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Becoming Blindly Hateful In Battles Could Assist the Opressor or the Enemy in Winning the War

It seems the Zionists are long term big picture planners. They are fully aware of what manipulating poor, ignorant people can do for thier cause and to fulfill thier plans.

Its not just Zionists. Its anyone who will push for a certain kind of change via such manipulations. This is why its very important to not become blindly hateful.

I often sense that the people behind this want me to become blindly hateful and to pick on certain factions or turn against a people just due to thier race etc.
Its very easy to due after being abused so obviously by certain factions , as well as life being mostly full of idiots with a few cool people you meet in between.

This is VERY very dangerous. If you are going to oppose a faction you have to stay logical and you have to stay in control. Dont let it come from your core, your center that has been destroyed and manipulated so.

The African American community is I believe trying this same strategy. If the elite of certain factions want seperatism then these kinds of manipulations will serve them well. White nationalists desiring Obama to be president so that we wake up to the racial issues finally might later down the line of events serve blacks to be so persecuted that they will be martyred and finally have thier own Israel, and like the Jews now, be completely above reproach due to a major martyrdom- leaving open endless opportunity in the future to further manipulate the public quietly and covertly in gaining immense power and a homebase.

I would be very leery of all of the hate mongering in this era. Someone wants to manipulate the more ignorant classes to get a reaction- to ultimately gain something they want.

Dont be manipulated.

Also here is an article on Google being a dangerous monopoly:

Blogger 2003:
(niiice timing on Blogger..)

YouTube 2006:

There is alot of hate mongering and actions on behalf of certain parties that is obvious covert warfare in order to cause certain other factions to either implode due to anger, bitterness or rage (well justified) via self hatred or self destruction (including being manipulated into becoming a bitter 'hater' to serve the ultimate interests of ambitious peoples with long term agendas) or to become submissive to an indirect oppressor, perhaps even consisting of various parties.

Your own hate that is being manipulated out of you may serve to enslave you and an entire faction of people if you are not careful or assist powerful entities in becoming even more powerful.

Stay in control and watch yourself, stay sane dont give into brainwashing.


World Safer Place With Stupid, Uncreative People At Helm?

These people on the following thread are probably not perps, but they most likely are the most ignorant, stupid and gullible people incapable of research on the face of the planet. If people like this existed exclusively, as they seem to want in a neat perfect little world of thier own, detectives would never solve crimes, cops would never be suspect of criminals, sci fi writers would never create anything, mathmeticians would never solve problems, philosophers would never have existed in history, artists never create, scientists never dream, inventions never be mapped out and manifested into reality and space exploration never become a reality either.

These sorts of people if they were truly right and correct about thier assumptions of reality as a whole, would ensure that covert warfare never existed. Covert ops would never be. The imagination of the sadist or the torturer would never bloom. Military men would never imagine strategies or world domination. Religion would certainly never again be a problem as they seem to not be able to believe in anything.

They are like a nice little group of hens in a henhouse, not wanting to know what awaits outside, content with what they have in the warmth and familiarity of the barn. Not wanting to accept that wolves are real and tend to eat you, and one could be waiting outside also seems to be part of thier makeup.

If everyone was this dense, this straight and this lacking in gut instinct, raw force, foolish bravery and imagination there would never again be a war or a psychological warfare unit in existence ever again.

Perhaps these people, with minds seemingly made out of cardboard, have a ticket to happiness that the extremely talented, intelligent, gifted, psychic, artist, cop, detective, military person, politician, criminal, academic or entrepreneur type person will never have the luxury of knowing.

Thats if the whole world decided to get this stupid all at once. That would be akin however to everyone realistically disarming thier nuclear arsenals all at once and being honest about it and never developing another. Since that is very unlikely, if these types were allowed to define reality, the US would soon find itself victim to spycraft as well as psychological warfare by other nations, especially ones with thousands of years of experience.

This is why the system tries to get you to 'forget' all that has happened and go on with yer life. Why they push taking the blue pill. Becuz we live in a world full of people like this who are too stupid to understand covert ops in general, forget about black ops false flag etc.

Being really evil on the sly as well as countering such actions, seems to take a great amount of creativity. Deception IS art.

These people are NOT capable of such thought processes. They also seem to lack any education in government, military or other small subjects that happen to mold and shape the world we live in. Someone should hand them a copy of Machiavelli's The Prince, but after looking through a few pages, they would most likely find it 'scary' and not want to read it anymore but if questioned on its content, would most likely respond with the body language of a dog just shown a card trick (yes, the sideways tilt of Fido who wants to understand you but does not have the grey matter to do so).

All one has to do is research the subjects at hand in thier discussions..what is most interesting is thier insistence on denial while purposefully remaining in denial willfully.

Most likely the little bastards are terrified or..more amusing of a reason is that they are programmed assets who have an inner fear of understanding what is beyond the obvious inside themselves. Now wouldnt that be amusing, a very good twist. OH no there is my imagination again. Must be the 'mental illness' that makes me so talented.

We can only hope they are very expendable slaves and will suicide before they have to deal with reality becuz it sounds like not only are they not worth keeping around due to having no balls whatsoever or other merit, they are very group minded.

Can you imagine people so jealous or stupid that they actually believe that freedom fighters or victim advocates/ activists do what we do based on a need to be "special"? That has got to be the most sick mind f*ck yet. The scary thing is that I dont think they are perps. The reason perps piss us off so much is that they are actually too good at being deceptive, know all too well that what is happening is real and rival us sometimes in intelligence if not creativity.

