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A New Way To Approach Being A Survivor of MC and GS

I have discovered this a bit too late but its never too late to pass on one's experience with mistakes so that others may have a chance to not make those same errors.

I realize now that the key to fighting the system for those that are involved in activism concerning RA, high level programming and human experimentation is to use the information provided by the alleged perpetrators themselves.

Aquino provided the best guide possible for avoiding pitfalls with his piece on Diana Napolis becoming an obsessive stalker of celebrities and of himself. Diana Napolis started out as a therapist who had become aware of Ritual Abuse cases circa 90's. Interestingly, RA cases were coming out at the same time frame as day care center scandals and the President's Advisory Committee for human radiation experiments which included MK Ultra victims and people who testified to being involved with both as cross over test subjects as well as Survivors of high level programming which was suspected to be connected to state actors like CIA. Most of the last group recalled being compartmentalized with programming for various tasks like memorizing things with photographic memory, courier of information, Theta psychic kill, sex slave and sometimes assasin but that seemed to be mostly true with the men and interestingly no male Survivors were in this group.

His MINDWAR paper itself provides information on how to fight the enemy.