
Massive b-12 defiecincy . Protien deficiency.Gastro intestinal problems, candida, yeast infections, chemical sensitivity, food allergies, allergies in general, brain fog, memory loss, mental illness, and be aware that it has been proven that parasites of different kinds can pump chemicals into the host to get a desired reaction-like eating certian foods, getting sleepy, eating at certian times. Read up on it..scientists have taken to using tapeworms to experiment with drug delivery systems. .The worm takes whatever drug the host takes and digests it, then resends the same effect out into the host except stronger dosage.
And toxoplasmosis has been documented to make animals and humans engage in suicidal behavior. Women with the disease are more submissive and seek out abusive men, as rodents who are infected actually are drawn to cat urine-the parasite is trying to get the rat to seek out cats to eat it so IT can further its life cycle. There is a case where a certain parasite in animals gets the animal to commit suicide in a body of water so it can break out after death and seek a new host. Is this mind control?? Certainly, but its not mysterious-its simply using drugs on the host to influence behavior. YOU must make healthy decisions, becuz in life we run into all kinds of influences that want to interfere with our self preservation. DO NOT let this happen.

Its not that I dont love animals but after doing research I will never again let an animal or another uncleansed human share my personal space (if I ever get one again). Dogs have parasites and cats do to. There is nothing you can do about that.

There may be some unpleasant physical sensations that may be present-but use caution in disclosure..that is the one thing that they can use to say you are imagining things:I got pin worm once as an adult most likely from a very gay teacher I was roomates with who worked with Boston public school kids. Either that or the rooming house I was in for a month..who knows. It could have been one of my little cousins who were kids then. I took a pill for it and it didnt go away (but I got reflux that stayed with me for life from taking abendezole). I went back and they said that the sensations were all in my head but gave me another dose of med. Still the sensations came back and the 'all in your head' was more defined now. The medical people put me on some legal pain killer for the was called Ultram I think. I took it when it became unbearable..also the anxiety that comes with pin worm is very distracting..its something the body does with this condition for some reason. The symptoms would always becoem worse when I ate anything beef like hamburg.
I finally got sick of brave got over a mirror and went in and sure enough got on alive and moving still. I saved it and brought it to a different hospital..New England Medical I believe. The doc said he was going to use this in a lecture becuz his students had never viewed a specimen retrieved from a human before. He said it was a female full of eggs and showed me a picture that was taken magnitified. He also gave me some advice about medical people..he said that they were 'nerds' and socially inept due to spending thier youth studying. I told him not to be self depricating but I think he was trying to tell me that I was right to watch for personal shortcomings in people who had control handed to them by the system over my life.
Anyway, after his treatment, and after I treated everyone around me and washed all my stuff down in bleach the symptoms returned. This only subsided when I started taking an over the counter medication called pin-x. However this is not good, the stuff is toxic to the body. When I moved to another state and bought all new clothes it seemed to fully subside.
My point is that what I know was my body being truthful to me (thus the live specimen retreived) could be denied by docs and tests. I was lucky I could retrieve a specimen to prove my point. In fact they wouldnt test me the last few times..they just kept saying that the pills should have cured it by now thus it IS cured and its all in my head. Very scientific.

Some things you can do:
If you are sure you have an infection or have been exposed to high risk people are areas there are herbs that can be powerful to help you if used properly. Also change your diet. In fact if you are hassling with docs and feel the situation is getting worse and they cant find anything in stool tests, then at least change your diet ASAP. The treatment is varying depending on the parasite. I have read that the medicine given dissolves the parasite, and according to the CDC one infected would have to be treated life long. My ideal if I had access and money would be to have a western doc work with a progressive or herbalist/holistic. This way you arent always taking strong toxic drugs for maintaining health, but in the beginning of treatment perhaps you'd use doses of anti para medicine..becuz wouldnt the parasite become resistant if you over used it for a life time?? I am no doctor and if you find a co operative doc or team of the two I mentioned and they feel you really might be infected ask them.. I am just forming ideas from research and casting doubt on a system that obviously is not disclosing all.