These are sheep and not worth the air they take in. What is also intriguing is thier rationale. What exactly is thier motive for being so insistent in thier denial? If these people ever ran into organized criminals they would take everything they have before they knew it was gone..or wanted to know rather.

HEY!! WAIT! This is exactly the kind of robotic dumbed down idiot that the NWO is trying to create in order to get world peace a reality. So that is the secret of inner peace! Just deny that there is any problems! Kinda like the world was before the 60's..or the Internet. No, before the 1890's really. Thrown back into the dark ages where, under threat of torture you are encouraged to not question or think.

Its exactly what the system is trying to do as well. If corruption is quietly accepted as status quo and denial is a tool of supporting that, then all will be right and good with the world. No upsets, now fouls.

Just a happy population of some of the world's densest human beings ever born. But unbothered by true crime and corruption. Happy. Content.

Perhaps these morons are the key to a better world. A world without gods..gods trying to crush other gods always into eternity. No more 33.3 ad infinitum of infighting gods and bloodline brotherhoods. Just dumb as nails Adam and Eve before realizing they were naked..and there was a God at all.

We can only hope they have the same lack of instinct and intuition they seem to have in relation to intelligence and some natural disaster takes care of thier frighteningly high numbers.

I dont know if I particularly want to have my life's work judged by a poster named "Cuddles". The "Carlitos" reference is just so creative and NOT predictable huh? More interesting is that a guy like Carlito in real life would probably not only believe in gang stalking but most likely be targeted for life due to his profession either to get him to crack (feds) or to keep him in line (criminals). A character like Carlito would most likely have to be intelligent as well as a bit of a paranoid to survive. So this guy idolizes the very kind of character that he is dissing in this forum or thread.

"Howie Felterbush" gets points for the Norsk Black Metal tootsie pop gag on his avatar but the info he is referencing is from the stupidest gang stalking sites. That is info that beginners look at to start understanding psy ops in its most simple form. If you dig deeply into admitted psy ops by military and then do some serious research into gang stalking targets you will find more similarities there than some asshole being freaked out by neighbors in on these campaigns.

Most of these people seem to jsut have not wanted to do research and know the truth. Also I find it interesting that many of the most avid deniers have creepy avatars that look like something out of horror movies or nightmares. Hmmm.

OK so what do you say to someone like me, who's mother is a documented human radiation experimentee with both parents in the US Marines during that time? Who had this done at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland, the hospital that was the site of so much MK Ultra abuses and at least one related suicide of personnel that knew too much?
As well as that I have embarassing dirt on rich people and one organized crime operation and a few career criminals and my 'imagined' harassment and stalking, which involved marked police cars state, cities and various colleges/universities during a period of time when there was a federal investigation of law enforcement corruption that ended up going all the way up to the Boston FBI, and where pissed off, scared cops were throwing Maltov cocktails at other cops houses as 'insurance'?
Those sound like circumstances that are pretty compelling for a case of real life stalking and harassment to either destroy someone, drive them to suicide or at least discredit them as witnesses.

What say you, oh stupid people of the forum thread? No contest?

Yeah motherf*ckers..I thought so.

People like this never stand up to the test. For if they could make it through such circumstances...
they would most likely be Targets themselves.

F*ck You JREF Forum. Stay on yer side of the fence becuz you cant ride this pony. You'd be dead in a year. Go back into denial and stay there. And if you are perps, yer doing the right thing as the above also applies to you. Stand alone complexes beat you hands down- keep yer mob becuz you could never make it alone against Goliath. You dont have the brains or the balls.

Keep up the good work, losers!


Lyndon Johnson and the 'wink' photo from inauguration

This is the classic photo that most people have seen. I have only seen this as a second in a series of three at most but I read there are 9 in all of the event.

I have seen one of the moment prior to this where LBJ is whispering something to Jackie, leaning into her on his left.

Ill try to find all 9.

Here is the second one with a history:

It seems that not many people are familiar with the wink photo and its usually only featured on 'conspiracy' sights, as due to the obvious implications, no one else seems to want to deal with it (big surprise).

What is interesting is the way that events can be interpreted if 'cut and pasted' or taken out of context. The impression given when seeing just the two photos instead of hte most famous one alone is enough to change one's perception as well as create doubt- simply by telling the TRUTH about an event, showing hard facts or PRLSI (Pre Recorded Light and Sound Images). Manipulating dead time is very much a key to thier success. Either leaving out information in a time line of reality, remaking or rewriting or having the public relive a certain time frame over and over as brainwashing as repetition IS brainwashing.

The people behind gang stalking make it an art form to twist reality and are expert at this.
And they have thousands of years of they simply have new toys (tech).

If we analyze both photos the characters and their body language and expressions take on new meaning. Lady Bird Johnson (who does indeed look birdlike) has an expression in the second photo that is very satisfied that its finally done but also one senses an evil in her features that could be seen as shared with the Texan who is winking at LBJ. What is compelling about the second photo is that many of the participants involved seem satisfied or even happy, which is in very bad taste at that moment to say the least, but note that Jackie Kennedy's expression has not changed much nor her body position. She is the one who is truly in shock still, mourning and upset.

When the public view the classic photo of that moment most people would most likely see it as everyone being in a moment of emergency and focusing on great responsibility. The second photo however can change one's perception of captured moments before in the one prior, the classic portrayal of that situation and that moment in history.

