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The Term Gang Stalking Is Criticized As Myth

People under duress like addicts in twelve step programs for instance need to identify things quickly while not being reasonable people if you will.

so a loaded language is created. How are naive uneducated people or Survivors kept compartmentalized all our lives and ignorant of the real world supposed to know what society calls these things or who is responsible for them?

Its true that calling it gang stalking then having disinformants keep naive traumatized confused Targets in the dark about it's mysterious nature and then use this to create false leads like David Lawson 'Terrorist Stalking In America' where we were told it was being done by groups of citizens who were domestic terrorists.

When you are a survivor of mind control programming or projects especially if those projects are ongoing, and the shadow system let's call it has come to show itself in your life finally overtly, you are as lost and impressionable as a child or a cult member who's known nothing else their whole lives.

This posted piece may be truthful but unless I'd been conned and lived under torture and heavy mind control during Bush/Hayden, survived and grew wise I'd never have known this is the truth.

The problem is that the shadow system has control. They have all the money all the technologies for communications and for tracking people as well as keeping people silenced and discredited. They have all the history of know how and manpower. The credible media are all centrally controlled now.
Anyone who has any power or cred that's in their way has been targeted or killed off already-from world leaders to scientists to journalists etc.

The point is to take as much life away from us as they can then slowly behavior modify us into acceptable citizens. They've wasted the prime of my life for the past ten years. They figure once I lose enough memory and my health deteriorates enough that I will give in easily to forgetting about the injustices and horrors and conform to being an below average citizen who adheres to social norms. The shaming and slandering from the GS campaigns is what they work off of to cause modification of their victims thru a kind of massive, seemingly nationwide peer pressure if you will that after years of torture, brain damage, pain and suffering cause a Target to respond to this form of peer pressure. Its fabricated and calculated of course by gang stalking system.

Now in order for me to explain that, what was I suopposed to refer responsibility to?
Psy ops? The system?

As a TI I probably have one of the most credible, believable stories as well as one that stands in certain places legally.
Its also a brutal story but thats the way most mind control Survivors stories are.

So why havent I written my book or called lawyers?

Freedom of speech doesnt exist for those who are controlled to a point where we cant utilize that right.

The point is to keep targeted Survivors so traumatized and diverted by agents that we STAY COMPARTMENTALIZED even forcing many of us who were coming out of programming and becoming healthy, well people BACK into forming alters or personalities to survive being Gang Stalked.

How is such a person made so sick and desperate, barely surviving supposed to be reasonable or think logically? Isolated, marginalozed, living a lie everyday unable to tell the truth about their situation, kept sick and deteriorating under the now total and unbeatable mind control tech in the USA. Since 2010 its become absolutely unable to be broken thru unless its a Sunday or holiday.

How are such people supposed to be confident or educated enough to refer to this as COINTELPRO?

Especially if your mother is a documented radiation experimentee and you have had all the experiences that all other survivors of programmimg and mind control projects have had: thats MK Ultra not COINTELPRO.

Gang Stalking is a catch all phrase for people who are confused and afraid to be conned or misled again about exactly who or what is behind this total destruction of the world-and their lives.