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YouTube Inserting Wiki Content To Users Vids To Make Info More Neutral/ How Disinformation Feeds Censorship and The Powers Play Both Sides

All of Google services are now promoting censorship. It's gotten to the point where anyone researching alternative or controversial information is now getting close to nothing for results on Google's search engines whereas before it was simply the annoyance of ad based results or results favored by being paid for to appear first.

YouTube is now going to begin actually adding content to users videos by posting alleged factual information from Wikipedia, an unreliable and not peer reviewed or professionally researched info source.

Now I've watched this mess form from the Obama administration til now. This is still caused by the events during the Bush admin and what many are aware of took place pre 9-11 during Clinton. 

If you look from that perspective it's still a way of redusing any alternative points of view or claims that don't support official stories or news such as the 9-11 Truther movement.  

Conspiracy theory buffs and researchers know what DISINFORMATION is. We have a good idea about what has enough truth or fact to be useful and what is there simply to keep people from facts and truth or worse-spread panic, fear and perpetuate ignorance. Disinformation is a form of brainwashing or mind control. 

That being stated, it seems that these companies arent attempting to do what good conspiracy researchers do which is sift through enough info over years time to be familiar enough with subjects that any videos or writing that comes out it can be determined it's useful, misinformation or disinformation.

Disinformation is purposeful misleading of readers or viewers for the purpose of supporting a certain agenda. To keep people ignorant of alternative info or theories that may be valid.

Misinformation is causing that same result unintentionally.  

Many people trying to be informative for a cause or on a subject unwittingly spread disinformation left by people doing so on purpose or they get their info confused.

In a way, these people serve as force multipliers or help the disinfo campaigns in this way without meaning to and the designers of disinfo know this. 

If ever you find yourself in this position the best thing to do is make corrections immediately or take the info down. Don't spend too much time on feeling bad or feeling exploited. Taking responsibility immediately is the best way to help whatever cause you were trying to help to begin with. 

If you know you're mistaken but can't find any info that is suitable simply keep doing research and leave the subject like an unsolved cold case. If it's a subject you've discussed in person often and you've misguided people it's important to admit your info was ill gotten and realign them with better info so they can look it up themselves.

Whenever censorship arises people must question why.  

If people who are  not proficient at sorting out good info from bad are being harmed by all these conspiracy theories then instead of blocking them from info that's potentially damaging one should ask why are so many people who are obviously not familiarized or cut out for such a community suddenly so interested in seeking alternative information?

Obviously they aren't getting what they need from other sources. So there's a need or demand for alternative theories or info. Disinfo campaign designers know this. They watch legit journalism outlets way more than the conspiracy community does. We are trying to find truth elsewhere and they are trying to manage perceptions so that most people don't go outside the parameters or elsewhere to find the truth.

In theory what's happening now is a huge undertaking where the established power structure that helps create or supports and is fully aware of disinfo and it's purpose in maintaining their power position, is the source of censorship now claiming to want to protect people from it.

If outrageous disinfo is created and it's now somehow causing harm then there's the validation for censoring all alternative theories and info.

Potentially this is the 'Create a problem/Solve a problem' tactic of gaining control.

The clue here is that this censoring of info isnt being done to seemingly filter out 'bad' information within the conspiracy world or community. It seems to be trying to gain the result of intimidating or silencing theorists.

I would love a program done by media pros utilizing tech and professional understanding of the Internet and info flow to sort through bullsh*t in order to get a more clear result of what's useful for seeking truth through sensible alternative theories formed from decent information. That doesn't seem to be the desired outcome and that's what needs to be looked at.

Another clue is that a source such as Wikipedia is being used instead of real research. This conveniently allows the censors to add info on to videos that's easily influenced by popular opinion or any other form of influence that creates what's published on wiki.
College students are still forbidden to utilize Wikipedia for their research yet Google wants to use it's info as cues to give viewers other info on subject matter in an attempt to make info more neutral.

Wiki in some instances concerning touchy subjects is straight up disinformation or misinformation. However it usually supports the established order, power structure, corrupt authorities etc, etc.

Also associating racism and anti govt content with lone wolf terrorists or shooters has had a very damaging effect on the public in their perceptions of what is credible and safe to partake in.

