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Lyndon Johnson and the 'wink' photo from inauguration

This is the classic photo that most people have seen. I have only seen this as a second in a series of three at most but I read there are 9 in all of the event.

I have seen one of the moment prior to this where LBJ is whispering something to Jackie, leaning into her on his left.

Ill try to find all 9.

Here is the second one with a history:

It seems that not many people are familiar with the wink photo and its usually only featured on 'conspiracy' sights, as due to the obvious implications, no one else seems to want to deal with it (big surprise).

What is interesting is the way that events can be interpreted if 'cut and pasted' or taken out of context. The impression given when seeing just the two photos instead of hte most famous one alone is enough to change one's perception as well as create doubt- simply by telling the TRUTH about an event, showing hard facts or PRLSI (Pre Recorded Light and Sound Images). Manipulating dead time is very much a key to thier success. Either leaving out information in a time line of reality, remaking or rewriting or having the public relive a certain time frame over and over as brainwashing as repetition IS brainwashing.

The people behind gang stalking make it an art form to twist reality and are expert at this.
And they have thousands of years of they simply have new toys (tech).

If we analyze both photos the characters and their body language and expressions take on new meaning. Lady Bird Johnson (who does indeed look birdlike) has an expression in the second photo that is very satisfied that its finally done but also one senses an evil in her features that could be seen as shared with the Texan who is winking at LBJ. What is compelling about the second photo is that many of the participants involved seem satisfied or even happy, which is in very bad taste at that moment to say the least, but note that Jackie Kennedy's expression has not changed much nor her body position. She is the one who is truly in shock still, mourning and upset.

When the public view the classic photo of that moment most people would most likely see it as everyone being in a moment of emergency and focusing on great responsibility. The second photo however can change one's perception of captured moments before in the one prior, the classic portrayal of that situation and that moment in history.

In the second photo, the 'wink' photo, one can see a very Italian or dark man behind the main characters and a man to his left who also looks rather hard or even seedy. Note that the tall, dark man is looking at LBJ and in that general area with a look of disgust almost and the man to his left is looking down shamefully but in Jackie Kennedy's direction.

A very revealing photo indeed.