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This Blog Has Ended

This blog is closed basically unless something goes on politically or socially that affects us in this way. This blog was most useful during Bush when one of the main goals was to trap TIs into becoming terrorist suspects by snapping, or by engaging heavily in 9-11 truth. Also I have gone over the basics of being cautious networking with other Targets as well as in forums for gang stalking. Mind control Survivors need to be especially careful.

One day if I have time I want to perfect this blog. I think the point is clear however that alot that is gs is designed to brain wash Targeted persons for various purposes.

Its clear that gs is covert action. Its black ops but exactly what agency or even private company is outsourced to do this to people is unclear to me personally. In the age of private corporations, super wealthy individuals and military contractors as well as the horrid track records of higher ed like MIT, Harvard etc in human experimentation, continuously claiming "CIA" is a bit ridiculous. Not to mention alot of what is used resembles more FBI capabilities nowadays.

Yet, organized stalking and harassment's use of the scum of the earth is atypical of CIA, especially overseas. I posted a link to an article somewhere on the other blog, its known they indeed engage in this.

And its obvious that many gangs are allowed to operate and got their big break by dealing crack in the cities which can also be tied to such agencies. (Iran Contra etc).

The main reason I posted this blog is due to the ridiculous nonsense I encountered in the TI conference calls.
Total lack of security, never checking anyone out, letting crazies stay and have eartime yet usually most credible TIs would be chased out of the conference calls. Never backround checking group leaders. Said leaders using a lot of mind control tactics. Associating themselves with agitators like Code Pink when its not necessary due to us having very legit and definative complaints about human and civil rights abuses directly.

I have personally experienced one conference call to target me personally even to the point of doing so in REAL TIME when callers realized it was me using a different number. Much of the tech used I had only experienced the gang stalkers having access to such as being able to target someone very quickly, getting a mob of perps on the line quickly.

Mind control tactics are used such as the forum being controlled by one race exclusively and African Americans have a culture that is expert in mind control, especially effective on already downtrodden peoples or enslaved people.

Using Christianity and prayer excludes certain groups, is classic of the 'black' community and is akin to cult mind control.

We must remember this is not based on racism but on history. House slaves as Malcolm X pointed out, would take care of the Master's property as well as keep field slaves in line so they could keep their good lives inside the big house. I have seen this in all races but with blacks in the USA there is a long and specific tradition. Also, we must consider the large number of blacks in COINTELPRO. What they all changed their ways, retired and did NOT pass this way of thinking onto their children?
Also Jonestown. Again a high number of inner city Americans of African or slave descent. All one has to do is listen to the Jonestown FBI tapes instead of Hollywood movies on the subject, to hear just how the People's Temple had degenerated into not only a cult, but what sounded like a kill cult. The people speaking are hateful, violent and dedicated to Jim Jones in a frightening way.
When Jones was ending his flock's lives all he had to do was call his secretary in the US, give her commands and she proceeded to slice her two children's throats and kill herself afterwards.
Where did this level of total enslavement come from in a mere monkey trainer and street kid like Jones?

I have posted enough about subliminals not only in news media but in ads. These are all the same basically- using art to fool and manipulate the human mind.

TIs have to learn to be skeptical in specific ways tailored to their situations. Never trust anyone, always look for red flag behavior dont just become paranoid of everyone and stay on the course-focus on your activism or situation. The main problem with OVERT activism is that its useless against COVERT activity. All we can do is make people aware as well as take legal actions.

Parading around in tin foil hats in Washington DC hasnt done much thus far. Why partake in a shielding action that MIT was nice enough to debunk? And due to the fact that an MIT student debunked the tin foil hat yet did not explain that wrapping RFID cards in tin foil DOES work or explaining what a Faraday cage is, simply lets everyone know that MIT is biased. You can disprove the tin foil hat theory but why would you not then offer to find ways of shielding that actually DO work? Becuz what you are doing is intimating that there is no such thing as mind manipulation or human targeting via technologies. And being that MIT is heavily reliant on military contracts and corporations as well as massive govt funding (air, sea, land and space) I suspect that they would do such a thing.

