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Petitions as part of activism
Take into consideration that the author is obviously foriegn with some issues with thier English. I plan to find more of these as I think its a good idea to do something not just blog info.
I usually disregard activists who align themselves w/antogonists like Code Pink or other unrelated activism or activists. Also,doing counterproductive crap like wear tin foil hats at ralleys is suspect as well. From my experience the movement is littered with operatives and dis info people who work this as a middle ground between true victims and true perpetrators. They are akin to someone you know giving you a lawyer for your court case that is really to help the company you are suing do damage control. You may get a little bit of justice but the company pays a small price for destroying your life/future. The 'perps'in the TI activist movement serve the same purpose. They serve as a middle ground between true victims and true perpatrators.
Either that or American TI's are horrendous snobs who believe that only overtly important people get targeted or feel they are going to get max cred if they stick to people who 'mattter' in a Capitalist society or people who are totally law abiding. They still adhere to the very system that uses a 'down the rabbit hole' reality to destroy Target's minds. To get credibility you have to stop begging society for mercy. Obviously no one is listening, cares and the perps are self righteous control freaks anyway who LOVE to see the TI population feel shame due to humiliation and scramble around seeking approval whilst the perps and thier people are corrupt as hell. They know that you will never get what you want or need anyway.

What matters in this movement is information not money, status or social acceptability. One perp I had who kept switching between his perp persona where he either messed with me or leaked info to me, and a social front persona. I had established that he knew my situation and that he was a good source of info as he had sympathies for me. This being established, he then mentioned to someone when we were outside in public "Did you see the paper? The military is microwaving people now". Knowing that he must have known that was the tip of the iceburg, I mentioned when we walked away that my activism was along those lines or included that info as well. He then made a statement to the affect of 'yeah but that was a story by someone credible' or official. So these bastards know that the public are privvy to controlled information or info manipulation to create a reality very different concerning what is going on with human experimentation and relatedf issues. As his front social alter he may have been harmlessly saying 'oh but that was official not just a blogger' but his much more devious perp side knows damn well that the system depends on social acceptability to play games with to cover its ass.
SOowhy should TI activists covet or try to align with social acceptability? Hmmmmm.

All you are doing is leaving room for them to experiment further on people who 'dont matter' and in fact in many cases the system has engineered from an early age or from birth to make it appear that certain people 'dont matter' to cover their actions. Why would you leave them any leeway; thier the damn enemy.

Many activists act like this is an issue that can be solved through demanding the system be fair with us or that the system do its job or give us the rights we are supposed to have as citizens. Obviously we are dealing with crime and corruption not a lack of rights. If the system refuses to do its job properly then it loses all credibility and deserves no respect, other than what we must afford it to move along undisturbed to our common goal of exposing, informing, getting validation officially and unofficially as well as having laws made to protect victims.

Their way of doing things has gotten exposure but little else done about this problem up to this point.

Many groups focus on Christianity randomly or allow too many diversions.
Letting crazies into the group or even allowing violence be talked about as solution is also very suspect. All b*llshit.

One cannot logically do OVERT type activism concerning something COVERT. Get a clue.Even activists who do overt work on open issues that everyone knows exists have to deal with covert harassment from the system, but the public are not familiar with the covert part of activist's experiences.
If people do hear and believe that an activist is being harassed then the attitude is that is what one gets when one goes up against the monster of a system of power or an oppressor (which no one sees the USA as domestically anyway).
But that leaves out those of us that were, we thought, plodding along in life and minding our own business when this hit us like lightning and over time destroyed us and our lives. THEN I notice people don want to deal with the existence of covert activity at all.

Coming right out with it is the best way I believe. To stop demanding our rights is the first order of business as the system has determined we have none by its actions.
And as far as praying and Christ, what I just wrote resembles his attitude towards the Romans more than sitting around reciting things from a book thats been rewritten and info originally omitted out of it to the point of it being totally unrelated to reality or modern times. If yer so worried about 'End Times' then get off yer ass and do something about it or at least resist if not take action. People who speak too much of religion are then not speaking of politics.
We have no time for gods. The crimes being committed are being done by men who believe themselves to now be gods. Pray to your own god on your own time. But for an activist group who is NOT faith based or advertises itself that way to focus on Christianity is counter productive and one has to wonder to what end.
It also creates a way for the oppressor to divide and conquer based on religious or belief differences...not a good idea to leave any doorway open to them. We need to all come together at a focal point that concerns the issues at hand of psychological warfare and tech weapons being used to destroy lives and nothing else. Religion is used by the perps too readily as diversion, mind control and coercion.
I am speaking from experiences with a certain activist group that did NOT identify originally as Christian but whenever they felt like it that would be the focus of the group and much of their other actions were suspect in relation to being truly dedicated to targeted individuals. It was also used by them to cover for any actions of thiers like setting people up to fall within the group. Any true TI with a brain gets out of that group and it seems that they pick and choose thier clique by means that are not consistent. If religion is going to be abused or is easily used by the enemy then one should make it a private issue.

People need to put forth WHAT these technologies do and HOW they work. The same with the psychological warfare end of these campaigns and not get sidelined with pop activism or any other subject matter. Becuz if you notice all true TIs have basically the same conditions or very similar stories about thier experiences.

Much suspicion should be brought on any group who does not have a seek and destroy attitude as well as cannot keep the focus on the issues. Many of these groups I have noted that are full of opertives have a 'seek and f*ck around' attitude.
Dont play with your food as it might strike up and bite you. Why would you give the enemy more time to map out the way your mind works or the focus of the group? Cuz its probably what they have been doing the whole time with conference calls, info gathering, gang stalkers engaging with Targets and being observed as well as forcing us into corners so we have to produce massive works (like these blogs) to defend ourselves. This gives them a constant edge over us ALL THE TIME.

These are the games of people who enjoy control. We do activism in hopes of someday getting our lives back when in fact this IS our lives now.

Its purpose is not only human experimentation most likely but to ensure that we cannot accomplish anything else in life. It keeps us controlled and that may be the number one purpose of gang stalking- other than hoping we commit suicide which would be the ultimate keep down I would say.

The man I wrote about above who was a perp that leaked me info due to his sympathies for me, actually referred to my mother as "sick" and basically said that I shouldnt allow the system to stifle my expression.

One of my mother's statements to me on the phone when this got very bad during 2004 or so was this: "I am very intersted in the way your mind works". This was mentioned off the cuff very casually and had no pertinence to the conversation. She also had started this attitude earlier with commenting "Interesting, you seem frustrated" concerning using an old computer she gave me.
Looking back now these are the statements of a person desperate for control over their own life who, not being able to gain that control, has to control another. This is how gang stalking not only breaks up families, but utilizes family members against each other in competition. Deny everyone thier right to life and they become gladiators who will fight to the death.

Its a game the system is playing with all of us who are targeted and along the way I assume that the results of human experimentation are also valuable. Also anyone who screws over the TI owes the system a great debt and is always forever in its service.

If you make the wrong moves or forget who you are fighting, you will perhaps unintentionally fall right into the hands of the system you are fighting.

For activsm that should be fairly uncomplicated TIs seem to have a hell of a time getting the most simplest things done. Exposure and petitions such as above seem the most forthright approach.

The only thing I wish is that the above was more well written. The system we are up against seems to consist of educated people who disregard TI's as not up to par so deserve little regard. This means we have to sharpen our weapons to the same degree if not use weapons that they may not have access to- things they dont teach in school or that money cant buy.