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Former CIA Attorney Chemically And Electronically Targeted

Shortening of bones?  Some of this stuff not only sounds unreasonable but I've never heard of such things from other Targets. 

Notice how there's truth there-claims myself and other TIs have made. Then notice theres just enough claims that sound unreasonable to make all TIs sound discredited.

It might be the person is made to imagine such things as this is common.

I myself have had things occur being targeted, specifically as a Survivor that made me imagine I'd had an actual experience when it could have been done with druggings and psychic or tech influence. But I was always sensible enough to realize this.

These kinds of experiences have commonalities among TIs. One can tell its like a program. Most Survivors with the same backround and of the same type get the same or similar experiences.

Ive not heard of anyone making some of the claims in the above link.