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The beanie/ skepticism on stopping mc of the masses

OK even I am curious now.
Targets who experience organized stalking, harassment and have been betrayed by family and friends in nasty ways in a pathetic attempt at a Machiavellian type of layered set up at least can say...hmmm, there IS something off here! At the least we know something is wrong with this picture. The technologies....I ignored this issue for years. It was just too..unbelievable. But as I moved from state to state and travelled quickly and sometimes settled in places very different from Boston, I found that the harassment via non physical persons present had to be for real. Too many things happened that cant be just due to exhaustion. The torture got heavy in certain areas and I noted the more heavy handed the nature of the state and city, the more srtong arm the tech torture and harassment.
I then had to realize that all the TI's who were identifying as "TI"s were not these crazies I had to avoid to sound legit. It was the way they were presented that left question in the reader's or listener's mind.
The Sheilding Game is this: to get past all the bullsh*tters in the TI community who either want to sell u something or divert u from effective methods. Once again u must re assess: YES the gang stalking is real. YES the remote influence is real. NO alot of the prescribed methods do not work..NO you are not imagining all this.

YES do your research and make it science based from credible sources. YES question studies that may serve the enemy. YES...there could be useful info within a dis info sight.

I have tried certain methods that work. I believe metal has some use becuz of metal roofing providing relief. But a tin foil beanie at all times...why are there studies for and against? And couldnt people come up with something more...logical (and subtle)? Here is a sight that seems like it is partially a spoof but the problem is that its a spoof from people who know too much about what is going on. I just wonder if is a perp spoof sight. However, there is some interesting info and I found some of it funny which is always a relief if u can laugh.

The use of the word "paranoid" should be replaced by the term 'TI' or 'target'. I do like the idea of a hobo language however to warn others of a particularly nasty area. If u r a sensitive, you'll feel it. Just like u can feel areas of relief.
Targets of stalking and harassment do become paranoid a bit over the years..its called 'hyper vigilance' and anyone who had strangers coming up to them telling them thier private business and insulting them in hit and run fashion would become hyper vigilante over time. Most people would crack under this kind of pressure, that is why targets are studied I do believe. Most people DO crack under pressure...they are called friends and family of the target and often they will take a sell out deal over doing the right thing. It helps that alot of TI's are lifers, so that they are most likely surrounded by scum anyway. Alot of TI's get hit hard when they want a change in circumstances and no longer want to be controlled or handled. THIS will get you targeted to an extreme point, opposed to being minimally tortured into compliance and handled all your life.

This is also why you are sort of 'labeled by libel' before you actually get hit hard with the tech system. Then the general consensus is that no one is going to beleive you and if they do, they are intimidated into being compliant. It the same idea as the media biasing jurors with intimations in reporting before a trial.

OK now you've had your laugh.. This simple article illustrates what sensible TI's have suspected which is that the foil is a very Miki Mouse answer to a serious problem. It would have to be made to shield according to changing would have to be more scientifically produced. But what targets are doing isn't wrong or doesn't make them crazy. Its a healthy reaction to the idea that something is wrong and they want relief or protection.
The crazy stigma is actually part of the cover up culture, which functions much like psychiatry. Instead of admitting that there is a show for cause , that people are perhaps being targeted and go with the idea of the tin foil hat from there: that it is perhaps an uneducated amateur's attempt at self protection not based on total delusion. Like instead of psychiatry saying 'yes, people with claims of gaslighting that are suspect actually can show reason for investigation' they go along the same lines as the old days before the internet, without interupption.

If psychiatrists had to solve crime investigations we'd all be screwed.

So drop the stigma becuz as u can read this has some basis in science and in reality. The fact that alleged targets from years ago pre internet had thought of this amazes me. Like how did they know? I know before the internet they had alot of books about alternative information. Actually the books were maybe more informative becuz you could check the author out. To a point I guess.

A person seeking relief, like the drug user or other addict is always vilified by society. Becuz no one wants to look at what causes them to suffer to begin with..then perpetrators of crimes and abuse would be outed.

AND PLEASE STOP CALLING IT "GOVERNMENT MIND CONTROL". In the times we live in it could be a corporation or a military contractor..which would be the same I guess. I would reject any and all use of 'govt mind control'. Either the people using those terms are ignorant to how damaging those terms are to legitamacy or they are perps, or ignorant naysayers who think its a big joke.
Yes, EMF isnt harmful to humans in its proer use but that does not take into account if someone were to make a weapon out of it which exists by documentation, and if you were targeted.
This is why critical thinking is so unpopular.

