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Becoming Blindly Hateful In Battles Could Assist the Opressor or the Enemy in Winning the War

It seems the Zionists are long term big picture planners. They are fully aware of what manipulating poor, ignorant people can do for thier cause and to fulfill thier plans.

Its not just Zionists. Its anyone who will push for a certain kind of change via such manipulations. This is why its very important to not become blindly hateful.

I often sense that the people behind this want me to become blindly hateful and to pick on certain factions or turn against a people just due to thier race etc.
Its very easy to due after being abused so obviously by certain factions , as well as life being mostly full of idiots with a few cool people you meet in between.

This is VERY very dangerous. If you are going to oppose a faction you have to stay logical and you have to stay in control. Dont let it come from your core, your center that has been destroyed and manipulated so.

The African American community is I believe trying this same strategy. If the elite of certain factions want seperatism then these kinds of manipulations will serve them well. White nationalists desiring Obama to be president so that we wake up to the racial issues finally might later down the line of events serve blacks to be so persecuted that they will be martyred and finally have thier own Israel, and like the Jews now, be completely above reproach due to a major martyrdom- leaving open endless opportunity in the future to further manipulate the public quietly and covertly in gaining immense power and a homebase.

I would be very leery of all of the hate mongering in this era. Someone wants to manipulate the more ignorant classes to get a reaction- to ultimately gain something they want.

Dont be manipulated.

Also here is an article on Google being a dangerous monopoly:

Blogger 2003:
(niiice timing on Blogger..)

YouTube 2006:

There is alot of hate mongering and actions on behalf of certain parties that is obvious covert warfare in order to cause certain other factions to either implode due to anger, bitterness or rage (well justified) via self hatred or self destruction (including being manipulated into becoming a bitter 'hater' to serve the ultimate interests of ambitious peoples with long term agendas) or to become submissive to an indirect oppressor, perhaps even consisting of various parties.

Your own hate that is being manipulated out of you may serve to enslave you and an entire faction of people if you are not careful or assist powerful entities in becoming even more powerful.

Stay in control and watch yourself, stay sane dont give into brainwashing.