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A spoof on mind control: dry humoured and interesting but still misleading/ how to spot an operative whos assigned to discredit

This was amusing to read but some people might take it seriously. What I dont like about it is that it takes all the info that TI's use to hope to get the word out about what is happening to victims and uses it for basically a parody:

Its obviously b*llshit but someone who is just waking up to the reality of thier situation may mistake it for something credible or it might lower morale. Also, it takes credible info and basically flushes it right down the john. Its done intelligently so I cant say it isnt funny but its discredits in being done so well- which pisses me off.

The original page its from is funny as well:


WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL CITIZENS SPORTING THIS NONSENSE THAT THEY ARE DISCREDITING ANY REAL ACTIVISM by continuously creating signs that look like they were created by mentally ill retarded pre schoolers? And the beanie HAS GOT to go. I mean it.
I am going to start a covert campaign to target anyone who is discrediting TI's by wearing this sh*t in public. If you want to wear a tin foil hat feel free but leave me ass out of it.

I have actually tested this theory for shits and giggles. Putting a tin foil hat on or metal on you head does nothing. Youd be better off using magnets to shield you body especially in key places and that is a very personal thing. Also USING MAGNETS ACTUALLY HAS SOME SENSE TO IT as I have researched a bit into why this seems to actually work. Supposedly it messes with up on it.

The ONLY time that a piece of metal actually did anything was in St Loius MO the worst place I was ever targeted and the most brutally treated by the 'gang stalking' system. (I was being hit so hard I think that while living in Soulard is when I finally submitted to technology as being real. Before that I was very adverse to the idea and over time I was just weirded out by admitting to it being real. It just sounded so crazy, I couldnt wrap my mind around it. I was very skeptical and the only reason that I now believe any of my own experience is that every time something has occured extraordinary there has always been some connection with it obviously being technology, such as timing and location. I realized that it was a system and me moving around the country and returning to locationsn and environments gave me the same results every time. All locations were different and thanks to my memory loss due to mold exposure and stress, I never recalled the differing circumstances until they occured again.
I never believed anything I read. I had to live it first.) I think I got desperate and found putting a key on each side of some part of my body in direct line with each other helped, I cant recall. Metal wud conduct instead wouldnt it? However I have gained relief from places with metal roofing. Its too random, it would all depend on what the tech was to begin with and exactly what was in the metal and what the measurements of those ingredients were. The Titanic sank becuz of too much material making the steel seem stronger, but in freezing cold waters that same strength turned to brittleness and this is why the hull cracked upon impact to an iceburg. Changing conditions cause changes in the reactions things have.

One of my experiences has been that there are many OPERATIVES in the TI community. I experienced this by being set up and chased out of conference calls ( I will NEVER forgive them for that either) or being perped so hard I got disgusted with the lack of screening callers or members. I also have met people associated with certain groups and I believe that either
-this group is a front, a holding area for TIs and its run by people who work for the system
-operatives plant themselves in these groups and the real Targets either dont have the time nor the control over the situation to do anything about it.

It could be that any operative posing as a TI just latches themselves onto this group by association and goes about the business of terrorizing TIs by different methods and digging for info from them.
One such person is that little Jewish woman Christine in Boston who is so obviously someone NOT truly targeted and if she IS she is a total b*tch who doesnt PUT THE CAUSE FIRST. No true TI who has suffered what a target goes through would be that cruel to other targets. Either that or I have met some of the most jealous and mentally insane women in the TI community. Its always older women who end up being the people who seem to turn on me. One jerk with the handle ScoobyJulie was a total b*tch to me as well and she made a big deal about NEVER stooping down to becoming a working girl due to circumstances.
If the TI community wants to play morality games I will give them a run for their money they will never forget.

What they might be doing, IF they are not operatives who are getting rid of real TIs who know too much, is to morally cleanse the TI community and make it so no 'undesirables' ever get into the public eye. Only rich people or people of good morality or true 'innocents' with no criminal backround are 'allowed' to be part of this InCrowd. They are just so damn perfect it's sickening...and a bit suspect. Alot of them show behaviors of handlers or to mislead the TI. Its interesting that someone like Barbra Hartwell gets dissed as a CIA plant when all she seemed to do was research and fight her ass off on her blog. Its like there is some status thing where if you dont come from money or a connected family you might as well drop dead becuz you are a survivor that doesnt matter; a true 'expendable'.
Gee, feels like being in Narcotics Anonymous in Brookline/Watertown again. (unforgiven as well.. but I am sure thier healthy, well connected egos arent bruised by that at all. Hmph.)

Maybe if they are genuine, they feel that the more credible and socially acceptable people in thier group, the better chances of thier getting results or sympathy for thier cause. Love how much success they have had over a good 20 years time. Whatever.
There are definetely perps in there and I know that due to an older female TI telling me that people I thought were perps on describing them to her, shed say thats an old perp who has been around for awhile so my perpradar has always been in good working order.

Back to the insanity of blog post above: If you want crediblity STAY WAY FROM PEOPLE LIKE THIS DOING YOUR ADVERTISING FOR YOU (as well as antogonistic jerks like Code Pink. Harassing people in return will get us no sympathy. And you cant approach this subject matter the same way as regular activism. Its a stupid approach and I have not seen it get any results yet. Code Pink has nothing to do with classical covert activities and besides, I dont want to be associated with any women who go after the enemy in pink...unless they are sporting extremeley high heels or lower heels with a genteel manner and a faint southern accent.)

I cant blame this blog for making fun of this person...for me with how much I sacrifice to get activism done its maddening. If I am not mentally ill but just targeted and I am not sporting an insane outfit like this, what the hell is this persons excuse? And there is no excuse for the tinfoil, none at all.
Putting tin foil on your just cannot do a damn thing. It doesnt even make sense...the magnets make more sense and they sort of work, but it doesnt change the harassment in person or psychological warfare from the gang stalking core to a targets face.
And it will never change how easy it is to write all this off as mental illness. The sporting of insane costume above does not help to dispell that perception- one that I notice is very VERY carefully kept up and PERPETUATED by a network of people.
(considering in most REAL target's experiences, Wal Mart especially in the mid west is like gang stalking central, wearing this is a stupid idea and like putting chum out for sharks, when one cant even swim- know what I mean?)