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Whats wrong with this gang stalking video?

Can anyone tell what is wrong with this video?

RIGHT. It doesn't not base anything on scientific research or documentation.
A few of the things said are sensible but..
The problem with the TI community in general and why PERPS and OPERATIVES have a field day and no one believes us is becuz people keep recounting thier experience without research or at least showing cause or leads for logical deduction.

Its VERY SIMPLE. Everything you do all the time, just pretend that you are in a position where you have to prove or make your case..and make it so your life depends on it. BECUZ IT DOES. AND SO DOES MINE.

i am very tired of seeing vids like this that the psych establishment could have a ball with.

AI recall a saying from my grandparents war days "loose lips sink ships". This is very serious.

You are in an information war..ANYTHING you say can be held against you or other TI's as a group.
Bad videos help the ENEMY not the VICTIMS.

Really make sure you are stressing that you are speaking from personal experience etc.
This is why GS is still urban legend and myth.