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Activist Bob S Explains Why FFCHs Does Damage To TIs In HIs Blog-And Why He Too May Be Manipulative

I understand that 'organized stalking' or 'gang stalking' probably has no legal reference but its a layman's term used by people who arent legal experts and have no training in anything related to whats happening to them like organized harassment or being targeted.

This lawyer is correct as I had experienced the same with FFCHs. They had immediately rejected me, from the start didnt want anyone to be involved that would notice the failure strategy Bob S writes about or come up with better ideas. When thier way of doing things was questioned by me or put into my blog magically credible people like Kennedy or another politician would pop up and give support or Derrick would cancel stupid ideas and come up with things that seem more like serious activism in nature.

Most of it is pure brainwashing and Ive referred to these groups as holding areas for TIs specifically mind control Survivors who dont understand that is why they are targeted.

I never considered that FFCHs and others were trying to keep the group down by not chasing legal solutions and just keeping people brainwashed with the idea that whats happening to them is by definition (gang stalking) not something with any legal weight.

However, I always thought this was partially due to Targets not knowing exactly who is responsible for organized harassment. How can you take legal actions without saying for sure who is behind whats happening. How would COINTELPRO have anything to do with myself for instance, someone who's mother is a documented radiation experimentee through her parents both US Marines and radiation experiments are connected to MK Ultra projects?
Wouldnt I assume its US Military or CIA as those were the responsible parties for the original experimentation (as well as countless institutions outside the military. Law enforcement also).

I personally have experienced a disproportionate amount of African Americans involved in harassment of TIs and even in the MILABs and other recent Bush era instances of continued unethical human experimentation. One can only deduct that the agents from COINTELPRO who were reassigned are used for this purpose and obviously new generations. Yet, how can that be proven and how can an older program like COINTELPRO be connected to modern day activities?

It does seem Robinson is the typical cult mind controlling infiltration agent. TIs like myself that keep referring to 'gang stalking' and 'organized stalking' simply dont know how else to handle this problem. Until it can be clearly defined what private sector contractors are involved, what agencies of modern government or exactly what power can be held legally responsible, those of us who arent lawyers and who have been so targeted we couldnt get lawyers through the years, it seems like a big mistake to refer to the psychological warfare and intimidation and behavior modification programs as anything but laymen's terms.

You are asking a bunch of people who work only to survive in a daily battlefield to step back and remove themselves from the situation, to act as thier own advisors. How in the hell is anyone supposed to do that?
This system ensures that a targeted person is without a support system, any help from sources citizens are supposed to feel safe depending on and in fact, in the interest of psychological warfare, send all the types of First Responders to harass a Target so that one not only gets ripped from one's friends and family and community but is betrayed by the professionals that any American citizen is supposed to depend on for life saving services. In other words- you are a dead person walking. This system is intended to murder people-forced suicide is murder. Slowly destroying one's mind and health or causing death by cop or a murder suicide is still murder. They want to let you know that you are dead, you are being murdered, you are going to die and the most trained, important people in the country who are depended on to save lives or work against foriegn terrorists in protecting our people and nation against death and destruction ARE HELPING TO DESTROY YOU.

Everywhere you go you get harassed. In a country that misses terrorists who cause attacks, they can identify and follow a Targeted Individual around the USA. If that were the case, and it was the FBI wouldnt it be questioned as to why one person whos Targeted can be followed around the United States and actively harassed yet dangerous people cannot be found and kept track of before taking actions that harm American citizens?

This is why gang stalking remains secret.

And there are other parts of what TIs refer to as 'gang stalking' that are not part of COINTELPRO activity. To me as a targeted Survivor of high level programming, Ritual Abuse all connected to MK Ultra Ive deducted due to my mother's status as a documented radiation experimentee, Ive experienced things not normally associated with COINTELPRO.
Abductions and further unethical human experimentation I assume by US military (MILAB), behavior modification programs, dosing with advanced drugs or drugs snuck into prescriptions, being confronted with people and circumstances that are on par with extremely advanced, classified projects, dealing with brain damaged, very messed up people doing harassment and in shelters who are used as perps to harass the Target.
Being coerced to join whats assumed a harassment group after it was thought I had enough of harassment as a Target without any identification of any federal agency (though at that same time frame, many victims of documented FBI harassment were being propositioned to join and become informants by feds).
Experiencing the use of advanced technologies such as microwave and electromagnetic weapons.

In my case, by the things I have seen and whats been done to me as a Target, its more feasible that this was the US military or some connected entity not known to the public working on black/classified projects. COINTELPRO may have been in actuality a part of the early workings of these programs or these programs noted its merits and co opted it into thier programs. However with a TI like myself being taken into the much more complex world of human experimentation and SRA as opposed to other TIs who simply experienced the first levels of 'gang stalking' if you will, its difficult for me to comfortable claiming COINTELPRO.

Its very probably that Derrick is a disinfo agent from what Ive experienced and some emails from other people but its also possible that Bob S is also a disinfo agent, playing against each other for effect. Neither one of them is correct and a lawyer could easily take legal action taking into consideration that 'gang stalking' is a laymen's term used by victims who have no way of knowing what entity is responsible and go from there.

Claiming TIs have no hope left at all is a bit harsh. These are ongoing issues. If one strategy didnt work then those who want a solution will leave the group and find it. Unless they would rather stay with the cult leader and simply continue on with fruitless phone conferences every week.

Hes awful whiney for a lawyer. Just point out how it failed and be done with it.

I would seriously need to see cases or documentation to prove this claim is truth. The powers that be can do backflips and legal gymnastics to make things hidden and legal nowadays that those in power can get away with unthinkable abuses and the public isnt aware of it. Are you telling me that one or two people with one case each screwed that up? What about cases in other countries where microwave sickness or 'electromagnetic senstivity' is a legit legal claim or where George Bush and friends have been found to be war criminals?  One TI from AZ who died, claims to have sued the Bush family for his harassment and being hit with weapons in Canada but it wouldnt fly in the USA even though the govt and Bush family never denied the charges and the case was not thrown out as frivolous.

People who are targeted are so exhausted, so hit with tech and chemical influence and like soldiers, our own memories of years of battle are used against us-that perps and disinfo agents have to do very little to be effective against a Target. Without these other two factors, human forces involved in these activities would not be able to have influence or destroy Targets as they do.