Also the student was Asian. Lets not get into how their culture works with deception, organized crime and all those US companies bringing their jobs over their. The one good thing about Chinese is they are not easily hypnotized nor controlled by black slave culture nor intimidated by PC.

You better understand how each race or culture or nation operates in war or with warlike behaviors. PC is partially a tool of the bad guys to force people to believe everyone is good and deserves a chance simply based on their race...while of course acedemics deny race exists at all.

Acedemics are the worst I have seen in this. They have no guilt and people at Harvard and MIT I have experienced actually believe they are the elite, better than the rest of us and entitled to create a NWO dependant on those value systems. I have seen these people have little difficulty destroying my life or being part of institutions that not only have a history of unethical human experimentation but continue to partake in such acrivities today, when the chances of being caught or demand for transparency are nill.

THIS IS WHY PC, DIVERSITY AND EQUALITY LIBERAL BRAINWASH FOCUSES EVERYTHING BUT CLASS AND SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS. It is a tool of deception for the upper classes who are far from seeking diversity and equality with their fellow men.

If you see whats going on they will stoop to anything to make you behave and silence you.

Slander, modification, forced suicide- you name it. And torture, intimidation are always used.

Be skeptical by realising that you are NOT just an upstart nor a fluke, 'that cheap intelligence sometimes found in the lower classes'. If you r a mind control or RA Survivor you are not just a mule.

You stand out and thier job is to whittle you down until you are an average idiot-not for the sake of Equality but so you also can be controlled in the New Age of the NWO.
Its often referred to as a Satanic age but Satanism in an Illuminati sense. Satanism was never so boring and lacking in individuality as the hive mentality being pushed by the NWO.

People often want to blame secret societies. Be skeptical of all conspiracy theories. If they are so secret then how is anyone sure they are responsible. Dont even go there becuz most people dont even know what the sun cult is, nor understand anything about Egypt or that much involved is simply representative of ancient knowledge. The Masons are ritual brainwashing as are other societies that use compartmentalization and ritual.

I have said all I can about how the tricks are done. What will destroy you finally are the betrayals, the ongoing torture, covert war...and the deafening silence.

And always be prepared to be disbelieved as well as labeled mentally ill. Each one gaining something for the greedy cowards of which there are many.


Global Elite


COINTELPRO Is Back On The Books- TIs Arent Just Referencing The Past

I can't embed this cuz page keeps going blank when I try to get code...

I have actually received comments from some readers that have suggested this is something I am guilty of.

Note the big differences..such as he having the ability to reach lots of people via a radio show and I can't even walk down the street without getting harassed or live inside or in one location for very long.

I realize now that many activists are COINTELPRO and FBI and there is evidence that COINTELPRO is back due to laws being repealed during Bush. This is why the Obama era seems even more smothering than the Bush era. And it shows that TIs are correct in sensing and experiencing what started during Bush never ended.

This is why the public go along with much of this. They don't want to know that human atrocities are being covered.up and Targets are being abused under the guise of national security.

Many Targets don't like to reference COINTELPRO becuz its in the past and supposedly it was stopped by new laws in place. Its as useless as referencing the holocuast, becuz lay people now mock our situations with 'oh the silent holocaust' or 'oh yeah, the Manchurian Candidate'. Utilizing pop media or historical references to establish ourselves is suicide in a throw away culture. You need to build something concrete that will stand up to time and the public's fickle childish tastes.
And I read somewhere recently its inappropriate to use other groups hardships for your own purposes and specifically that was written by a Jew on the matter of referencing the holocaust so it works against us in many ways.

In my case it could be the mafia or the govt. My situation was so multilayered. But how does the mafia get their hands on that high level sophisticated equipment or at least access to it? It could be rogue or retired govt people who's idea of going into the private sector and taking their expertise with them involves organized crime not just corporations.

The public have been so slowly dumbed down, reduced and caged, isolated and marginalized that they now see and comprehend very little that goes on beyond the parameters they are kept in.

This is why the 90s had to be ended by Bush era. The internet and Gen X created an information leak within the world we live in that was fast educating the public about exactly how this world works. The powers that be were living in a world where they could do as they pleased without public scrutiny.

All that the Bush era did was to condition the public to no longer ask any questions about exactly what Power is up to becuz you'll either be persecuted or ignored.

