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A reader comment- creating rivalries and competition as diversion

I just got a ridiculous comment left by a reader about my post on the Wordpress blog. It was so obviously competitive and ridiculous. I dont trust any comments meant to incite flame wars of any kind. Its just not gonna happen. I am an only child, my family has tried to get me to compete with my cousin or even my own mother for years and it was always laughable. Since gs breaks up families or keeps them in dependency mode not healthy connection. My mother eventually broke down my family ties as she was always jealous and she used my situation against me (being heavily targeted in 2004) and it looked like she used the same methods she used to get my stepfather turned against me years earlier.
My mother is decidedly the most evil person in that family outside of my grandfather and she is most like him out of all her siblings. My mother expresses the 'evil' in this system. I believe this system over the years just beat her down until she was capable of nothing else. If I know anything about being targeted and what she must have gone through to get this way, she must, like many of us after years of this- be half insane. Literally, that is what it does to you.

Not that the world isnt insane to begin with, like polluting the environment which one really does need to keep existing in human bodies but just disregarding that fact in daily lives of consumption and waste. Or having weapons of warfare that are so destructive and unnatural they shouldnt even exist- but we have nuclear weapons under the pretense that due to all the most powerful players having them, this ensures no one will ever use them..(?). What kind of logic is that..though I DO see the logic in it, its not sane or sensible at all.
Or preaching goody two shoes cult like unrealistic value systems of PC then sending people to other lands to kill their fellow man. Creating materials that will never degrade like plastics. There should be laws stating that if it we cant destroy it, DONT CREATE IT.
We really should be acting more like gods, being responsible with our creations, as that is basically what we do and now we have the power and technology to do just that.

I miss my family but the changes in our world have changed the people around us or perhaps just brought to light the worst in them that was always there anyway. I dont do sibling rivalry, I am too individualistic and I also enjoy the idea of tribe or a family, which the perps know about me you can tell the way they have targeted me. A tribe really, not the bs hierarchy that goes on in traditional American families. (oh, am I thinking too much like a Communist? Before you start jerking off to Mcarthy speeches, let me add that I like the idea of governance through laws and democracy- just not hierarchies that have no such governance or checks and balances. My family was an example of an unfair power structure with little sense of 'democracy' or cooperation. Sounds more like I am an enemy of a dictatorial mindset via wanting a true republic of the people, not overlords.)

It was this bs comment about Cathy Obrian and how she came forward soley out of LOVE and maybe I should look at that if I want the same "attention". It was laughable as I did not state I wanted the same kind of attention I said that I would have liked the same opportunities to write a book in safety. Geesh, the people leaving those comments must be horrible at business if they seriously cannot accept that different people have different circumstances to work with. I accept that, I just dont like it.
Also, I dont want the same kind of attention as its time for other survivors to try different approaches as thiers is working but there are other people to reach with that info.

The things the perps try are so..childish. I mean its always another attempt at reducing us to the level of children or to force us into a recreated family scenario from our bio families, which of course were totally dysfunctional dynamics. Not going there.

One of the original survivors of that same era who's work I consider valuable, got her story knocked down and her work ignored in the survivor movement and it seems she fell for alot of flame warring and fights. I am just not that into fighting that isnt practical- I aim to kill and that means WIN. If I have to NOT fight to WIN then obviously I am going to do that.
Get a clue a-holes.
I mourn the work of that one survivor who I wont mention but she is on the original cable show vid. She also exhibited many signs of being genuine but instead of getting exalted like other survivors she got buried. WHY?
I think its becuz she tended to really exhibit the connection to Satanic RA. Even the way she looked, a face like that of death or some programming connected to that. She looked alot like my own mother and like myself she seemed to write her ass off and be very astute at research.
Its interesting that this 'kind' of slave is not only very expendable but less favored for the spot light as she looked less little girlish and 'pretty' pretty girl like the survivors who are spotlighted. She looked more gaunt and decidedly sexual.
The perps used to dis her by claimed she was a CIA plant: well dumbasses, if CIA are possibly behind programming people for spying and other functions then couldnt that be said of all survivors? WTF??
If that is who she is programmed by, then why does she differ from other survivors in that sense? Then that raises the question who programmed them then??

Unless someone is afraid that, still being programmed to spy or collect info and play detective, she might be a problem in the survivor scene becuz something is amiss....hmmmmm.

Do not f*ck with me, I am not as easily deterred or diverted. No wonder I am targeted so heavily-I wont fall for that crap. ( I know, I know I just did fall for it by responding to it by writing this...I get it-your clever. Whatever.)