Cleanses and herbs are for desperate people who have no access and no money..its the best you can do living in a high risk situation without realistic care.

STOP ALL WHITE SUGAR INTAKE. I dont mean in foods like where the sugar intake reads 'sugar 27 grams' or whatever. Remember the approach is about disease and drugs. SUGAR IS A DRUG!!! And most of this country is high on it. I swear that part of my problem is I am now out of synch with the majority of the USA becuz I dont intake large amounts of sugar. You will become a much more peaceful and healthy person. If you are getting older not only will sugar make you fat, it is a substance that parasites feed off of and especially if you have candidaosis. If you have diabetes in your family stay the hell away from this stuff-- for a number of reasons. Also if you have candida lower your yeast intake.
The best way to eat for me is no bread or yeasty food like that and no white sugar. Use sweetners (not healthy biochemically) or even honey..HONEY IS THE ONLY THING THAT CURES MY REFLUX AND IT HAS ANTISEPTIC QUALITIES. Use honey on your food and in your coffee. People will think its weird or again that you are spoiled or something becuz civilization still perceives honey as luxuriant. Imagine that...scolded for wanting what is natural and healthy. Guess what? Humans have been ingesting honey for thousands of years. Not sugar.
Enough convincing..all I know is that I stopped the yeast and sugar and felt better. A good diet in general is whatever seems your ancestral leanings- what YOU need to survive.I have tried not eating meat..I turn grey. I need meat.. at least birds and fish..once a month beef. Too much beef isnt good as it stays in the intestine as we get older. Simple protiens, grains fruits and vegatables. I still eat sugar but only once a day if that. There are plenty of sugar free candies..however there are different sweetners and each person tolerates them differently. Sweet and Low is sacccrine and I tolerate this well. Nutrasweet gives me a reaction like I feel racy and Slenda metabolizes into chlorine and makes me feel like I just went into a time warp. It makes me not feel well and that is all I need to know. Dont let people market to you whatever is the 'new thing' out there. Honey and other naturals are the only good sweetners and some people with candida severe enough cant even have those and diabetics can have them at all without risk.

If you are on the road or in a hurry or living on the shelter circuit you know that good food is hard to find. The homeless circuit is a whole other set of problems for people with health issues..not enough protiens, too many carbs and sweets (I think generous people who donage think it makes the hurts all better. If anyone has something to contract its here. But its like a third world coutry or a nut house anyway..use the same maintainance you do for traveling or like I said any other high risk population.)

First find a good cleanse you like. The best times is in spring and fall to do these, when the weather is not overbearing, so your body can concentrate on this and not dealing with outside destractions. Some of them are rougher than others and a health food store with a trained staff is best recourse. I would say big regional stores or whole foods is usually very good. I know it has become perp central but thats the company not all of the workers. Search for places that seem like they specialize in herbs and not a trendy health food place.
Herbs from the drug store are an absolute joke and aviod them at any cost. Vitamins from there are ok but herbs?? Each person has a different need so how can doses be uniform? And I find some of them to be dangerously strong..typical western mentality.
I started with herbs back going to a health food store near Wickenden street as an 28 year old kid, modeling at RISD and working at an Ethnic clothing store. Back then you still had old hippies and non snob neo hippies who would run screaming at the mention of processed sugar. No one would DARE have that in the store for sale. It was a wonderful place where you felt seeking health was a rewarding experience not trendy bullsh*t or a bother. Yes, the hippies could be annoying but they had a sort of stubborness about thier way of living that I at least respected.
The herbs were in large bulk bag then. You could buy a bag of goldenseal if you needed it. It really respected the mind of the consumer to be in there yoiu had to have known a bit about what you were doing with herbs.
Since it became public I can see them stopping that so people who dont study herbs dont kill themselves by being careless.
Herbs are DRUGS..they are CHEMICALS and should be respected. Like heroin or liquor or cianide they can kill you or make you sick. Always respect drugs you put into your body as potentially harmful as well as helpful. I was raised with the PDR as refered to as The Bible. Kids today just shove a bunch of pills on thier mouths like pharma Russian roullette. An EMT friend of mine has groaned about how difficult first diagnoses is with them.

