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Alex Jones On Gang Stalking

Alex Jones on Gang Stalking.

I do not think that the answer to the issue of oppression is "a 357 magnum". Does this man have anyone who does any decent research on covert ops, black ops, false flag, human experimentation, ritual abuse etc?

I think hes avoiding the issue in order to stay credible becuz in the vid he has of the FBI training video, he actually says that "that was the kind of mind control Bush had at that time".

What hes doing is classic media tactics which is to slide info like that under the wire so you get it but its not a big statement that he can really be held accountable for, whereas when hes asked directly he denies the existence of mind control, en mass or in public spaces.

I dont expect Alex Jones to handle the issue of mind control. He obviously dislikes such deep issues or things that go bump in the night like this (he seems to believe that you simply shoot at unknown threats or perhaps your Chiuaua will warn you first- sorry dude. The perps kill yer dogs, they drug you and perhaps then use your own gun to off you and call it suicide. Does this guy have any idea about the DirtyTricks Dept at all? He acts like the Mafia never existed. As if murder and dirty deeds are not possible in our world. WTF?) as he seems to hate David Icke.

And Cooper fans hate Alex Jones.

You want to know the truth? Here is the reality of all these guys: each one of them provides valid, valuable information. And I have caught each of them either being irresponsible, not fact checking or outright full of shit or adding a tiny bit of disinformation to a huge case made out of fact.


Recall that this form of warfare is the manipulation of information. That you need tons of factual and 'good' information to understand what is going on. That is the purpose of fusion centers.The one that just opened up in Utah that is hella expensive in order to prevent cyber attacks on the USA. Now THAT is the way to know what is going on. You should not believe anything anyone says, nor should you hate on Jones for not dealing with gang stalking.

To be honest he is more valuable to TI's if you DONT put him on the spot on that issue. His info is best used to back up or compliment what we are putting out there. And as for the people that come up to him and say that he or his father put a chip in thier brains, someone needs to inform Alex that that IS gang stalking LOL.

If he is targeted at all covertly the way he is overtly, obviously then he is going to encounter alot of weird crazy people messing with him.

Each one of these people has pieces to the puzzle and is valuable in the sense that they get the word out in a big way, and this PAVES THE WAY FOR TARGETS TO BE CONSIDERED OR LISTENED TO AS WELL due to the subject matter being along the same lines.

One must also consider the fact that these are all men, my dears. At 40, I truly understand that its hopeless to think that men could be anything but competitive. Its up to females to take all of what they do and harmonize it so it may be seen as interconnected, not warring factions.

Dont put it on Alex Jones to carry you. Gang Stalking is not his issue, its not his fight, its not a subject he deals with. We must do it ourselves and USE him as perhaps an ally. Its not up Alex Jones to save us or champion our cause. Besides, the less we put it to his attention the less he can claim to be expert on the subject and the less he can be a hinderance. Hes fine just the way he is, used as an ally. Yer pushing power in his direction that he may take away from you which is stupid. Like he just did for instance.

He obviously isnt expert in covert ops. Its not his area of research. Becuz covert ops isnt dealt with by shooting things. Actually, they are so artful, they will get you to shoot things as a way of getting you framed.

His opinion has no weight as he is not expert in the field. True enough there are alot of shitty gs videos out there becuz either people are just nuts or attention seeking OR they are operatives/disinfo people claiming to be TI's OR they are simply shitty at art and shouldnt be making videos. That is the problem with the TI movement: the organized movements have too many operatives, perps and criminal opportunists infiltrated into them and the isolated Targets try to do all thier work themselves. I only succeed at making vids or writing due to having that as a talent before I was overtly targeted. Notice how I dont network or protest. Becuz that is not what I am good at and I know it. I am not a people person for more than a few hours a day where I can fake it from life experience. I would much rather be creating something.

Targets need to realize that each one of us brings something to the table to get this point across and advocate for the cause.

Asking Alex Jones about gs is like asking your pediatrist what he thinks about your eye condition- which you should ask your optometrist. Its not his 'specialty'. In order to have a complete 'body' that functions, we need all the different parts to work together. Jones is not going to be our god so forget it.

Unless hes a lawyer all of sudden, of a high status with access and heavy connections who can fight like a warrior for TI's, asking him what he thinks is irrelevant.

And I agree that there are alot of crazies out there, but alot of those crazies may or may not be targeted. That is also a moot point. All that matters are the survivors that make it to land, who can tell what happened at sea- unfortunately we cant save everyone right now. Anyone with a credible story, who can map out motive and document some of the harassment, who is still sane enough to sound credible is what we need and that is who should be considered to be listened. Becuz real TI's do exist.

And by the way many Targets do appear rather crazy until they understand how the system of being targeted works.