In the second photo, the 'wink' photo, one can see a very Italian or dark man behind the main characters and a man to his left who also looks rather hard or even seedy. Note that the tall, dark man is looking at LBJ and in that general area with a look of disgust almost and the man to his left is looking down shamefully but in Jackie Kennedy's direction.

A very revealing photo indeed.


Counter tactics..Insanity or folk common sense?/Smashing the towers are not the answer

Common sense in the face of much sophisticated mind control being used on the masses as well as targeted individuals. In many instances military men will tell you that a McGiver like inventiveness with some strange object is what got the job done to save a life or something else as important- whilst surrounded by million dollar equipment. Likewise, many times such thing has happened to make such sophisticated equipment stop working. The only thing one CAN depend on is HUMAN INTELLIGENCE, CREATIVITY and the WILL TO SURVIVE.

In many instances, people who discover something is effective as a counter measure or to force a situation to work are the smartest ones- truly the monkeys who figure out how to get the banana. In the case of beating remote influence, its how gain freedom from influence. This is the much needed banana for human survival right now.

Most people have not even heard of non lethal weapons much less know enough to deduct that the programs that Reagan tried to pass off publically are most likely being utilized covertly RIGHT NOW in society. If they did know they would not believe. TI's who live for activism are specialists indeed. And due to that working within a specialized field, one that is actively denied to exist in popular media, we are stranded on desert islands only linked by the internet or a chance meeting with other activsts/victims in the person.

This isolation is the greatest challenge as well as our oppressors greatest tool to force us to eventually crack under constant pressure. Yet I am saying 'isolation' in the sense of behavior modification= isolated alone with our oppressors never to be left alone by ourselves in peace.

As I was writing another post this afternoon I was getting very forceful ideations concerning once again that I should go to UMass, that I need to do so for some sort of future. Also that I need to stop wasting time with these blogs and posts. That I will eventually conform (which I may if I stay in the same spot long enough) so go along with it. That the times have changed, I should let the new generation have the world and I dont really matter anymore. That no one is going to pay attention to what has been done to me so I might as well forget it all..the typical bs.

There was of course low level sexual stimulation present and as usual it eminated from that scar I have in my bladder from an exploratory with a scope that was done in 1997 by a Eurologist from India who was a professor at NEMC Boston, that went into 'research' soon afterwards. I havent experienced that in a while, stimulus eminating directly from that area but its been an issue in the past. Just as I write this I am getting an ideation that I am an experimentee just like my mother, and like me no one is going to help me, no one cares and that society accepts losses like this as part of the price of progress. That all experimentees have been written off so I should just go quietly.
The sexual stimulation got more intense and along came a fantasy about having a boyfriend again finally that would truly love me, who would get me knocked up- and since I had to get rid of one pregnancy once, my body really wants a child before I get too old and regret not having children. Very graphic and again focused on desiring true male domination as a result of years of torture and being broken down by this system. Often when this occurs I use my Will to return to memories of my old self, life and activities which include sexual activity that was in a very different character from what this system wants me to be- a strong, centered woman who knew what she wanted and had control over her desires, and perhaps trusted a specific male with FANTASIES of control often, but NOT true to life enslavement or male dominance over her and her life.

There have been TI's who suggest how to counter the remote influence when it plays dirty like this- earplugs either both ears or just one. But one TI has suggested closing one eye. This is supposed to stop such hypnotic suggestion from having its full effect on the person. It may work due to one eye being closed imitating a half asleep state. It could also work by giving the person an immediate state of privacy at least partially. By making the world 'flat', the remote influence that seems to surround us (electromagnetic?) is cut off from having the same effect.

You have got to be careful becuz doing this without a good rationale will make you look crazy for sure. Its very inventive and in this game right now where so many of us are battling a giant or so few against many, we are often working with folk rememedy, self styled weapons and good old fashioned common sense.

In this war, with each battle we must use whatever seems to work. Only a tech professional could tell us why it works or doesnt.

The tin foil hat is a good example. It doesnt work becuz its only partial and doesnt create a true 'Faraday Cage' effect. But a website I posted about a while ago does instruct how to make one's ID cards such as train passes etc that are radio connected essentially, cut off from communication by wrapping them completely in foil- creating a full enclosure effect NOT partial.

The problem is that we have nutcases who are either truly crazy, midled and misinformed or they are disinfo agents/operatives whos job it is to discredit all true TI's doing activism. They wear tin foil hats to rallies making us all look like jackasses, then a kid from MIT discounts the tin foil hat by proving it doesnt work and vallah! Subject closed. No one posts the details or the particulars like being honest about WHY it doesnt work becuz its not a full Faraday Cage effect but it MAY work if a human being got into a structure (like a frickin Faraday Cage) of something that would work. I dont know if surrounding someone in a full tin foil enclosure would work or even if tin foil is the correct metal medium to use. Thats becuz no one who claims to be serious about seeking answers seeks them completely- there are only idiots and detractors and that does serious victims NO GOOD whatsoever.

All it serves to do is take away any counter measures or hope we had to begin with. There ARE people who are serious about countering this system. There are people running around the country who actually plan out how to smash towers. But there are not enough of them and the companies are too big so they just put up another one. Nowadays such extreme measures would be considered terrorism anyway.
And unfortunately, many necessary services are tied into the communications networks that also are suspected and reasoned to also carry waves of torture, hypnosis and behavior modification via psy ops to Targets everywhere in the US. It would be irresponsible to just destroy the networks of technologies as many innocent people would suffer who have nothing to do with targeting us.

