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Addressing corruption and carefully staying away from covert activities

This is why organized stalking and harassment work so well. Note how this page focuses heavily on the assumption that race is a focal point of all police abuse. This totally misses the major corruption going on within most police departments. The only truly useful statment is the one that notes that politics largely shapes the way the police function or sets a tone for the way corruption works. That is the only thing in this article to even get a person to start thinking along the lines of how it all really works.
The other info is really obvious.

The key to validating organized stalking and harassment is to begin THINKING along different lines. Its a whole other world when it comes to covert warfare and on can no longer use logic that is within a framework that is the norm.

This is the way that the system denies gang stalkings existence or that targeted individuals are delusional people making unrealistic claims.


This area, where most people are in the dark about how corruption and politics really work is THE breeding ground or home of covert activities and warfare.

Also note how race is so focused on that gender escapes any focus. As well as now one can see the brilliance of using many people from different walks of life for harassment campaigns. The way that society presents 'problems' or corruption creates a perception in the public's mind of just exactly what corruption is and who its perps and victims are. Never addressing other scenerios popularizes only certain kinds of crimes or corruption scenerios so the public are not educated in other possible abuses of power and resources.

Then any presentation of such ideas or scenerios is then countered with such an idea being out of the bounds of reality or reason so as to seal the fate or destroy such scenerios being considered realistic.

Then using society's established framework to thier advantage the gs system applies harassment in such a way (along with a targets psych profile and history it is assumed obvious by many targets) as to create the illusion that the TI themselves is mentally il, racist, sexist etc.

The ACLU has been traditionally useless to targeted individuals even those with no compaint of suspected use of technologies in thier campaigns.
I often wonder if this is becuz in some lawbook somewhere its made obvious that such activities fall under an area that is protected by law and once the TI has been put into that situation there is no legal recourse, though to the laymen it would appear that they deserve all rights like normal citizens.

The only thing that comes close in this page is the mention of harassment or surveillance of activists.


Police raids and imaginary informants> The Snitching Blog

To me its unclear how much of gang stalking and related activity includes informants. I know that 'perps' seem to many times consist of people who are either in trouble with the law like out of jail or dumb criminals or people who dont want exposure to begin with like people involved in kiddie rings. After years if this you should be able to tell what people's motives are for being involved in gang stalking. Many of the 'perps' seem to be sex offenders and often one can find out that they have a record to attest to this.
I was harassed a few weeks ago by a man who had a prior history of solicitation of women on the street. The cop was amused that I had told him to f*ck off and called him nasty slurs to get him to realize he needed to stop trying to get me into his car or get my attention. The cops let me go and kept him for a little talking to. He actually thought that attempting to focus the cops on what names I called him was going to put the focus on me.
This is the unfortunate state of affairs in the USA where women have no power due to males thinking they rule the world or should be handed priveledge do to their gender. Also a female of low economic status is expected to take abuse from any male at any time and I have experienced this in spoiled rotten areas like So Cal. There are so many college students in Boston that pulling anything like that will not only get you in big trouble from harassing any woman who looks half way decent but might even get you beat up or some other form of retaliation.
I have experienced known johns from prostitution rings to be gang stalking perps, people who are obviously abusers of women as well as obvious level 3s like sexual assault of children, kiddie porn etc. Its sad but I can usually tell at this point. Most of these people are so deluded about what they can get away with in society in a black market economy business that they are of the mindset that thier behavior has no parameters.

Other types of criminals seem to have some kind of conshunce whereas the above mentioned not only have no remorse for what they do they seem to enjoy terrorizing a target as well as the control and mind games involved in a campaign of gang stalking. Other types involved in these activities who I have found out to be criminals but not sex offenders seem to feel bad for a target and often leak information.

The upside of snitches being used in a gang stalking campaign, especially the kinds whos records show they have done crimes that are NOT sex related, one can gain info from them either by thier own sympathies or by the TI learning how to work a snitch.

What I mean is that many of the people one encounters are either mind controlled types or are so used to snitching that one can make them 'snitch'. If you know anything about programming, mind control or just observe the people you meet in these campaigns you will see that their minds are weak. They are kept this way probably by their handlers or the system they snitch for. Depending on the level of thier involvement.

Most criminals that have done crimes that take alot of guts or are true career criminals will think that what is being done to the TI is very underhanded and not sportsman like.

The world of crime and cops is underhanded enough but when one gets to this unbelievable level of cruelty of corruption the dynamics change- in some areas drastically and in others the same rules apply.

Set ups, frame ups, smear and deception are key to any gang stalking campaign, especially the ground level, garden variety corruption which often supplies a cover story for things much more severe and unbelievable.
Which is why an understanding of the ground level corruption is necessary.