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This Blog Has Ended

This blog is closed basically unless something goes on politically or socially that affects us in this way. This blog was most useful during Bush when one of the main goals was to trap TIs into becoming terrorist suspects by snapping, or by engaging heavily in 9-11 truth. Also I have gone over the basics of being cautious networking with other Targets as well as in forums for gang stalking. Mind control Survivors need to be especially careful.

One day if I have time I want to perfect this blog. I think the point is clear however that alot that is gs is designed to brain wash Targeted persons for various purposes.

Its clear that gs is covert action. Its black ops but exactly what agency or even private company is outsourced to do this to people is unclear to me personally. In the age of private corporations, super wealthy individuals and military contractors as well as the horrid track records of higher ed like MIT, Harvard etc in human experimentation, continuously claiming "CIA" is a bit ridiculous. Not to mention alot of what is used resembles more FBI capabilities nowadays.

Yet, organized stalking and harassment's use of the scum of the earth is atypical of CIA, especially overseas. I posted a link to an article somewhere on the other blog, its known they indeed engage in this.

And its obvious that many gangs are allowed to operate and got their big break by dealing crack in the cities which can also be tied to such agencies. (Iran Contra etc).

The main reason I posted this blog is due to the ridiculous nonsense I encountered in the TI conference calls.
Total lack of security, never checking anyone out, letting crazies stay and have eartime yet usually most credible TIs would be chased out of the conference calls. Never backround checking group leaders. Said leaders using a lot of mind control tactics. Associating themselves with agitators like Code Pink when its not necessary due to us having very legit and definative complaints about human and civil rights abuses directly.

I have personally experienced one conference call to target me personally even to the point of doing so in REAL TIME when callers realized it was me using a different number. Much of the tech used I had only experienced the gang stalkers having access to such as being able to target someone very quickly, getting a mob of perps on the line quickly.

Mind control tactics are used such as the forum being controlled by one race exclusively and African Americans have a culture that is expert in mind control, especially effective on already downtrodden peoples or enslaved people.

Using Christianity and prayer excludes certain groups, is classic of the 'black' community and is akin to cult mind control.

We must remember this is not based on racism but on history. House slaves as Malcolm X pointed out, would take care of the Master's property as well as keep field slaves in line so they could keep their good lives inside the big house. I have seen this in all races but with blacks in the USA there is a long and specific tradition. Also, we must consider the large number of blacks in COINTELPRO. What they all changed their ways, retired and did NOT pass this way of thinking onto their children?
Also Jonestown. Again a high number of inner city Americans of African or slave descent. All one has to do is listen to the Jonestown FBI tapes instead of Hollywood movies on the subject, to hear just how the People's Temple had degenerated into not only a cult, but what sounded like a kill cult. The people speaking are hateful, violent and dedicated to Jim Jones in a frightening way.
When Jones was ending his flock's lives all he had to do was call his secretary in the US, give her commands and she proceeded to slice her two children's throats and kill herself afterwards.
Where did this level of total enslavement come from in a mere monkey trainer and street kid like Jones?

I have posted enough about subliminals not only in news media but in ads. These are all the same basically- using art to fool and manipulate the human mind.

TIs have to learn to be skeptical in specific ways tailored to their situations. Never trust anyone, always look for red flag behavior dont just become paranoid of everyone and stay on the course-focus on your activism or situation. The main problem with OVERT activism is that its useless against COVERT activity. All we can do is make people aware as well as take legal actions.

Parading around in tin foil hats in Washington DC hasnt done much thus far. Why partake in a shielding action that MIT was nice enough to debunk? And due to the fact that an MIT student debunked the tin foil hat yet did not explain that wrapping RFID cards in tin foil DOES work or explaining what a Faraday cage is, simply lets everyone know that MIT is biased. You can disprove the tin foil hat theory but why would you not then offer to find ways of shielding that actually DO work? Becuz what you are doing is intimating that there is no such thing as mind manipulation or human targeting via technologies. And being that MIT is heavily reliant on military contracts and corporations as well as massive govt funding (air, sea, land and space) I suspect that they would do such a thing.

Also the student was Asian. Lets not get into how their culture works with deception, organized crime and all those US companies bringing their jobs over their. The one good thing about Chinese is they are not easily hypnotized nor controlled by black slave culture nor intimidated by PC.

You better understand how each race or culture or nation operates in war or with warlike behaviors. PC is partially a tool of the bad guys to force people to believe everyone is good and deserves a chance simply based on their race...while of course acedemics deny race exists at all.

Acedemics are the worst I have seen in this. They have no guilt and people at Harvard and MIT I have experienced actually believe they are the elite, better than the rest of us and entitled to create a NWO dependant on those value systems. I have seen these people have little difficulty destroying my life or being part of institutions that not only have a history of unethical human experimentation but continue to partake in such acrivities today, when the chances of being caught or demand for transparency are nill.

THIS IS WHY PC, DIVERSITY AND EQUALITY LIBERAL BRAINWASH FOCUSES EVERYTHING BUT CLASS AND SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS. It is a tool of deception for the upper classes who are far from seeking diversity and equality with their fellow men.

If you see whats going on they will stoop to anything to make you behave and silence you.

Slander, modification, forced suicide- you name it. And torture, intimidation are always used.

Be skeptical by realising that you are NOT just an upstart nor a fluke, 'that cheap intelligence sometimes found in the lower classes'. If you r a mind control or RA Survivor you are not just a mule.

You stand out and thier job is to whittle you down until you are an average idiot-not for the sake of Equality but so you also can be controlled in the New Age of the NWO.
Its often referred to as a Satanic age but Satanism in an Illuminati sense. Satanism was never so boring and lacking in individuality as the hive mentality being pushed by the NWO.

People often want to blame secret societies. Be skeptical of all conspiracy theories. If they are so secret then how is anyone sure they are responsible. Dont even go there becuz most people dont even know what the sun cult is, nor understand anything about Egypt or that much involved is simply representative of ancient knowledge. The Masons are ritual brainwashing as are other societies that use compartmentalization and ritual.

I have said all I can about how the tricks are done. What will destroy you finally are the betrayals, the ongoing torture, covert war...and the deafening silence.

And always be prepared to be disbelieved as well as labeled mentally ill. Each one gaining something for the greedy cowards of which there are many.