The answer lies in exposing this, getting it believed by the public as well as then getting laws made on just what can and cannot be done to human beings via technologies. We cannot allow ourselves to sink to the level of the perps, with an attitude of saving our own asses at the expense of others. I say succeed by being more noble than the enemy as well as kicking thier asses totally and completely.

Believe me I want to see just one state as a total safe zone. We all know the relief we get in areas or buildings with no cell reception or after 12 midnight. But crashing society totally aint it. A Mad Max type world is surely alluring where a person like me living somewhat off the grid would be the dominant force and all the sheep would die out..but its just not civilized and its not right. Many of these human beings would stop our suffering dead in its tracks if they understood what was going on. This is why its done covertly.

When Reagan wanted to use this tech in prisons and other institutions he had to retract this proposal just to get elected- that tells us that the American public wouldnt approve of such extreme measures, especially when we are NOT terrorist suspects but victim witnesses they want silenced and they might not appreciate thier daily public spaces being utilized like a Gitmo camp.


A reader comment- creating rivalries and competition as diversion

I just got a ridiculous comment left by a reader about my post on the Wordpress blog. It was so obviously competitive and ridiculous. I dont trust any comments meant to incite flame wars of any kind. Its just not gonna happen. I am an only child, my family has tried to get me to compete with my cousin or even my own mother for years and it was always laughable. Since gs breaks up families or keeps them in dependency mode not healthy connection. My mother eventually broke down my family ties as she was always jealous and she used my situation against me (being heavily targeted in 2004) and it looked like she used the same methods she used to get my stepfather turned against me years earlier.
My mother is decidedly the most evil person in that family outside of my grandfather and she is most like him out of all her siblings. My mother expresses the 'evil' in this system. I believe this system over the years just beat her down until she was capable of nothing else. If I know anything about being targeted and what she must have gone through to get this way, she must, like many of us after years of this- be half insane. Literally, that is what it does to you.

Not that the world isnt insane to begin with, like polluting the environment which one really does need to keep existing in human bodies but just disregarding that fact in daily lives of consumption and waste. Or having weapons of warfare that are so destructive and unnatural they shouldnt even exist- but we have nuclear weapons under the pretense that due to all the most powerful players having them, this ensures no one will ever use them..(?). What kind of logic is that..though I DO see the logic in it, its not sane or sensible at all.
Or preaching goody two shoes cult like unrealistic value systems of PC then sending people to other lands to kill their fellow man. Creating materials that will never degrade like plastics. There should be laws stating that if it we cant destroy it, DONT CREATE IT.
We really should be acting more like gods, being responsible with our creations, as that is basically what we do and now we have the power and technology to do just that.

I miss my family but the changes in our world have changed the people around us or perhaps just brought to light the worst in them that was always there anyway. I dont do sibling rivalry, I am too individualistic and I also enjoy the idea of tribe or a family, which the perps know about me you can tell the way they have targeted me. A tribe really, not the bs hierarchy that goes on in traditional American families. (oh, am I thinking too much like a Communist? Before you start jerking off to Mcarthy speeches, let me add that I like the idea of governance through laws and democracy- just not hierarchies that have no such governance or checks and balances. My family was an example of an unfair power structure with little sense of 'democracy' or cooperation. Sounds more like I am an enemy of a dictatorial mindset via wanting a true republic of the people, not overlords.)

It was this bs comment about Cathy Obrian and how she came forward soley out of LOVE and maybe I should look at that if I want the same "attention". It was laughable as I did not state I wanted the same kind of attention I said that I would have liked the same opportunities to write a book in safety. Geesh, the people leaving those comments must be horrible at business if they seriously cannot accept that different people have different circumstances to work with. I accept that, I just dont like it.
Also, I dont want the same kind of attention as its time for other survivors to try different approaches as thiers is working but there are other people to reach with that info.

The things the perps try are so..childish. I mean its always another attempt at reducing us to the level of children or to force us into a recreated family scenario from our bio families, which of course were totally dysfunctional dynamics. Not going there.

One of the original survivors of that same era who's work I consider valuable, got her story knocked down and her work ignored in the survivor movement and it seems she fell for alot of flame warring and fights. I am just not that into fighting that isnt practical- I aim to kill and that means WIN. If I have to NOT fight to WIN then obviously I am going to do that.
Get a clue a-holes.
I mourn the work of that one survivor who I wont mention but she is on the original cable show vid. She also exhibited many signs of being genuine but instead of getting exalted like other survivors she got buried. WHY?
I think its becuz she tended to really exhibit the connection to Satanic RA. Even the way she looked, a face like that of death or some programming connected to that. She looked alot like my own mother and like myself she seemed to write her ass off and be very astute at research.
Its interesting that this 'kind' of slave is not only very expendable but less favored for the spot light as she looked less little girlish and 'pretty' pretty girl like the survivors who are spotlighted. She looked more gaunt and decidedly sexual.
The perps used to dis her by claimed she was a CIA plant: well dumbasses, if CIA are possibly behind programming people for spying and other functions then couldnt that be said of all survivors? WTF??
If that is who she is programmed by, then why does she differ from other survivors in that sense? Then that raises the question who programmed them then??

