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A curious gang stalking spoof-an example of a non threat (finally)

Here is an unusual gang stalking video as it is obviously comedic in nature. Its not malicious either as many of the hater and perp videos are. Unfortunately, there are enough ops posing as TI's making ridiculous vids and websites that are worse than this and trying to make it believable.

I admit its funny. Actually this may do some good as TI's get a laugh. In a way it reaches a level of making fun of how ridiculous gang stalking campaigns are and how bizarre and insane they are made out to be. As many TI's have commented and testified that perps groups themselves often seem damaged, mentally challenged or lacking in some way as socially acceptable people. Maybe that is my campaign as I was considered attractive by this society's standards so having 'losers' win over me will screw up my head. I dont know if beauties harass people it would be interesting to find out as that would definitely show moreso its psychological warfare tailored to the victim of the campaign. Many men have noted that aggressive women are a weak point for them and that is who they send to make them feel inadequate. Its like they KNOW what will bury you eventually.

That is how most TI's know this vid is just play. Its not offensive, doesnt incite fear or anger. There are no bad feelings after watching this vid. That is how TI's get to know over time if something is red flag or not. No matter what is being done to you if it feels wrong or if it feels like you are being focused on in a very negative way then there is something to that. There is a big difference between what your head tells you and what your emotional responses tell you. Its not even 'emotions' as an untargeted person would define one's emotional center.

Its like becoming used to a natural predator who is always lurking in your area of the forest. Except for TI's this 'predator' was either never obvious before or had not entered your part of the wood. Now this predator group is known to you, they are stealth and there is no protection from them other than becoming hyper-vigilante as well as very aware of reactions to sensing this predator or predator group. Of course you are usually the lion and they the hyenas but in numbers they can take you down.

Over time you rely on this sense about the perp groups and thier presence in any given area and the crap they pull. You also learn that logic doesnt always dictate and you sense first and figure out their games later.

I just hope other realize its a joke as well. There should be something on the top that reads: "satire".

To a person who's life has been ruined by this system and thier futures buried its kind of like making a video poking fun at rape or murder. And if you had to live under those conditions, if rape was used systematically to gain control over you or a group of victims (which by the way it IS utilized by the military-historically and recently made news being used by African militants to keep whole villages under control.) then perhaps poking fun at it might gain some relief.
But for that same video to be used to deny the victims thier claims is unacceptable.