Here is an article that keeps it civil and gives the TI options by keeping it a socially acceptable subject. So if anyone asks, just say you suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity. That might be alot of target's problems. Maybe some of us are sensitive to begin with on top of being hit as a target of malicious intent by technologies in certain areas at certain times.
I do not know if a psychic working on a target can be blocked by any physical object on any part of the bodyof said target.
The difference in delivery of psychic energies and technological energies has to be considered. The frustration is that you can damn well suspect that all our questions are answered in the research done over the years on tech as well as psychic activity.

.......I am looking up articles. Geez, I cannot believe how many 'paranoid' type articles there are. " A fringe group of paranoids"...not 'a group selected for illegal human experimentation' or 'enemies of someone important who need to be neutralized'.
Or the way these articles are written to take research way out of context, so that it is represented as crazy and that's all. The beauty of the Naysayer writer is that he gives himself away by starting out presenting the story from a negative stance. Its denial from the get go, is bias from the beginning. Not very useful to anyone really. Sounds like alot of perps or people who are deathly afraid of being perceived as siding with a marginalized population.

I wont even use the word 'psychotronics'. There is enough documentation of devices and weapons to show cause and I cant say for sure that mind control is claiming the masses, though it would appear as such. Perhaps its only some of us that they want suppressed or for experimentation.

This article is annoying as well: Then they list MK Ultra , like they want to discredit that too.. (uhh documeted, class action law suit, Presidential apology. Head-out-of-sand please.)

If some humans make claims to being emf sensitive and they are not making claims that go any further than that, does this not at least show the possibility of existence? That people are effected, and thus there might be something further? No one is going to go up against mass mind control and the public might enjoy the idea. Its only if there comes about some disturbance to them, their breads and circuses, would they balk at the idea.
Freedom is becoming increasingly worthless as the public is lulled into believing that all tech is good and that bad tech is for bad people who we fight in wars, or bad people who need jailing or suppression. Good people good tech, bad people bad tech.
I can already tell that the public believes that the authorities will have their best interest in mind. People need to know that this tech is here and in use now. The same human failings will come about when using tech. Murder, corruption, misuse by authority, and for profit not for quality of life. There is no big panic, becuz its just an extension of human affairs as usual.
If the masses understand that , they will at least be AWARE that there is potential for the mis use of these technologies and they can then decide for themselves.

There is no stopping the attempted mind control of the masses, not if its felt to be the best way to manage the coming difficulties on our planet or a better system of governance.
Its induction in the secretive manner that has been played out is not acceptable.
You cant mind control people in this way the way you can with say subliminals in ads. The mind has more of a choice depending on the individual.
A lot of the public would actually accept it into their lives if they felt more secure or they would deny its existence, while living with it day to day.
And certain people would not like its affects and choose to find other ways to exist. Same as society has always been.

What is the human populace going to do with the idea of mind control?? I mean look at the world lately. People are either afraid, burnt out or the young kids.. To this generation not conforming is like be it. That is what we are facing.
Let the world figure it out for themselves.
What time in history except glimpses do we have of even partial enlightenment? Some Golden ages..but thru history artists were destroyed or they got their real statements out through subliminal means, playing the very authority who depended on them to seduce and sedate the masses with their artwork to seeing things thier way.

Survivors and targets have burned themselves out over the years trying to get the mass to understand what is happening or to make a big deal out of it and stop it. Stopping it would be great....but for now I say lets inform people and make it very clear that there needs to be more disclosure and laws in future. There are already laws banning some weapons and technologies in MA, Maine and MI.
DID THOSE LAW MAKERS AND REPS IMAGINE THIS STUFF?? Were they having delusions? No but if you ignore this fact in the books you can go forward protecting gross misuse of the technologies. Humans have a tendancy to do this sort of thing-often. For years on end. Corruption is a cash cow.

The breaks in the reality of this subject matter are disgusting and its leaving all sorts of cracks for exploitation of people and abuse- by The People to be honest.
Look what happened to me? The People have had an absolute field day abusing me until I am damaged. It has shown that the public can choose for themselves what action they want to take quite well and they obviously need no help. People enjoy murdering someone consequence free, that is not going to change. The Public are animals and unfortunately there is no protection for someone who is targeted covertly so they can get away with abuse.

Drop the info and let the decent people fend for themselves. The jerks are either satisfied to take part in the lynch mobs and don't even care about mind control and the criminals are fully aware of it.
I think what TI's are trying to say is that we don't want the exploitation of the innocent by non disclosure or at least to not be believed when there is a good old fashioned gas lighting plot behind the abuse with this new tech. Tech don't kill, humans do.
We want decent people to not suffer at the hands of those with an unfair advantage not save the world.