Unless someone is afraid that, still being programmed to spy or collect info and play detective, she might be a problem in the survivor scene becuz something is amiss....hmmmmm.

Do not f*ck with me, I am not as easily deterred or diverted. No wonder I am targeted so heavily-I wont fall for that crap. ( I know, I know I just did fall for it by responding to it by writing this...I get it-your clever. Whatever.)


A curious gang stalking spoof-an example of a non threat (finally)

Here is an unusual gang stalking video as it is obviously comedic in nature. Its not malicious either as many of the hater and perp videos are. Unfortunately, there are enough ops posing as TI's making ridiculous vids and websites that are worse than this and trying to make it believable.

I admit its funny. Actually this may do some good as TI's get a laugh. In a way it reaches a level of making fun of how ridiculous gang stalking campaigns are and how bizarre and insane they are made out to be. As many TI's have commented and testified that perps groups themselves often seem damaged, mentally challenged or lacking in some way as socially acceptable people. Maybe that is my campaign as I was considered attractive by this society's standards so having 'losers' win over me will screw up my head. I dont know if beauties harass people it would be interesting to find out as that would definitely show moreso its psychological warfare tailored to the victim of the campaign. Many men have noted that aggressive women are a weak point for them and that is who they send to make them feel inadequate. Its like they KNOW what will bury you eventually.

That is how most TI's know this vid is just play. Its not offensive, doesnt incite fear or anger. There are no bad feelings after watching this vid. That is how TI's get to know over time if something is red flag or not. No matter what is being done to you if it feels wrong or if it feels like you are being focused on in a very negative way then there is something to that. There is a big difference between what your head tells you and what your emotional responses tell you. Its not even 'emotions' as an untargeted person would define one's emotional center.

Its like becoming used to a natural predator who is always lurking in your area of the forest. Except for TI's this 'predator' was either never obvious before or had not entered your part of the wood. Now this predator group is known to you, they are stealth and there is no protection from them other than becoming hyper-vigilante as well as very aware of reactions to sensing this predator or predator group. Of course you are usually the lion and they the hyenas but in numbers they can take you down.

Over time you rely on this sense about the perp groups and thier presence in any given area and the crap they pull. You also learn that logic doesnt always dictate and you sense first and figure out their games later.

I just hope other realize its a joke as well. There should be something on the top that reads: "satire".

To a person who's life has been ruined by this system and thier futures buried its kind of like making a video poking fun at rape or murder. And if you had to live under those conditions, if rape was used systematically to gain control over you or a group of victims (which by the way it IS utilized by the military-historically and recently made news being used by African militants to keep whole villages under control.) then perhaps poking fun at it might gain some relief.
But for that same video to be used to deny the victims thier claims is unacceptable.


Addressing corruption and carefully staying away from covert activities

This is why organized stalking and harassment work so well. Note how this page focuses heavily on the assumption that race is a focal point of all police abuse. This totally misses the major corruption going on within most police departments. The only truly useful statment is the one that notes that politics largely shapes the way the police function or sets a tone for the way corruption works. That is the only thing in this article to even get a person to start thinking along the lines of how it all really works.
The other info is really obvious.

The key to validating organized stalking and harassment is to begin THINKING along different lines. Its a whole other world when it comes to covert warfare and on can no longer use logic that is within a framework that is the norm.

This is the way that the system denies gang stalkings existence or that targeted individuals are delusional people making unrealistic claims.


This area, where most people are in the dark about how corruption and politics really work is THE breeding ground or home of covert activities and warfare.

Also note how race is so focused on that gender escapes any focus. As well as now one can see the brilliance of using many people from different walks of life for harassment campaigns. The way that society presents 'problems' or corruption creates a perception in the public's mind of just exactly what corruption is and who its perps and victims are. Never addressing other scenerios popularizes only certain kinds of crimes or corruption scenerios so the public are not educated in other possible abuses of power and resources.

Then any presentation of such ideas or scenerios is then countered with such an idea being out of the bounds of reality or reason so as to seal the fate or destroy such scenerios being considered realistic.

Then using society's established framework to thier advantage the gs system applies harassment in such a way (along with a targets psych profile and history it is assumed obvious by many targets) as to create the illusion that the TI themselves is mentally il, racist, sexist etc.

The ACLU has been traditionally useless to targeted individuals even those with no compaint of suspected use of technologies in thier campaigns.
I often wonder if this is becuz in some lawbook somewhere its made obvious that such activities fall under an area that is protected by law and once the TI has been put into that situation there is no legal recourse, though to the laymen it would appear that they deserve all rights like normal citizens.

The only thing that comes close in this page is the mention of harassment or surveillance of activists.


Police raids and imaginary informants> The Snitching Blog

To me its unclear how much of gang stalking and related activity includes informants. I know that 'perps' seem to many times consist of people who are either in trouble with the law like out of jail or dumb criminals or people who dont want exposure to begin with like people involved in kiddie rings. After years if this you should be able to tell what people's motives are for being involved in gang stalking. Many of the 'perps' seem to be sex offenders and often one can find out that they have a record to attest to this.
I was harassed a few weeks ago by a man who had a prior history of solicitation of women on the street. The cop was amused that I had told him to f*ck off and called him nasty slurs to get him to realize he needed to stop trying to get me into his car or get my attention. The cops let me go and kept him for a little talking to. He actually thought that attempting to focus the cops on what names I called him was going to put the focus on me.
This is the unfortunate state of affairs in the USA where women have no power due to males thinking they rule the world or should be handed priveledge do to their gender. Also a female of low economic status is expected to take abuse from any male at any time and I have experienced this in spoiled rotten areas like So Cal. There are so many college students in Boston that pulling anything like that will not only get you in big trouble from harassing any woman who looks half way decent but might even get you beat up or some other form of retaliation.
I have experienced known johns from prostitution rings to be gang stalking perps, people who are obviously abusers of women as well as obvious level 3s like sexual assault of children, kiddie porn etc. Its sad but I can usually tell at this point. Most of these people are so deluded about what they can get away with in society in a black market economy business that they are of the mindset that thier behavior has no parameters.