Always check for contraindications. This means any drug that you are taking interacting with any other drugs and that means herbs as well. There are websites that allow you to put in two drugs or herbs and drugs to see if there are any contraindications listed. Also, pharmacists are more accesable than docs on this. They only care about the chemicals you are taking and not hurting yourself and usually will look up contraindications for you..I wouldnt overdo it however.

An herbalist who is reputable if you can afford it may be a good addition to your doctors but I would try to tell them both the same or what the other one is doing..tie them in together though your doc may be disapproving but that is slowly changing.

To clease the body once or twice a year should be enough. Then you can go on to use maintenance. (for those who cant get medicines or are not really sure if they are truly infected but want to take caution. A cleanse cant hurt is all..TELL YOUR DOCTOR becuz you never know if with a medical condition or taking meds that a cleanse could not be right for you.

Herbs for maintenance for parasitic diseases:
Look them up there is enough info on the internet. To start with Black Walnut is good for generally keeping healthy.
Garlic is another. Garlainasse is wonderful due to it being closest to real garlic but without the odor.
Ask about anti-para formulas. I notice that tinctures work best (bottles with liquid either alchohol or other mixed with the herb). Then you can use these in doses you are comfortable with as you need them.

With things like wormwood and other more toxic herbs I would take a few weeks off and then use for a few weeks.
Its like treating your body very gently with chemicals. Anywhere we go now with globalization there is going to be risk for exposure..unless you have all this money and live in a gated community or whatever people do to stay isolated. If you are still willing to venture into the world as it is this is what you face now. And its been this way for world travelers throughout history so dont get End of Days on my ass or try to make like its about money.
Only the very wealthy can afford to truly have all the best health and we are talkingt about connected and wealthy and some suspect even cure for HIV are available to those in the elite.

If you think most people wash thier hands after rest room use think again. A suvey done got Americans to admit that they did not wash thier hands as they claimed they did. This is typically American as is gang stalking. Its the 'dirty little secret' mentality and its very childish. Alot of people are introvert like this and will nver grow out of it or admit it. Good, let it get them sick..
You HAVE to wash your hands becuz it is the only way to ensure whatever you have picked up or moreso whatever YOU HAVE does not get transfered to your mouth while eating. If you want to preserve health then wash your hands after you go to the toilet and wash before you eat. This isnt out of morality or being good..if anything you can say you are doing it out of self preservation..let the other idiot get sick.

Cleaning agents:
Our society loves to clean with the wrong mentality about germs and what is truly hygenic. The northeast is a great example..this places are old dirty cities yet people percive purity or cleanliness based on morality, religion and status and wealth. Wealth brings you better living conditions and that is all. Status may help anchor better docs who will serve you better.

But in reality all that counts are facts..those facts are Immune system, Diseases, Risk factors, and Medicines. How protected naturally are you, what could you contract and what would be the right conditions and after all that now what are you going to do to fix it? Simple.

But also the right hygiene and being real about cleanliness will really help. This country I highly doubt has ever demanded that a chart of cleaning products and methods be devised. Its all myths and ads and what nanny from Ireland used. If she used Lysol then Lysol is god..and this is VERY bad among women. For women carry on thier love for past on female ancestors in a serious way and this expression of the primitive in females is well known to advertisers, like everything else primitive about you that you'll express in the modern man made environements.
SO, no love lost for nanny but we have to be realistic. Nanny was wise in keeping anything foreign out of her home. We do no live that way and diversity pushes us to this end as does globalization. And it is an exciting time to be alive (unless your targeted).
What works might be simple and in small doses where as we are taught in the US that we need strong chemicals that smell toxic and then are covered up with pine outdoorsy smells. This is the hieght of insanity and June Cleaver has left the f*cking building already. Enough. And dont try to hand me that 1990's ill fated 'all natural organic no chemicals' trip. Both are unhealthy.

You need to clean but what you use may not be doing anything but covering up dirt.

