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mind control tactics in TI forums

Be wary of any group that behaves according to any of the terms of cult mind control.

Like worshiping a leader, focusing on religion opposed to activism, disapproving of members straying from the core group, asking for money donations and nothing gets done (if they are promising to do certain things with the funds.) and a sense of some members being more important than others.

Alot of the groups that are full of TI's are really populated by targets, career criminal opportunists, perps and operatives. Sometimes you only find out who is who too damn late.

Be wary of apocalyptic predictions. Be leery of groups that do information our case it would be focusing on every conspiracy theory out there opposed to gang stalking and directly related subject matter.

Approaching problems in a way that isn't logical or practical problem solving. Or doing investigation or detective work thoroughly.

Be leery of various members with different agendas all making the group lose solidarity.

These are all signs of cult mind control and diversions thrown in. Be leery of groups that play the two sides of the brain expertly ( biggest indicator of mc).

For instance in the first half of the conversation the group may be discussing suicides of targeted individuals-a serious matter, casualties of war.

Then in the next seemingly related conversation there is discussion of activism that does not seem congruent or in perspective to people committing something light hearted to get the word out to the public (especially something that would be a target for public scrutiny.)

Be aware of groups that seem to pick on people who have legit stories in order to alienate them but allow crazies who discredit the group to be present but also take charge of the group often. Off the wall people with stories that have no documented claims and often sound outrageous in their claims.

These groups are very possibly by deduction-holding areas for TI's.

Like little fish who swim down a stream and end up in a cul de sac type little pond. Its to keep you there and keep you controlled. You must swim upstream further, you must continue to investigate and take these matters to the end of the road, not become mind controlled into settling into a cult group.

Along the way you will notice that the goal of these activities is pretty simple. To keep the TI controlled and to keep them down. If the TI does not get locked up- either jailed due to reacting to provocation, then institutionalized or at least medicated and labeled and placed somewhere for the mental for either self injury or just being driven insane by the gas lighting etc.
If these do not work along the path there are many other 'traps' that TI's encounter in order to 'shelve' silence victim witnesses is the ultimate goal.

Other attempts are the afore mentioned holding areas and its not just going to be TI groups or forums. You will be tempted and approached by a variety of religious groups and other types of people who will attempt to become your handlers or settle you somewhere in life to 'forget' about what happened.

Even the constant intimations that you need to move on and forget about the damaging years of harassment or/and forgive everyone, get a job, go to school-get a life basically.

There is something suspect about anyone who does not want YOU to make your own decisions about what is right for YOU at any time. To not allow to heal is part of brainwashing and mind control because the main point is to traumatize you so badly that you become so tired and fear ridden that you just want to forget or put it all behind you.

This is STILL VICTIM WITNESS INTIMIDATION AND HARASSMENT AND SILENCING. IF you were truly free...if what was done was truly 'ok' and on the up and up you would be allowed to heal and disclose what happened to you.

Be very leery of the enemy coming to you smiling with promises of now taking care of you after destroying you world. You are not in Iraq...there should be no reconstruction of you and your life nor an occupation of the enemy to manage your affairs..which is exactly what will transpire if you forget and move on. You will have internalized the enemy's influence and will forever be their victim.

I don't care if the whole world had moved on..if you are strong enough you must keep avoiding traps.

If you 'retire' now you will be their bitch and a victim permanently. You have come this not quit now.

Beware of traps and the easy way out.

Stay strong and stubborn and standing....even when you crawl from battle injury and fatigue.