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Neda and art in the media as influence
The importance of the now famous photo. 
 It creates an alluring combination of  physical human beauty and death.
Art is often used as influence and historically has been so. 
All I am saying is to beware of letting any images stop us from using critical thinking or reason. Let it be inspirational not diversionary. 
There is a now famous photo from the 30's or so of a suicide where the victim landed atop a car looking as if just reclining. It had a similar allure.
The circumstances around this are political of course and it is also different due to us being able to view her death in its entirety.
What concerns me is how powerful the image is simply becuz she was an exceedingly beautiful woman. Also note how good alot of the protesters look.

I just have issue with the 'sell' part of this.

Which is ironic as hell for me to say I understand.

A young woman died in a protest for a cause but had she appeared differently by nature, would anyone have cared so or would the impact have been the same?

covert ops and conspiracy theory

As I watched the coverage of the Iranian protests I viewed the former crown prince of Iran doing a press conference. A woman who said she was in the medical field got vocal and talked about former CIA interference and covert influence in the region and was this a concern now. He returned and stated that this isn't some contrived actions of some one world govt but that we can all plainly see people in the streets demanding their rights.

But she did not say anything conspiracy oriented nor did she speak of a one world govt theory. The question was answered by making any question of covert warfare or ops seem paranoid or a conspiracy theory.
(if yer interested):

This is why its so important to walk to tightrope when doing activism. To not let people drag you into extreme movements or conspiracy theory type outlooks. You must sift through information very carefully. There are people who want to dis credit activists or anyone who questions things that are of a covert nature.

I feel this is why there is such an explosion of the conspiracy culture. Alot of what is put out is questionable and doesn't use deduction based on documented material or research. At a certain point alot of it just doest make sense at all but by that time people want a neat and tidy explanation of why their world is the way it is.

Beware of the sellers of junk info and beware of those who want to promote the idea of conspiracy culture in place of covert war or operations as you do your research.

If black ops or clandestine ops did not exist and were merely part of some conspiracy theory, then why are there definitions for them? Why are there academics that tell of their existence?