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YouTuber Hendon700, Disinfo or Christian Crackpot?

Hendon700's Channel on YouTube.

I smell disinfo agent.

The best I can do is write this person off as a Christian fanatic due to trying to save the movement from being discredited.
The worst case is the person is a disinfo agent. Note the way all the subjects in the vids are posed from the beginning of the scenes in the vids and no one reacts adversely to being filmed.

This TI must be the luckiest on earth as the rest of us cant ever get perps on video this fast nor at moments so opportune as these. INTERESTING...

If Hendon700 would clean up his/her act, they could benefit TI's everywhere not just Christians.
THERE SHOULD BE NO RELIGIOUS BELIEF PRESENT WHEN DOING ACTIVISM FOR WAR CRIMES. Because it splinters the movement or group. Not everyone targeted is Christian and its especially offensive to RA Survivors, the last thing we need is anyone mocking or being careless about occult realities or metaphysical subject matter. Spiritual warfare is not a joke but neither is it easy to frickin film on a train either. If it was it would come under being an easily solvable crime.
Imagine how awesome it would be if people showed thier true selves so publicly. Imagine if psy ops was this overt. The world would indeed be a much better place to live.

But thats not the reality which is why cover stories and smear campaigns are used. The Targeted Survivor of mind control or Ritual Abuse is re-isolated by the Gang Stalking system and then terrorized in ways that no one sees and they are written off as mentally ill. Same goes for simple cases of GS for regular TI's but they dont have any connection to RA or programming.

Sadly there is merit to what this person is claiming. But its just not this easy to capture. And its very dangerous to go around trying to prove you see demons in people or shape shifters.
Being a dragon slayer if you will, takes alot of responsibility and restraint. And in this day and age, you cant go around acting out spiritual warfare overtly in a world where 'magick' no longer is supposed to exist.

There are actually demonic energies in some people who are here to do battle to assist else could they counter the other factions who also possess such energies? Duh.
This person has no jurisdiction or authority to go around condemning people. That is why we have laws and a concept of justice..and why church and state are separated.

Not only does this make the rest of us look bad who are focusing on the aspect of war crimes and human experimentation that CAN be proven but it makes dealing with the delicate issue of metaphysics more difficult.

Its also a tactic of the CIA mind control factions to have Targeted Survivors of mind control have hallucinations with content like people shape shifting into reptilians or seeing demons..more so early on in getting to Survivors after they deprogram or fight suicide programming.
It was prevalent during Bush when much tech and psychic warfare was used in ways it seems they cant use for torture now due to having limits set since Obama signed an executive order limiting the use of torture in official capacities and whatever happens officially it seems to parellel thier black ops programs.

This is how whackos kill innocents or go against the laws of our lands by killing other human beings- due to inducing compulsions to kill based on believing such things. It may also be a total deception with many of the people being innocent.
The point is that you cant get rid of Seth's people off this planet. They are a part of this world as any of us and have been here since ancient times.

The problem now is that the darker factions of this world have gained power and have an unfair advantage via technologies being used for mass mind control.
Its really that simple.
Worrying about the existence of demonic forces, or humans who for whatever reason, express purely demonic energies is unproductive.
It also has nothing to do with criminal justice in the western world. What IS illegal are the war crimes that have occurred and are still happening concerning human experimentation and abuse of power.

If the public knows about the existence of these technologies and the potential for abuse of power, then whatever darker forces exist will not be able to utilize such an advantage any longer.
Spiritual warfare is supposed to exist on a spiritual level. Cameras can only provide so much evidence..cameras are duplicating what human eyes see- they do not in and of themselves have perceptions nor do they have the depth to assimilate information about the inner machinations of another human being.

And taking Time out of Context is very dangerous indeed. This is who TI's are showing just what looks bad without the full story.

Now do you understand the purpose of secret societies?
To avoid all this bs in spiritual warfare. There is a reason why at Bohemian Grove it says something about spiders not being welcome to weave thier webs there. Becuz they are constantly weaving deceptions.

This was all so much simpler before. But if the darker factions want to bring thier plans out into the open, then fine then. Its interesting how they have done so yet anyone who points that out for what it is or counters their actions is imagining things.

We can only hope that George H.W. Bush's seemingly mad speech concerning the NWO was addressing the results of people like us fighting this so hard and that resulting in public realization of mass mind control and the use of tech to torture dissidents and the making of laws to curb the abuse of such power, instead of what seems to be a plan to use such tech to enslave all of mankind.
Its not a world based on the rule of law when only the elite are allowed to break the law and common people have to be constantly watched, monitored and mentally/emotionally cleansed hour by hour. That is not a world based on law that is a world based on slavery to a concentrated power structure.

As usual Bush uses subtle twists and turns to make something totally horrific sound beneficial. Its what they DONT tell you thats damaging.

When the authorities clean up the planet and address corporate breaking of laws instead of focusing on the public, then we will have a just world. Note that in his speech he says the rule of law..he doesnt say its going to be a just world. Just one that follows the law obediently.

Yeah, dragon slaying takes on a whole new dimension nowadays. Its subtle. And the ones you really have to worry about have very very thick skin and dark shadows everywhere. What this person might be seeing are merely shadows. Its the true sources of corrupt power that are of..concern.