So America isn't going to get any better and TIs know that from experience. There is no way that any of these people are going to admit what they did or to give any of us retribution for what they took from us. Society has moved on.from.the Bush years and this COINTELPRO bs is going to enforce that.


A New Way To Approach Being A Survivor of MC and GS

I have discovered this a bit too late but its never too late to pass on one's experience with mistakes so that others may have a chance to not make those same errors.

I realize now that the key to fighting the system for those that are involved in activism concerning RA, high level programming and human experimentation is to use the information provided by the alleged perpetrators themselves.

Aquino provided the best guide possible for avoiding pitfalls with his piece on Diana Napolis becoming an obsessive stalker of celebrities and of himself. Diana Napolis started out as a therapist who had become aware of Ritual Abuse cases circa 90's. Interestingly, RA cases were coming out at the same time frame as day care center scandals and the President's Advisory Committee for human radiation experiments which included MK Ultra victims and people who testified to being involved with both as cross over test subjects as well as Survivors of high level programming which was suspected to be connected to state actors like CIA. Most of the last group recalled being compartmentalized with programming for various tasks like memorizing things with photographic memory, courier of information, Theta psychic kill, sex slave and sometimes assasin but that seemed to be mostly true with the men and interestingly no male Survivors were in this group.

His MINDWAR paper itself provides information on how to fight the enemy.


YouTuber Hendon700, Disinfo or Christian Crackpot?

Hendon700's Channel on YouTube.

I smell disinfo agent.

The best I can do is write this person off as a Christian fanatic due to trying to save the movement from being discredited.
The worst case is the person is a disinfo agent. Note the way all the subjects in the vids are posed from the beginning of the scenes in the vids and no one reacts adversely to being filmed.

This TI must be the luckiest on earth as the rest of us cant ever get perps on video this fast nor at moments so opportune as these. INTERESTING...

If Hendon700 would clean up his/her act, they could benefit TI's everywhere not just Christians.
THERE SHOULD BE NO RELIGIOUS BELIEF PRESENT WHEN DOING ACTIVISM FOR WAR CRIMES. Because it splinters the movement or group. Not everyone targeted is Christian and its especially offensive to RA Survivors, the last thing we need is anyone mocking or being careless about occult realities or metaphysical subject matter. Spiritual warfare is not a joke but neither is it easy to frickin film on a train either. If it was it would come under being an easily solvable crime.
Imagine how awesome it would be if people showed thier true selves so publicly. Imagine if psy ops was this overt. The world would indeed be a much better place to live.

But thats not the reality which is why cover stories and smear campaigns are used. The Targeted Survivor of mind control or Ritual Abuse is re-isolated by the Gang Stalking system and then terrorized in ways that no one sees and they are written off as mentally ill. Same goes for simple cases of GS for regular TI's but they dont have any connection to RA or programming.

Sadly there is merit to what this person is claiming. But its just not this easy to capture. And its very dangerous to go around trying to prove you see demons in people or shape shifters.
Being a dragon slayer if you will, takes alot of responsibility and restraint. And in this day and age, you cant go around acting out spiritual warfare overtly in a world where 'magick' no longer is supposed to exist.

There are actually demonic energies in some people who are here to do battle to assist else could they counter the other factions who also possess such energies? Duh.
This person has no jurisdiction or authority to go around condemning people. That is why we have laws and a concept of justice..and why church and state are separated.

Not only does this make the rest of us look bad who are focusing on the aspect of war crimes and human experimentation that CAN be proven but it makes dealing with the delicate issue of metaphysics more difficult.

Its also a tactic of the CIA mind control factions to have Targeted Survivors of mind control have hallucinations with content like people shape shifting into reptilians or seeing demons..more so early on in getting to Survivors after they deprogram or fight suicide programming.
It was prevalent during Bush when much tech and psychic warfare was used in ways it seems they cant use for torture now due to having limits set since Obama signed an executive order limiting the use of torture in official capacities and whatever happens officially it seems to parellel thier black ops programs.

This is how whackos kill innocents or go against the laws of our lands by killing other human beings- due to inducing compulsions to kill based on believing such things. It may also be a total deception with many of the people being innocent.
The point is that you cant get rid of Seth's people off this planet. They are a part of this world as any of us and have been here since ancient times.

