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FBI involvement in organized stalking

OK so there are a bunch of org stalk sites that have all this FBI content. BUT HOW DO YOU KNOW IT IS THEM? Where is the proof of FBI involvement in your case as a TI?

I have a COINTELPRO link but it's really to describe the infiltration into activist groups for TI's who should take caution when doing activism. And it describes alot of the same actions taken against people especially to ensure activists never form into anyone powerful.

But I personally have no proof of any FBI involvement...does any other TI? I mean real proof like taking footage of perps and running plates and finding out it's feds. Maybe finding out your name is on some list of suspects or investigation.

As usual USE CAUTION...this is why we are called 'nutters'..becuz its all this daily guessing games. (This behavior or style of TI's is a result of extreme trauma from being stalked and harassed and it is also in my experienced opinion a result of being under the influence of remote influencing technologies in addition to the latter trauma. In short, it's hard for alot of TI's to think straight.
For instance the only reason I am able to sound reasonable at this very moment of this writing is I am somewhere that I seem more unaffected than usual. But in a university library, especially certain ones, I find myself unable to keep a flow of thought and remain focused on my subject matter, I find myself being alot less intelligent than I am capable of. There IS something going on especially in the cities with dumbing down, confusion and repetitive suicide ideation.)

All I am saying is please try to be sensible, articulate and believable. Show cause.
I know you are tired, scared and desperate. That is what the perps want becuz it makes us crazy and then we sound crazy. It's not your fault. The org stalk system is to blame.
Just becuz the FBI's tactics are/were similar does not mean that it is they who is responsible for what is happening now. It could be but you'd need something linking them to involvement to state that it IS them behind your harassment or stalking.
Making comparisons is enough. It proves that such action does exist and has been taking against citizens in the past covertly.