Here is what I have used and you can do your own research.

H2O2: Hydrogen peroxide. Use with caution, dont spill it dont get alot on your skin unless you are wounded or cut. This is used for cleaning wounds and it is best. It is oxygenated liquid. You must be careful with it and dont mix it with other chemicals.
Say you have a disgusting mop or sponge your cleangin with. More pine-o-crap is not going to help. What will get rid of the dirt and germs is clean water and just a bit of h2o2 I mean like a capful. soak, rinse. Much less for a sponge. You will note the smell is gone and that becuz the GERMS are dead. Just like in your cut when you use h2o2. I wouldnt clean surfaces with it however becuz it tends to linger and you dont want to get it all over skin or clothes. Lingering on skin will irritate it and it has a lighting affect on clothing if spilled. IT is like a medicine and should be used sparingly like it was precouis.
If you are grossed out by the water in a commom laundry and want to kill anything anyone else has then you can use a cap ful or less in your laundry. DONT USE BLEACH AS WELL. just the soap.
If you have to use silverware or cups you dont trust due to the population being high risk or/and cleaning not sufficient remember that h2o2 will kill what soap may not. I have had to take silverware and cups and go to the bathroom and rinse them with a bit of H2o2 and water then wash them a little. Its a good precaution in the places I am in right now. Human dishwashers are used and only regualar dish soap..and anti bacterial does not = anti infectious disease. I am existing among drug addicts, people who dont shower and the mentally ill who are just way over the edge. I do NOT want to find out what they have that has made them as such.

Bleach: People use too much of this. You dont need to smell it for it to work, in fact for those of us with chemically burned lungs or damage making us chemically sensitive this is outright painful to smell. It further burns our lungs and nose. All you need is a bit in water. If you want to use it in laundry for cleaning just put a half a cap ful in. Its all you need to kill whatever is there.

Alchohol: I have this in a spray bottle and I use it to spray public toilets in bus stations or anywhere-even places that people think are better toilets becuz better people frequent there. Wrong again. Anywhere that is used by high numbers of people unknown to you is high risk. Its also good for cuts you may get. I have never found it helpful for laundry becuz when alchol meets water it seems to not mix well. It is excellent for surfaces that you touch like toilets and keyboards and telephones. It is your right to protect your health..just dont let them see you spray the key boards some places and also again use sparingly.
Use liberally on toilets. I take paper and spray the underside as well. Covering the seat with paper is the silliest thing I can think of. What about the germs under the seat?? Sorry I travel too much and am around alot of idiots with no home training or whatever..bus staion toilets are probably the worst however I have encountered. If the spray hits it your all set.

Lysol: I just dont know..could an aerosol spray really disinfect something?? As a traveler I cant carry Lysol around with THAT looks paraniod. And terribly amusing..

Ammonia: never understood this one -and it stinks. Do research becuz I am sure it has its specific use. Too volatile for traveling with. DO NOT EVER MIX WITH BLEACH.

Alot of the cleaners you are marketed with are based on the original chemical itself. You are using thier product. However if you are a traveler often you are in public spaces or depening on the cleanliness of others or cleaning practices of others. You should think how can you make yourself safe in these enviroments and also think about infectous disease. If you are a fanatic or obsessive about it or a hypochondriac then this post is not for you. If you are brave enough to live out on the road in this day and age or in live primitively outside then you are not a hypochondriac or obsessive about germs. But dirty spaces in the enviroments you live in still exist and anywhere there are humans there is going to be spreading of germs or diseases. Your immune system should take care of most of this...but to those of us who are living with specific circumstances, where our immune systems are in question, where we are forced into homelessness to be among high risk populations, where we are perhaps KEPT sick in order to get rid of us either through ill health, the development of mental illness via disease or for the purposes of human experimentation we have to take care to target specifics in order to stay healthy.