The problem now is that the darker factions of this world have gained power and have an unfair advantage via technologies being used for mass mind control.
Its really that simple.
Worrying about the existence of demonic forces, or humans who for whatever reason, express purely demonic energies is unproductive.
It also has nothing to do with criminal justice in the western world. What IS illegal are the war crimes that have occurred and are still happening concerning human experimentation and abuse of power.

If the public knows about the existence of these technologies and the potential for abuse of power, then whatever darker forces exist will not be able to utilize such an advantage any longer.
Spiritual warfare is supposed to exist on a spiritual level. Cameras can only provide so much evidence..cameras are duplicating what human eyes see- they do not in and of themselves have perceptions nor do they have the depth to assimilate information about the inner machinations of another human being.

And taking Time out of Context is very dangerous indeed. This is who TI's are showing just what looks bad without the full story.

Now do you understand the purpose of secret societies?
To avoid all this bs in spiritual warfare. There is a reason why at Bohemian Grove it says something about spiders not being welcome to weave thier webs there. Becuz they are constantly weaving deceptions.

This was all so much simpler before. But if the darker factions want to bring thier plans out into the open, then fine then. Its interesting how they have done so yet anyone who points that out for what it is or counters their actions is imagining things.

We can only hope that George H.W. Bush's seemingly mad speech concerning the NWO was addressing the results of people like us fighting this so hard and that resulting in public realization of mass mind control and the use of tech to torture dissidents and the making of laws to curb the abuse of such power, instead of what seems to be a plan to use such tech to enslave all of mankind.
Its not a world based on the rule of law when only the elite are allowed to break the law and common people have to be constantly watched, monitored and mentally/emotionally cleansed hour by hour. That is not a world based on law that is a world based on slavery to a concentrated power structure.

As usual Bush uses subtle twists and turns to make something totally horrific sound beneficial. Its what they DONT tell you thats damaging.

When the authorities clean up the planet and address corporate breaking of laws instead of focusing on the public, then we will have a just world. Note that in his speech he says the rule of law..he doesnt say its going to be a just world. Just one that follows the law obediently.

Yeah, dragon slaying takes on a whole new dimension nowadays. Its subtle. And the ones you really have to worry about have very very thick skin and dark shadows everywhere. What this person might be seeing are merely shadows. Its the true sources of corrupt power that are of..concern.


Mac vs Windows For Targeted Individuals

Just a quick observation.

I have noticed on many occasions that Mac/ Apple is alot less..lets say infiltrated for the user than Windows tends to be.

Unless the whole place is wired for mind contr0l tech, like in that art school I used the public access computers last summer. I posted that I was interfaced with constantly and it was very nasty at times. Well Cisco Systems is the wi fi on alot of walls I see, like Mass Art and MIT. And each of those places provides me with a hard time as far as being interfaced.

Then again, early on in this, one perp group who was very overt during Bush and the height of this nonsense, on a Greyhound bus (as usual) one very up front kid said he was addicted to World of WarCraft and his dad worked for Cisco Systems.
They of course have military contracts. But these games have so many a-holes for players that its hard to tell who is observing and protecting and who is actively trying to harm.

While in that art school, yes using that Mac was as hellish as using the Windows machines.

But I find the 'vibe' of Mac to be alot less nasty in all this for some reason.
Perhaps that is why they cost much more. Its interesting how many products are lower cost and maintenance for us poor people that are not Mac.
I guess it doesnt fully matter due to the fact that all kinds of people are targeted anyway of all social stratas etc.


Alex Jones On Gang Stalking

Alex Jones on Gang Stalking.

I do not think that the answer to the issue of oppression is "a 357 magnum". Does this man have anyone who does any decent research on covert ops, black ops, false flag, human experimentation, ritual abuse etc?

I think hes avoiding the issue in order to stay credible becuz in the vid he has of the FBI training video, he actually says that "that was the kind of mind control Bush had at that time".

What hes doing is classic media tactics which is to slide info like that under the wire so you get it but its not a big statement that he can really be held accountable for, whereas when hes asked directly he denies the existence of mind control, en mass or in public spaces.

