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Counter tactics..Insanity or folk common sense?/Smashing the towers are not the answer

Common sense in the face of much sophisticated mind control being used on the masses as well as targeted individuals. In many instances military men will tell you that a McGiver like inventiveness with some strange object is what got the job done to save a life or something else as important- whilst surrounded by million dollar equipment. Likewise, many times such thing has happened to make such sophisticated equipment stop working. The only thing one CAN depend on is HUMAN INTELLIGENCE, CREATIVITY and the WILL TO SURVIVE.

In many instances, people who discover something is effective as a counter measure or to force a situation to work are the smartest ones- truly the monkeys who figure out how to get the banana. In the case of beating remote influence, its how gain freedom from influence. This is the much needed banana for human survival right now.

Most people have not even heard of non lethal weapons much less know enough to deduct that the programs that Reagan tried to pass off publically are most likely being utilized covertly RIGHT NOW in society. If they did know they would not believe. TI's who live for activism are specialists indeed. And due to that working within a specialized field, one that is actively denied to exist in popular media, we are stranded on desert islands only linked by the internet or a chance meeting with other activsts/victims in the person.

This isolation is the greatest challenge as well as our oppressors greatest tool to force us to eventually crack under constant pressure. Yet I am saying 'isolation' in the sense of behavior modification= isolated alone with our oppressors never to be left alone by ourselves in peace.

As I was writing another post this afternoon I was getting very forceful ideations concerning once again that I should go to UMass, that I need to do so for some sort of future. Also that I need to stop wasting time with these blogs and posts. That I will eventually conform (which I may if I stay in the same spot long enough) so go along with it. That the times have changed, I should let the new generation have the world and I dont really matter anymore. That no one is going to pay attention to what has been done to me so I might as well forget it all..the typical bs.

There was of course low level sexual stimulation present and as usual it eminated from that scar I have in my bladder from an exploratory with a scope that was done in 1997 by a Eurologist from India who was a professor at NEMC Boston, that went into 'research' soon afterwards. I havent experienced that in a while, stimulus eminating directly from that area but its been an issue in the past. Just as I write this I am getting an ideation that I am an experimentee just like my mother, and like me no one is going to help me, no one cares and that society accepts losses like this as part of the price of progress. That all experimentees have been written off so I should just go quietly.
The sexual stimulation got more intense and along came a fantasy about having a boyfriend again finally that would truly love me, who would get me knocked up- and since I had to get rid of one pregnancy once, my body really wants a child before I get too old and regret not having children. Very graphic and again focused on desiring true male domination as a result of years of torture and being broken down by this system. Often when this occurs I use my Will to return to memories of my old self, life and activities which include sexual activity that was in a very different character from what this system wants me to be- a strong, centered woman who knew what she wanted and had control over her desires, and perhaps trusted a specific male with FANTASIES of control often, but NOT true to life enslavement or male dominance over her and her life.

There have been TI's who suggest how to counter the remote influence when it plays dirty like this- earplugs either both ears or just one. But one TI has suggested closing one eye. This is supposed to stop such hypnotic suggestion from having its full effect on the person. It may work due to one eye being closed imitating a half asleep state. It could also work by giving the person an immediate state of privacy at least partially. By making the world 'flat', the remote influence that seems to surround us (electromagnetic?) is cut off from having the same effect.

You have got to be careful becuz doing this without a good rationale will make you look crazy for sure. Its very inventive and in this game right now where so many of us are battling a giant or so few against many, we are often working with folk rememedy, self styled weapons and good old fashioned common sense.

In this war, with each battle we must use whatever seems to work. Only a tech professional could tell us why it works or doesnt.

The tin foil hat is a good example. It doesnt work becuz its only partial and doesnt create a true 'Faraday Cage' effect. But a website I posted about a while ago does instruct how to make one's ID cards such as train passes etc that are radio connected essentially, cut off from communication by wrapping them completely in foil- creating a full enclosure effect NOT partial.

The problem is that we have nutcases who are either truly crazy, midled and misinformed or they are disinfo agents/operatives whos job it is to discredit all true TI's doing activism. They wear tin foil hats to rallies making us all look like jackasses, then a kid from MIT discounts the tin foil hat by proving it doesnt work and vallah! Subject closed. No one posts the details or the particulars like being honest about WHY it doesnt work becuz its not a full Faraday Cage effect but it MAY work if a human being got into a structure (like a frickin Faraday Cage) of something that would work. I dont know if surrounding someone in a full tin foil enclosure would work or even if tin foil is the correct metal medium to use. Thats becuz no one who claims to be serious about seeking answers seeks them completely- there are only idiots and detractors and that does serious victims NO GOOD whatsoever.

All it serves to do is take away any counter measures or hope we had to begin with. There ARE people who are serious about countering this system. There are people running around the country who actually plan out how to smash towers. But there are not enough of them and the companies are too big so they just put up another one. Nowadays such extreme measures would be considered terrorism anyway.
And unfortunately, many necessary services are tied into the communications networks that also are suspected and reasoned to also carry waves of torture, hypnosis and behavior modification via psy ops to Targets everywhere in the US. It would be irresponsible to just destroy the networks of technologies as many innocent people would suffer who have nothing to do with targeting us.

The answer lies in exposing this, getting it believed by the public as well as then getting laws made on just what can and cannot be done to human beings via technologies. We cannot allow ourselves to sink to the level of the perps, with an attitude of saving our own asses at the expense of others. I say succeed by being more noble than the enemy as well as kicking thier asses totally and completely.

Believe me I want to see just one state as a total safe zone. We all know the relief we get in areas or buildings with no cell reception or after 12 midnight. But crashing society totally aint it. A Mad Max type world is surely alluring where a person like me living somewhat off the grid would be the dominant force and all the sheep would die out..but its just not civilized and its not right. Many of these human beings would stop our suffering dead in its tracks if they understood what was going on. This is why its done covertly.

When Reagan wanted to use this tech in prisons and other institutions he had to retract this proposal just to get elected- that tells us that the American public wouldnt approve of such extreme measures, especially when we are NOT terrorist suspects but victim witnesses they want silenced and they might not appreciate thier daily public spaces being utilized like a Gitmo camp.