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vigilantes, hate groups, crime-who's on first?

After a time TI's become used to the merry-go-round of disinfo and misinfo as par the course of being a Targeted Individual. It's as aggravating as the old comedy routine "Who's on first?" The only difference is that the audience probably had MORE info about what was going on in that comedy routine than TI's have about what is really going on with our situations.

That is why the workplace mobbing piece was so comforting. In my mind the subject matter stays alive-solid and vivid. It has a name and it is defined. It has been given validation.

The concept of what is happening to me on a given day fades in and out. It becomes other things. Other ideas take over.
I believe society's flimsy "You're just crazy" rationale is illogical and unreasonable considering the corruption and cruelty involved. What is happening is definitely criminal in nature and I am a victim of crime and I have been terrorized. There has been a systematic destruction of my life and much deception has been employed.
On the lower levels of motive, yes there was crime as society is familiar with involved. A therapist info pumped me and then tried to erase what she had done with intimidation but she screwed it up. She asked me "Where is ____?" R:" She moved away. She went to ___" Therapist: "Well, do you know where she went?!" R: " To live with her parents in ___, that's all I know"....(so she just pumped me for info either on behalf of the police or the gs system or the overlap thereof. To cover up what she had done she tried to intimate that I was imagining things: Therapist: Eyes up in her head "Yer probably just making it up to get attention" (I had been telling her there was harassment and I was told by people around me that it was an investigation concerning others that would go away once they realized I knew nothing of import.) "You know other girls I see for therapy are actively doing what you used to do and they aren't getting harassed!"....
The tactic she tried to employ was the typical 'its all yer fault'. The thing is it was so obvious she had just gotten info out of me for someone who was looking for ______. Use and abuse. Attempting to pump me for info concerning the former resident of my apartment and then intimidating the person you just pumped for info.
Pearlman, Brighton-You should grow like an onion, with your head in the ground pointing towards hell.

Yes, dear, I notice that no one else is getting harassed and don't you think that is a little strange?
So sometimes because of all the invalidation I think "I know from my research that mc survivors get gang stalked. I know that this is the way. I know that its hiding alot of corruption supposedly to do with drugs, money and sex that is exploitative.....but its also supposedly used for intel work as well. That will never be validated."

My mind begins to wander daily...without validation and with so much INvalidation from the org stalk system.

So then its vigilantes...or hate groups. Or its because I deserve it..or its the ex association with a criminal mess that somehow ended up the real criminals got great lives and my life is ruined-its because that perp told me "Oh well, it doesn't pay to be poor" so maybe I couldn't afford to pay anyone off...ETC, ETC..Round and round and..

The mind games, the psych war along with what any TI can tell battle wear down.
It messes up your vision of the truth. Your former sharp and brilliant mind is reduced to a soup.

A constant running through possibilities because what is really the Truth-you keep getting threatened. From the beginning there was the threat, the veiled intimidation of labeling you if you told the truth. Your family is in agreement and so is everyone else that one wrong move, one mistep and you are as crazy as they tried to make u out to be in 2005..the ambulance is there in Kenmore, especially when there is a perp there who antagonizes you..they keep checking u out. Maybe they are first responders....maybe they have the authority to make a quick judgement on your mental state. Stay the course Rach--walk the tight rope every minute of ever day. They are watching they are waiting...eventually they will win. Don't say the wrong thing or make the wrong move..

You are always wrong and need behavior modification. So here is our new strategy for dealing with you. Either you give into pressure and conform and abandon working on telling your story(good for us) or you stick so hard to your prime directive and we discredit you for life and eventually get you labeled.

That is alot of pressure along with trying to figure out what is really going on.

All I know is that I would not believe any of what is said in the activist forums. There is alot of "It IS the govt it IS the CIA. It IS the military." What proof do they have?
Then there are certain internet activists who want you to believe it IS indeed 'hate groups' or it is definitely community policing.

I have personally been led to believe that its my old criminal associates doing this and I was told that I had to " be made manageable" because that is what people do in business. And as the harassment persists I am told by the same person that "Geez, they are going to let you know you were inconvenient". And this is a person who is trying to help..when they are not enjoying psyching me out.
When I left town on a road trip to clear my head in 2005 it was repeated to me the idea that I was "running from the FBI".
And the man I was with told me that I should simply stay firm and show I cant be intimidated.

Then you have my mothers factions who seem to slip and let me know by conversations like " Shh, her mother is trying to get her labeled as mental, don't say anything."

First you are made to feel that you committed a crime or were framed or that the feds want you to blab about your knowledge about former associates. Then it is intimated that people think you are crazy and mentally ill and if only you give in to this, you will be protected and even given housing (bribe). And all along the way people are intimating that you were accused of robbing a bank, of being a terrorist, a pedophile, a drug dealer, on drugs, of murderer.
It makes it difficult to really understand who is behind this or why its really happening.

You'd have to be like 5 people to be guilty of all that you are accused of..sensory overload is what all that is.
But for what gas light you to drive you crazy.

That is all you need to know is that there is a system of gas lighting and you are the target.

If people think you are nuts that is their problem...they don't know the whole story anyway and they don't know you.

This however is an easy way out for a public that does not want to face their own actions nor the actions of criminals and corruption.

Its not so hard to is right in some song lyrics.
Cypress Hill " We aint goin out like that": "Dig the grave for the one who got played/ Now he's under/ No need to wonder why/ Cuz he'll testify/ We aint goin out like that/ We aint goin out like that..."

Its par for the course in victim witness intimidation among crime syndicates...why is this so hard for people to understand? What..cuz my mother is involved?? There have been plenty of instances of child abusers still being abusive when the child is grown or to cover for the grown child starting to remember stuff. Also, there have been cases where the parent was involved in organized crime and tried to waste their own child per business activities.

You have to be realistic about the world we live in. Corruption is a major cash cow...gang stalking: criminals banding together for protection and profit. Its not that hard to understand.

That is the bottom dont let people get you in a net or web all tied up trying to figure out who did what and who is behind all this. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW FOR SURE THE WHOLE STORY OF YOUR CASE WITHOUT INVESTIGATION, TESTIMONY AND DOCUMENTATION.

That is the reality of the situation.