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Neda and art in the media as influence
The importance of the now famous photo. 
 It creates an alluring combination of  physical human beauty and death.
Art is often used as influence and historically has been so. 
All I am saying is to beware of letting any images stop us from using critical thinking or reason. Let it be inspirational not diversionary. 
There is a now famous photo from the 30's or so of a suicide where the victim landed atop a car looking as if just reclining. It had a similar allure.
The circumstances around this are political of course and it is also different due to us being able to view her death in its entirety.
What concerns me is how powerful the image is simply becuz she was an exceedingly beautiful woman. Also note how good alot of the protesters look.

I just have issue with the 'sell' part of this.

Which is ironic as hell for me to say I understand.

A young woman died in a protest for a cause but had she appeared differently by nature, would anyone have cared so or would the impact have been the same?