Other types of criminals seem to have some kind of conshunce whereas the above mentioned not only have no remorse for what they do they seem to enjoy terrorizing a target as well as the control and mind games involved in a campaign of gang stalking. Other types involved in these activities who I have found out to be criminals but not sex offenders seem to feel bad for a target and often leak information.

The upside of snitches being used in a gang stalking campaign, especially the kinds whos records show they have done crimes that are NOT sex related, one can gain info from them either by thier own sympathies or by the TI learning how to work a snitch.

What I mean is that many of the people one encounters are either mind controlled types or are so used to snitching that one can make them 'snitch'. If you know anything about programming, mind control or just observe the people you meet in these campaigns you will see that their minds are weak. They are kept this way probably by their handlers or the system they snitch for. Depending on the level of thier involvement.

Most criminals that have done crimes that take alot of guts or are true career criminals will think that what is being done to the TI is very underhanded and not sportsman like.

The world of crime and cops is underhanded enough but when one gets to this unbelievable level of cruelty of corruption the dynamics change- in some areas drastically and in others the same rules apply.

Set ups, frame ups, smear and deception are key to any gang stalking campaign, especially the ground level, garden variety corruption which often supplies a cover story for things much more severe and unbelievable.
Which is why an understanding of the ground level corruption is necessary.


Petitions as part of activism
Take into consideration that the author is obviously foriegn with some issues with thier English. I plan to find more of these as I think its a good idea to do something not just blog info.
I usually disregard activists who align themselves w/antogonists like Code Pink or other unrelated activism or activists. Also,doing counterproductive crap like wear tin foil hats at ralleys is suspect as well. From my experience the movement is littered with operatives and dis info people who work this as a middle ground between true victims and true perpetrators. They are akin to someone you know giving you a lawyer for your court case that is really to help the company you are suing do damage control. You may get a little bit of justice but the company pays a small price for destroying your life/future. The 'perps'in the TI activist movement serve the same purpose. They serve as a middle ground between true victims and true perpatrators.
Either that or American TI's are horrendous snobs who believe that only overtly important people get targeted or feel they are going to get max cred if they stick to people who 'mattter' in a Capitalist society or people who are totally law abiding. They still adhere to the very system that uses a 'down the rabbit hole' reality to destroy Target's minds. To get credibility you have to stop begging society for mercy. Obviously no one is listening, cares and the perps are self righteous control freaks anyway who LOVE to see the TI population feel shame due to humiliation and scramble around seeking approval whilst the perps and thier people are corrupt as hell. They know that you will never get what you want or need anyway.

What matters in this movement is information not money, status or social acceptability. One perp I had who kept switching between his perp persona where he either messed with me or leaked info to me, and a social front persona. I had established that he knew my situation and that he was a good source of info as he had sympathies for me. This being established, he then mentioned to someone when we were outside in public "Did you see the paper? The military is microwaving people now". Knowing that he must have known that was the tip of the iceburg, I mentioned when we walked away that my activism was along those lines or included that info as well. He then made a statement to the affect of 'yeah but that was a story by someone credible' or official. So these bastards know that the public are privvy to controlled information or info manipulation to create a reality very different concerning what is going on with human experimentation and relatedf issues. As his front social alter he may have been harmlessly saying 'oh but that was official not just a blogger' but his much more devious perp side knows damn well that the system depends on social acceptability to play games with to cover its ass.
SOowhy should TI activists covet or try to align with social acceptability? Hmmmmm.

All you are doing is leaving room for them to experiment further on people who 'dont matter' and in fact in many cases the system has engineered from an early age or from birth to make it appear that certain people 'dont matter' to cover their actions. Why would you leave them any leeway; thier the damn enemy.

Many activists act like this is an issue that can be solved through demanding the system be fair with us or that the system do its job or give us the rights we are supposed to have as citizens. Obviously we are dealing with crime and corruption not a lack of rights. If the system refuses to do its job properly then it loses all credibility and deserves no respect, other than what we must afford it to move along undisturbed to our common goal of exposing, informing, getting validation officially and unofficially as well as having laws made to protect victims.

Their way of doing things has gotten exposure but little else done about this problem up to this point.

Many groups focus on Christianity randomly or allow too many diversions.
Letting crazies into the group or even allowing violence be talked about as solution is also very suspect. All b*llshit.

One cannot logically do OVERT type activism concerning something COVERT. Get a clue.Even activists who do overt work on open issues that everyone knows exists have to deal with covert harassment from the system, but the public are not familiar with the covert part of activist's experiences.
If people do hear and believe that an activist is being harassed then the attitude is that is what one gets when one goes up against the monster of a system of power or an oppressor (which no one sees the USA as domestically anyway).
But that leaves out those of us that were, we thought, plodding along in life and minding our own business when this hit us like lightning and over time destroyed us and our lives. THEN I notice people don want to deal with the existence of covert activity at all.

