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NSA spying might be just what Targets need
If this is true as we all know really because all this data that is mined might be the source of what is used against us by perps..but not necessarily. If they use other sources of gaining surveillance on us, we'll never know exactly where its coming from-where they get their info from. (Just make sure you are not a naive TI and let them data mine YOU by sending perp to gain information from you.)

Look at it this way..IF there is an agency always watching and monitoring and that may include hacking the damn camera- then why not use it? I have noted more than once that when I film, record audio, post blogs etc that certain very nasty things happening to me (especially filming) seem to stop and not occur again.

So perhaps there are people somewhere in this that are watching not to help destroy us but to catch the perps at their nonsense.


Activist videos on Youtube: The Good info, the Bad info and the just plain Ugly

Lets start with information that is credible:

Why is this a good choice?
-It has credibility, its 'official'
-its been ordered by an actual president
-it has therapists and other people with credibility
- it has alot of people present not just one person giving testimony
- its organized
-the audio quality if fairly good
-it has research behind it

Now lets go on to something just plain Ugly:

Not only can I not hear or understand most of what is being said, its put together badly, its disorganized, there are too many lone testimonies. People don't care about the individual, if you haven't noticed.
Also there is no documentation or research. It claims to be the Radiation end of things but all I hear are claims of mind control programming (believable but hard to prove) and some hard to believe claims of kidnappings. I am not saying that this does not occur but you have to illustrate more of your case..the gentleman in the beginning: What would cause the powers that be to kidnap him? What are the circumstances of his situation? If he is indeed a writer then he is missing the ever important simple rules of 'who what why where when' when telling a story.

This could be disinfo the way it looks. I have seen disinfo people show up on video claiming to be TI's etc..becuz I met them in person and surveyed the whole set up or group they were coming from. Disinfo people get into these testimonies to cloud the real survivors being credible. (some of the MC survivors I recognize and believe thier stories..but who are these other people?)

You have to remember that your average person sees this as a curiosity and that's all.
Also like the Jonestown affair its obvious that the end result is to get rid of human beings who have been so corrupted..either by force or by suicide. This culture is shallow. Unattractive people, especially nowadays and an unprofessional presentation is going to get you nowhere or maybe even make their targeting worse.
People suck, remember that.

Now let's find something just plain Bad:

Not only is there inappropriate visuals in here but it claims that "knowledge is our only defense" and it offers no knowledge at all. No documentation, no proof of research. Also, spare us the dramatics with any sort of background music. It adds nothing to the cred of the subject matter.

There are other videos that appear to be informative but yet if you do enough reading and research you will see that they are disinformation at least in part. Be careful what you link to or create yourself.

Like for instance the many gang stalking car chase videos..that make the TI look crazy and prove absolutely nothing:

Agro? sure enough. I know the harassment is annoying and we have all had enough a long time ago but its in all our favors to keep level headed and keep cool during these types of interactions. Tailing someone is YOUR point of view after the fact and shows nothing to the audience as evidence of harassment. This kind of vid is a perp dream. And again the music makes it LESS candid.

Here is a video we all know. Its a popular one:

As far as my experience goes its real..however for the public and the perps who are going to leave comments or dis this, it looks like a drug deal or that community police have started messing with her due to her being suspicious having a camera in the car. However if you listen to her she states that she has made sure no one can see the camera.
I have seen this during the Bush administration it was rampant. Day after day.
It is a bad idea to reference other info like David Lawson's book. Its a whole other subject matter and its a book that many TIs see as a past disinfo could have been that Lawson could not say everything he wanted to but he never mentions the police or fire or union guys in on it so that cuts up his cred.
Its best to just map out an experience you have had...if you reference material like she is you actually limit yourself. The rest of the video is excellent. The play by play is just what is needed to illustrate covert ops. The public should be informed that this happens to the TI day after day wherever the TI goes. REPETITION is the definition of brainwashing.It also demonstrates how the operation is tactical and strategic...and most of all made to look like nothing is really going on.

(Also notice how she makes sure that she says she protected the child's identity? It might be due to the heavy handed campaign to make us all seem and feel like pedophiles. I recall a perp with a kid looking at me with my camera one day and saying "oop, don't film the kids" or something like that. It was so obvious that he was just using it as intimidation and getting off on it.)