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Non state vs. state actors

I had this guy come up to me and say that "you know social groups doing this are alot different than the govt doin it" after describing to me one person who was now targeted who is crazy now. He said the mob did it to him becuz he was straight up competition in business.
He said that is when you really get messed up when its NOT the govt doing it.

Now I hate using terms like 'the govt' but lets say non state and state actors then.
He continued to say that social groups can get into alot of trouble for doing this to people.

There is much wondering in the TI community:
'Its the govt, its community watch groups, its vigilantes' auughghg!

Doesnt anybody know?

It is very confusing.
Especially when people say that a certain intelligence agency is the govt and others say that they are actually a private corporation.
That the CIA is an up and up agency, but there is a 'department' that is separate that did the MK ultra experiments.
Then the CIA becomes this mythical creature and conspiracy theorists run with it
some of whom are disinfo people anyway.
Then anyone who says CIA is a nutter and the very mention creates a slide in peoples minds (they stop listening). [As always you'd need documented proof or at least show cause or some reasonable deduction.]

Then becuz there is speculation among the ignorant, disinfo people can throw in all kinds of crap. The TI becomes handled via trauma and disinfo.

This is why its important to keep a TI in the dark about what is going on. It is important to keep slaves stupid.
So that is what is going on for anyone confused still. There are social groups but not always.

You'd have to judge for yourself on your own situation.