The short brutal version of these very miltant tactics of ruthlessly seeking results at any cost is that people equate seeking alt answers to official lines with getting themselves killed. And if one puts forth that as a conspiracy theory if you will then they are getting the desired effect.

Remember the American public have been terrorized in earnest since the election of Bush where he was to be impeached due to election interference. This law was never followed as 9-11 made whoever was now Commander In Chief seem indispensable.

Conveniently the public has been shifted from being terrorized by foreign terror to domestic. I had read somewhere that during Obama's second term much of the budget that had been allotted to foriegn security was now for domestic security.

Now here's an example of responsible amatuer research and theorizing.
I didn't get the article or research it further. I have no source to reference. Thus if this tidbit is mentioned to be considered by readers on my main blog, I state that I cannot substantiate that as fact or prove I didn't fabricate it.

Whenever readers comment on YouTube or the blog I am am careful to request proof of claims or at least some sensible deduction. This is to get confused people to stop harming their own good cause with self sabatoge but also to weed out bothersome trolls or counter activist types (infiltrators, sabateurs, criminal opportunists etc).

After experiencing a shocking disregard for information checking and security in forums and groups like FFCHs I made sure I try to keep my blog safe for readers.
Dangerous conditions can be created resembling sheep brought to slaughter
or people being contained by handlers and never finding answers.

I realized very early on that overt activism is not safe or effective in dealing with covert activity or warfare. Many people make the mistake by being used to normal life in a democratic nation. Grassroots activism or organizations is what people are familiar with. This is entirely different. Truly experienced activists understand what is going on and dangers involved. Your average person who's not educated in related fields will not.

I feel it's important to figure out what action to take next.

In the big picture what's happening is that cities are pricing out people with greed and self entitlement from corporate and tech people, whilst self righteously creating 'inclusive communities' and making PC mandatory as if it's law and not just defining a cultural ettiquette (now that corporate culture defines us, PC will define how we live as if it's law).

Globalism is spreading without any thought or regret for those being genocided by it culturally or otherwise and globalists have no time for interference with the agenda.

People seeking truth about corruption, terror or the changes they are finding confusing about our world today are malcontents and misfits who aren't satisfied to simply take what's being offered by the globalist, corporate version of reality.
Therefore this element must be crushed-treated as resistance.

People who are asking questions and thinking are going to be much more threatening than undesirables that are easy to handle or useful as scapegoats scapegoat (elderly, disabled poor, The Homeless, poor who are exploited by opiate epidemic, people turning to crime and getting put into justice system, mentally ill etc).

It seems to be that two separate worlds are forced to be formed- the people who want what the oppressive version of a globalist reality has to offer and those who will be marginalized.

The higher up military is already allegedly creating urban warfare instruction materials for the coming future classes in global cities of The Haves vs The Have Nots. (Yes there's articles on this. Don't use Wiki, lol).

Instead of us all being American citizens with one Constitution there's an agenda to separate with hate and use Divide and Conquer tactics to force people to choose a side-which it seems are already predefined.

Censoring free speech in insideous, sneaky ways has gotten absolutely ridiculous. And much it does not follow laws and is unconstitutional.
Since private institutions or corporate have undue influence creating almost total power in some areas the laws don't matter and it's suspected private security companies or worse can enforce whatever environment that these powerful entities want to create in any area.

Bottom line is whenever censorship is used instead of genuinely trying to utilize logic, common sense and real science not junk science to solve a problem then people must question what is the motivation?

Google being a private company can do whatever it wants with it's services or refuse service to anyone. Google is also a monopoly if you will and has hooked many users into being accustomed to using their services as second nature ironically through decades of providing platforms for free speech when there was no other way to the average person.

Unfortunately truth and right no longer matter just like natural talent or high intelligence. It's who's got the money for the best technology. So traditionally marginalized people are right back where we started nowadays unless we are specifically a demographic that is desired for globalist reality and one is willing to accept it's terms.

In a way I suppose globalism itself is like a corporation: 'we want to hire you, are you on board?'

I've yet to experience any true freedom the globalist design. There's alot of deception, corruption and things they just aren't allowing people to see. This is the reality of globalism.

Seeking to question must not be cost effective right now.


9-11 Site On Disinformation In Truth Movement

This has useful examples of how disinformation is utilized and spread as well as motivation for doing so.