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Mac vs Windows For Targeted Individuals

Just a quick observation.

I have noticed on many occasions that Mac/ Apple is alot less..lets say infiltrated for the user than Windows tends to be.

Unless the whole place is wired for mind contr0l tech, like in that art school I used the public access computers last summer. I posted that I was interfaced with constantly and it was very nasty at times. Well Cisco Systems is the wi fi on alot of walls I see, like Mass Art and MIT. And each of those places provides me with a hard time as far as being interfaced.

Then again, early on in this, one perp group who was very overt during Bush and the height of this nonsense, on a Greyhound bus (as usual) one very up front kid said he was addicted to World of WarCraft and his dad worked for Cisco Systems.
They of course have military contracts. But these games have so many a-holes for players that its hard to tell who is observing and protecting and who is actively trying to harm.

While in that art school, yes using that Mac was as hellish as using the Windows machines.

But I find the 'vibe' of Mac to be alot less nasty in all this for some reason.
Perhaps that is why they cost much more. Its interesting how many products are lower cost and maintenance for us poor people that are not Mac.
I guess it doesnt fully matter due to the fact that all kinds of people are targeted anyway of all social stratas etc.