I contracted a staph infection in 2004 along with a baccillus species infection (anthrax family-it was the fad then for getting rid of someone). I know pretty much where I got it and its either someone who is infected who doesnt care about her health or it could be on purpose served in food. The bacillus makes me suspiocus but there have been alot of cases of death by staph in recent years.
Before I knew what it was I knew something was wrong. I was nauseuis all the time and started getting dizzy often (could have been the mold exposure too). Anyway I started getting small bumps on my skin, where you would pop them and clear would come out and then you would really pop them hard and underneath there was white puss. I looked up all the symptoms and it seemed like a long running Staph infection coming into later stages. All thru this time a very suspect doc I had at a crappy local hospital kept sending me for xrays and mri's of my stomach and saying nothing was wrong. The fact she didnt do tests for disease are still suspect to me. So I paid out of my pocket on a limited income (so much for me milking the system) as I had to often to really get healthy to go to a progressive health center. They did alot of tests and told me about the infections. They gave me special anti biotics..but I did not take any chances. To this day I take an herb that kills Staph and other things affecting my health. One should watch out for staph as you can catch this in hospitals or even from rice thats been out too long that is tainted.

What I am getting at is that humans get sick and humans die. Our bodies are bombarded with chemical pollution that we stubbornly refuse to acknowledge daily (talk about bad decisions). If car exhaust smells bad then most likely its bad for you. Nature kinda set it up that way. And being targeted makes health worse..the stress, lack of joy, laughter, sex, the bad emotional states..its all going to get your immune system down. Then you are forced into homelessness where you deal with high risk populations. THEN if you do get sick people are just waiting to keep you sick.
If I had not done hours of daily research years ago in that apartment I would be dead now. Another reason they want to get rid of herbs all the time.

Learn what kills what is going to kill you. It is probably the most important part of living in this body is taking care of it. If you are a homeless TI you are going to suffer permanent damage that will age you faster and will affect you adversely when you are old. There is no getting around it..this is a perp objective. It ensures that you dont have a future or a good life.

One of the things you can do is to fight using cleaning agents very specifically as well as herbs the same way.

To be honest I know danm well that it was expected by now that I either be sick from that Staph infection or go mentally insane from conditions I wont get into. I have avoided this by taking care that what seems like average normal conditions that really are opportunity for covert war are not used against me to kill me or make me sick...the only way to counter this is to be active in preserving your own health. Think about it.
We know the way the perps work. They use what is hidden or what is already there that the public doesnt see.
Like infectious disease or the high risk in homeless shelters. If my assesment is correct that the perps are versed in what seems the ancient art of murdering covertly like poisons and chemicals, which every TI who has been targeted this way knows is the case...they KNOW about the use of disease to get rid of an advesary/target/victim.

Then YOU know how to counter this and that is your return fire. Dont let the perps murder you this easily. If these people are historically connected to others like them we read about from antiquity then they are used to moving in shadows and use a very light hand in what they do. It is to thier advantage to make things appear circumstancial or natural in thier happening.

Each of these situations were and are battles in the war.

Now I want you to realize that everything I just wrote could and will be read by them thus perhaps making them more aware of counter tactics. Always prepare for that as well.

Recall what I overheard in the shelter once months ago "Who cares what she drops into her drink, as long as its not illegal!" Two naive black women (or so it appeared) speaking about someone being very curious about my tinctures I use in my drinks. If they actually beleive that its all intel gathering for the purpose of a drug investigation or that its some drug prevention based cause stalking then these are the kinds of people who help the perps and will get you killed with their carelessness. The perps want to know everything becuz everything means something to them. If they can find out what you put into your food then they can now be aware of what you use as cure and then find a way to counter this in some way...or perhaps if they can get a hold of the tinctures they can corrupt them.

Always watch your things and never let anyone have access to your herbs or medicines, especially capsules or liquids.

I am sorry I could not link proof to alot of my recollections I am just too tired to search for them again. I know what I read and saw so please research my claims instead of just beleiving them... I would. I know I cant stand people doing peices like this and not backing up thier work with evidence, but thats how it is for me now.

I truly beleive that some people are denied care covertly as part of organized stalking. I have seen too much to think that people can be that incompetent on the average and I have had too many people who know try to tell me to make them do thier jobs.