Coming right out with it is the best way I believe. To stop demanding our rights is the first order of business as the system has determined we have none by its actions.
And as far as praying and Christ, what I just wrote resembles his attitude towards the Romans more than sitting around reciting things from a book thats been rewritten and info originally omitted out of it to the point of it being totally unrelated to reality or modern times. If yer so worried about 'End Times' then get off yer ass and do something about it or at least resist if not take action. People who speak too much of religion are then not speaking of politics.
We have no time for gods. The crimes being committed are being done by men who believe themselves to now be gods. Pray to your own god on your own time. But for an activist group who is NOT faith based or advertises itself that way to focus on Christianity is counter productive and one has to wonder to what end.
It also creates a way for the oppressor to divide and conquer based on religious or belief differences...not a good idea to leave any doorway open to them. We need to all come together at a focal point that concerns the issues at hand of psychological warfare and tech weapons being used to destroy lives and nothing else. Religion is used by the perps too readily as diversion, mind control and coercion.
I am speaking from experiences with a certain activist group that did NOT identify originally as Christian but whenever they felt like it that would be the focus of the group and much of their other actions were suspect in relation to being truly dedicated to targeted individuals. It was also used by them to cover for any actions of thiers like setting people up to fall within the group. Any true TI with a brain gets out of that group and it seems that they pick and choose thier clique by means that are not consistent. If religion is going to be abused or is easily used by the enemy then one should make it a private issue.

People need to put forth WHAT these technologies do and HOW they work. The same with the psychological warfare end of these campaigns and not get sidelined with pop activism or any other subject matter. Becuz if you notice all true TIs have basically the same conditions or very similar stories about thier experiences.

Much suspicion should be brought on any group who does not have a seek and destroy attitude as well as cannot keep the focus on the issues. Many of these groups I have noted that are full of opertives have a 'seek and f*ck around' attitude.
Dont play with your food as it might strike up and bite you. Why would you give the enemy more time to map out the way your mind works or the focus of the group? Cuz its probably what they have been doing the whole time with conference calls, info gathering, gang stalkers engaging with Targets and being observed as well as forcing us into corners so we have to produce massive works (like these blogs) to defend ourselves. This gives them a constant edge over us ALL THE TIME.

These are the games of people who enjoy control. We do activism in hopes of someday getting our lives back when in fact this IS our lives now.

Its purpose is not only human experimentation most likely but to ensure that we cannot accomplish anything else in life. It keeps us controlled and that may be the number one purpose of gang stalking- other than hoping we commit suicide which would be the ultimate keep down I would say.

The man I wrote about above who was a perp that leaked me info due to his sympathies for me, actually referred to my mother as "sick" and basically said that I shouldnt allow the system to stifle my expression.

One of my mother's statements to me on the phone when this got very bad during 2004 or so was this: "I am very intersted in the way your mind works". This was mentioned off the cuff very casually and had no pertinence to the conversation. She also had started this attitude earlier with commenting "Interesting, you seem frustrated" concerning using an old computer she gave me.
Looking back now these are the statements of a person desperate for control over their own life who, not being able to gain that control, has to control another. This is how gang stalking not only breaks up families, but utilizes family members against each other in competition. Deny everyone thier right to life and they become gladiators who will fight to the death.

Its a game the system is playing with all of us who are targeted and along the way I assume that the results of human experimentation are also valuable. Also anyone who screws over the TI owes the system a great debt and is always forever in its service.

If you make the wrong moves or forget who you are fighting, you will perhaps unintentionally fall right into the hands of the system you are fighting.

For activsm that should be fairly uncomplicated TIs seem to have a hell of a time getting the most simplest things done. Exposure and petitions such as above seem the most forthright approach.

The only thing I wish is that the above was more well written. The system we are up against seems to consist of educated people who disregard TI's as not up to par so deserve little regard. This means we have to sharpen our weapons to the same degree if not use weapons that they may not have access to- things they dont teach in school or that money cant buy.


A picture book DOs and DONTs for Organized stalking/human experimentation activists

If you are a survivor of this or a survivor of programming being subjected to the modern day system stemming from THIS:

If you suspect you have been subjected to THIS:


(It says "Less dangerous targets require less secretive methods")

Or if KNOW you have been subjected to THIS:

(gang stalking) Or THIS:


Then stay away or refrain from THIS: And THIS:

Also dont resort to activism like THIS: Or THIS:


A spoof on mind control: dry humoured and interesting but still misleading/ how to spot an operative whos assigned to discredit

This was amusing to read but some people might take it seriously. What I dont like about it is that it takes all the info that TI's use to hope to get the word out about what is happening to victims and uses it for basically a parody:

Its obviously b*llshit but someone who is just waking up to the reality of thier situation may mistake it for something credible or it might lower morale. Also, it takes credible info and basically flushes it right down the john. Its done intelligently so I cant say it isnt funny but its discredits in being done so well- which pisses me off.

The original page its from is funny as well:


WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL CITIZENS SPORTING THIS NONSENSE THAT THEY ARE DISCREDITING ANY REAL ACTIVISM by continuously creating signs that look like they were created by mentally ill retarded pre schoolers? And the beanie HAS GOT to go. I mean it.
I am going to start a covert campaign to target anyone who is discrediting TI's by wearing this sh*t in public. If you want to wear a tin foil hat feel free but leave me ass out of it.

