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NSA spying might be just what Targets need
If this is true as we all know really because all this data that is mined might be the source of what is used against us by perps..but not necessarily. If they use other sources of gaining surveillance on us, we'll never know exactly where its coming from-where they get their info from. (Just make sure you are not a naive TI and let them data mine YOU by sending perp to gain information from you.)

Look at it this way..IF there is an agency always watching and monitoring and that may include hacking the damn camera- then why not use it? I have noted more than once that when I film, record audio, post blogs etc that certain very nasty things happening to me (especially filming) seem to stop and not occur again.

So perhaps there are people somewhere in this that are watching not to help destroy us but to catch the perps at their nonsense.