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A plea to all activists posting info

Without the internet I would not have found out what was happening to me on the level of gangstalking and on more involved levels.

But I try to remain reasonable and not go conspiracy nut...I also try to illustrate my points when I can and show proof.
There is so much great info on the web but alot of sites or pieces done by well meaning people, and maybe not so well meaning (disinfo agents) mix up thier research practices. Like there will be some of it that shows a link or reference to documentation to prove the info has a reference and then the same piece will have quotes from people in supposed printed articles but with no reference to prove they exist. Then there is alot of so and so said to so and so " blah blah blah" without any reference as to where this info was obtained from or a person used as reliable sources or testimony.

In order to get anyone to listen to us we have to act like we are already in a court room. Without a forensics lab unfortunately, to prove that any documents aren't fakes..nowadays this is very easy if you have the equipment for such deceptions. Especially if you are from the shadow world of covert warfare where I am sure that brilliant, creative minds came up with such things long ago before the public even heard about such capabilities.

So if you can leave references next to info and use words like 'alleged' next to here say my already tired mind would be appreciative. I want to beleive but its so easy for the naysayers to just write the official line and that squashes any doubt supposedly.

Besides I would be very curious to see the original sources of alot of info out there.

I know that alot of books came out on various subject matter before the internet...some of these had quite good credentials and were allowed to write books like that back then.

When you are writing a piece just pretend that the enemy is right beside you..nay saying you already. Then when it comes out, they are already all done before it even hits them. What can they say?
Awww, the 'conspiracy theorists' wrote a piece with YOU in mind naysayer! And the anecdote is already in it before you can administer your poison.


Reasons why nobody listens to victims or Targets

As a 'movement' we are disorganized. We are weak. We have too many damaged people arguing amongst themselves (listen to the Jonestown tapes to see where that last theatre/experiement ended up) we are infiltrated with people who are provacatuers and sabateurs who take advantage of afore mentioned. We would need the same resources as the gang stalking system has to survive without the protection of legit law enforcement and law makers.

As individuals we are easily targeted, alot of us are underfunded and losing grip. In person many of us look a mess and are becoming the atypical social outcast. Alot of blogs and websites are not well written as to be understood or are rigid or narrow in the findings from experience and research. Alot of TI's can relate to each other but the public if they viewed this mess would become easily subject matter they would or could not readily accept anyway.

Another thing that I realized and this is important:

IF YOU HAVE A BLOG OR WEBSITE TRY TO GET ONE THAT IS DESIGNED TO LOOK LIKE HTML OR LOOKS LIKE ON A CHEAP CELL PHONE..what I am saying is that I noticed that what I was reading on my cheap cell phone internet struck me as more beleiveable than on the pc. Why? BECUZ THE GRAPHIC DESIGN STYLE OF THE INTERNET MAKES A CARTOONISH PRESENTATION.
I have noticed over time that the simpler your technology the less interference with your perceptions in general. If only I could post my blogs on the font that is on the HTML tab it would be much more....straight forward.

So the hardcore material that we are presenting is not marketed as hardcore. And this society is all about perception management.

TI's exist mostly in cyber reality. In person we are targets, mostly on the internet we are activists and alot of us can only express what is happening in cyber space. We are not presenting very well nor are we represented very well- on threads and elsewhere.
This is more isolating of TI's via cyber bullying or cyber slander.

Its the same spirit of misrep that goes on in public..
what is most amusing is that on a thread a perp cant say " that person is just crazy" becuz
1) 'that person' is sane enough to use the computer and sound like they have an ordered mind most of the time and 2) 'that person' can read what was just said about him on a thread etc.

In physical reality, often these accusations are behind someones back or right under thier nose but it works more readily to discredit someone. I notice alot of perps saying 'take your medication' is very popular to TI's whereas in person that comment would result in a confrontation.
This is why its so important for the system to keep us isolated from each other and keep cyber reality isolated from physical reality. If everyone who saw you in person read what goes on in your day to day life or what is going on with you intelectually thier may be more understanding.

There is an old saying " Never victimize a person who buys his ink by the barrel"...someone who thinks and writes alot.

Please write blogs, and keep in mind that the perps are going to use anything you write against you have to find a way to keep it all about subject matter. Put others blogs as links that you trust or who seem genuine. Try to keep doing more research and stay logical and reasonable. If you are a TI who is not blogging you are dangerously disconnected. Also the public will see there are more and more targets. You have to find a way to make it so you are still safe however. Do it anonomously if necessary or change the name.

I often wonder why targeted people do not use the internet or blog or at least do research.

I am so tired of the disinfo and the infiltration. I wont even meet with a TI anymore or email. I just wonder how many true TI's there really are in numbers.

Please understand that before you write a blog the purpose of it...if you can use it to fight the perps and the system then do that. If you feel that it would victimize you further then dont.

The main reason that people dont hear us is that they do not want to get targeted. I beleive alot of people know about this system. It would be interesting to know what people truly understand about all this...if the public are the a-holes that they appear becuz they readily turn away from us as we die.

As a TI you have to come up with one sensible time line/story line for your situation. It makes more sense to the viewer. Be concrete and if you dont have facts dont use terms like 'the elite' or 'the illuminati' or other imaginary friends..(I know that these groups are NOT imaginary but in order to make a direct hit you need a target and that is why they keep us in the dark, so we have nothing to react to or retaliate against. Unless you have proof of groups involvement or you can give serious testimony I wouldnt go with blaming these groups.)
The only reason I have in the past mentioned satanists is becuz my perps have insisted on flashing the horned god sign numerous times in numerous states. And satanists were mentioned by a perp years ago. There is a connection to satanism and the military as well as other issues but again its a set up. You have to be able to say that perpetrator lead you to beleive...etc. not just that you THINK it might be whatever group.
This would show cause, that someone is baiting you at least if not outright involvement of certain groups.

Nobody listens to us becuz they feel they dont have to. If you put your case in the right way, they will have to see there is sense in it.

I want to add that as a TI you are always a victim of mind control either through brainwashing via the gang stalking itself or thru technology or both. If you are a tbmc survivor to begin with then the system is trying to take you from your original handlers into this new system.
None of this is easy to combat and it is not your fault.

You are fighting a system that incorporates the compliance if not the assistance of the very people who are supposed to protect you from crimes THIS hayniss. (no idea how to spell that).