I have actually tested this theory for shits and giggles. Putting a tin foil hat on or metal on you head does nothing. Youd be better off using magnets to shield you body especially in key places and that is a very personal thing. Also USING MAGNETS ACTUALLY HAS SOME SENSE TO IT as I have researched a bit into why this seems to actually work. Supposedly it messes with up on it.

The ONLY time that a piece of metal actually did anything was in St Loius MO the worst place I was ever targeted and the most brutally treated by the 'gang stalking' system. (I was being hit so hard I think that while living in Soulard is when I finally submitted to technology as being real. Before that I was very adverse to the idea and over time I was just weirded out by admitting to it being real. It just sounded so crazy, I couldnt wrap my mind around it. I was very skeptical and the only reason that I now believe any of my own experience is that every time something has occured extraordinary there has always been some connection with it obviously being technology, such as timing and location. I realized that it was a system and me moving around the country and returning to locationsn and environments gave me the same results every time. All locations were different and thanks to my memory loss due to mold exposure and stress, I never recalled the differing circumstances until they occured again.
I never believed anything I read. I had to live it first.) I think I got desperate and found putting a key on each side of some part of my body in direct line with each other helped, I cant recall. Metal wud conduct instead wouldnt it? However I have gained relief from places with metal roofing. Its too random, it would all depend on what the tech was to begin with and exactly what was in the metal and what the measurements of those ingredients were. The Titanic sank becuz of too much material making the steel seem stronger, but in freezing cold waters that same strength turned to brittleness and this is why the hull cracked upon impact to an iceburg. Changing conditions cause changes in the reactions things have.

One of my experiences has been that there are many OPERATIVES in the TI community. I experienced this by being set up and chased out of conference calls ( I will NEVER forgive them for that either) or being perped so hard I got disgusted with the lack of screening callers or members. I also have met people associated with certain groups and I believe that either
-this group is a front, a holding area for TIs and its run by people who work for the system
-operatives plant themselves in these groups and the real Targets either dont have the time nor the control over the situation to do anything about it.

It could be that any operative posing as a TI just latches themselves onto this group by association and goes about the business of terrorizing TIs by different methods and digging for info from them.
One such person is that little Jewish woman Christine in Boston who is so obviously someone NOT truly targeted and if she IS she is a total b*tch who doesnt PUT THE CAUSE FIRST. No true TI who has suffered what a target goes through would be that cruel to other targets. Either that or I have met some of the most jealous and mentally insane women in the TI community. Its always older women who end up being the people who seem to turn on me. One jerk with the handle ScoobyJulie was a total b*tch to me as well and she made a big deal about NEVER stooping down to becoming a working girl due to circumstances.
If the TI community wants to play morality games I will give them a run for their money they will never forget.

What they might be doing, IF they are not operatives who are getting rid of real TIs who know too much, is to morally cleanse the TI community and make it so no 'undesirables' ever get into the public eye. Only rich people or people of good morality or true 'innocents' with no criminal backround are 'allowed' to be part of this InCrowd. They are just so damn perfect it's sickening...and a bit suspect. Alot of them show behaviors of handlers or to mislead the TI. Its interesting that someone like Barbra Hartwell gets dissed as a CIA plant when all she seemed to do was research and fight her ass off on her blog. Its like there is some status thing where if you dont come from money or a connected family you might as well drop dead becuz you are a survivor that doesnt matter; a true 'expendable'.
Gee, feels like being in Narcotics Anonymous in Brookline/Watertown again. (unforgiven as well.. but I am sure thier healthy, well connected egos arent bruised by that at all. Hmph.)

Maybe if they are genuine, they feel that the more credible and socially acceptable people in thier group, the better chances of thier getting results or sympathy for thier cause. Love how much success they have had over a good 20 years time. Whatever.
There are definetely perps in there and I know that due to an older female TI telling me that people I thought were perps on describing them to her, shed say thats an old perp who has been around for awhile so my perpradar has always been in good working order.

Back to the insanity of blog post above: If you want crediblity STAY WAY FROM PEOPLE LIKE THIS DOING YOUR ADVERTISING FOR YOU (as well as antogonistic jerks like Code Pink. Harassing people in return will get us no sympathy. And you cant approach this subject matter the same way as regular activism. Its a stupid approach and I have not seen it get any results yet. Code Pink has nothing to do with classical covert activities and besides, I dont want to be associated with any women who go after the enemy in pink...unless they are sporting extremeley high heels or lower heels with a genteel manner and a faint southern accent.)

I cant blame this blog for making fun of this person...for me with how much I sacrifice to get activism done its maddening. If I am not mentally ill but just targeted and I am not sporting an insane outfit like this, what the hell is this persons excuse? And there is no excuse for the tinfoil, none at all.
Putting tin foil on your just cannot do a damn thing. It doesnt even make sense...the magnets make more sense and they sort of work, but it doesnt change the harassment in person or psychological warfare from the gang stalking core to a targets face.
And it will never change how easy it is to write all this off as mental illness. The sporting of insane costume above does not help to dispell that perception- one that I notice is very VERY carefully kept up and PERPETUATED by a network of people.
(considering in most REAL target's experiences, Wal Mart especially in the mid west is like gang stalking central, wearing this is a stupid idea and like putting chum out for sharks, when one cant even swim- know what I mean?)