I dont expect Alex Jones to handle the issue of mind control. He obviously dislikes such deep issues or things that go bump in the night like this (he seems to believe that you simply shoot at unknown threats or perhaps your Chiuaua will warn you first- sorry dude. The perps kill yer dogs, they drug you and perhaps then use your own gun to off you and call it suicide. Does this guy have any idea about the DirtyTricks Dept at all? He acts like the Mafia never existed. As if murder and dirty deeds are not possible in our world. WTF?) as he seems to hate David Icke.

And Cooper fans hate Alex Jones.

You want to know the truth? Here is the reality of all these guys: each one of them provides valid, valuable information. And I have caught each of them either being irresponsible, not fact checking or outright full of shit or adding a tiny bit of disinformation to a huge case made out of fact.


Recall that this form of warfare is the manipulation of information. That you need tons of factual and 'good' information to understand what is going on. That is the purpose of fusion centers.The one that just opened up in Utah that is hella expensive in order to prevent cyber attacks on the USA. Now THAT is the way to know what is going on. You should not believe anything anyone says, nor should you hate on Jones for not dealing with gang stalking.

To be honest he is more valuable to TI's if you DONT put him on the spot on that issue. His info is best used to back up or compliment what we are putting out there. And as for the people that come up to him and say that he or his father put a chip in thier brains, someone needs to inform Alex that that IS gang stalking LOL.

If he is targeted at all covertly the way he is overtly, obviously then he is going to encounter alot of weird crazy people messing with him.

Each one of these people has pieces to the puzzle and is valuable in the sense that they get the word out in a big way, and this PAVES THE WAY FOR TARGETS TO BE CONSIDERED OR LISTENED TO AS WELL due to the subject matter being along the same lines.

One must also consider the fact that these are all men, my dears. At 40, I truly understand that its hopeless to think that men could be anything but competitive. Its up to females to take all of what they do and harmonize it so it may be seen as interconnected, not warring factions.

Dont put it on Alex Jones to carry you. Gang Stalking is not his issue, its not his fight, its not a subject he deals with. We must do it ourselves and USE him as perhaps an ally. Its not up Alex Jones to save us or champion our cause. Besides, the less we put it to his attention the less he can claim to be expert on the subject and the less he can be a hinderance. Hes fine just the way he is, used as an ally. Yer pushing power in his direction that he may take away from you which is stupid. Like he just did for instance.

He obviously isnt expert in covert ops. Its not his area of research. Becuz covert ops isnt dealt with by shooting things. Actually, they are so artful, they will get you to shoot things as a way of getting you framed.

His opinion has no weight as he is not expert in the field. True enough there are alot of shitty gs videos out there becuz either people are just nuts or attention seeking OR they are operatives/disinfo people claiming to be TI's OR they are simply shitty at art and shouldnt be making videos. That is the problem with the TI movement: the organized movements have too many operatives, perps and criminal opportunists infiltrated into them and the isolated Targets try to do all thier work themselves. I only succeed at making vids or writing due to having that as a talent before I was overtly targeted. Notice how I dont network or protest. Becuz that is not what I am good at and I know it. I am not a people person for more than a few hours a day where I can fake it from life experience. I would much rather be creating something.

Targets need to realize that each one of us brings something to the table to get this point across and advocate for the cause.

Asking Alex Jones about gs is like asking your pediatrist what he thinks about your eye condition- which you should ask your optometrist. Its not his 'specialty'. In order to have a complete 'body' that functions, we need all the different parts to work together. Jones is not going to be our god so forget it.

Unless hes a lawyer all of sudden, of a high status with access and heavy connections who can fight like a warrior for TI's, asking him what he thinks is irrelevant.

And I agree that there are alot of crazies out there, but alot of those crazies may or may not be targeted. That is also a moot point. All that matters are the survivors that make it to land, who can tell what happened at sea- unfortunately we cant save everyone right now. Anyone with a credible story, who can map out motive and document some of the harassment, who is still sane enough to sound credible is what we need and that is who should be considered to be listened. Becuz real TI's do exist.

And by the way many Targets do appear rather crazy until they understand how the system of being targeted works.