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World Safer Place With Stupid, Uncreative People At Helm?

These people on the following thread are probably not perps, but they most likely are the most ignorant, stupid and gullible people incapable of research on the face of the planet. If people like this existed exclusively, as they seem to want in a neat perfect little world of thier own, detectives would never solve crimes, cops would never be suspect of criminals, sci fi writers would never create anything, mathmeticians would never solve problems, philosophers would never have existed in history, artists never create, scientists never dream, inventions never be mapped out and manifested into reality and space exploration never become a reality either.

These sorts of people if they were truly right and correct about thier assumptions of reality as a whole, would ensure that covert warfare never existed. Covert ops would never be. The imagination of the sadist or the torturer would never bloom. Military men would never imagine strategies or world domination. Religion would certainly never again be a problem as they seem to not be able to believe in anything.

They are like a nice little group of hens in a henhouse, not wanting to know what awaits outside, content with what they have in the warmth and familiarity of the barn. Not wanting to accept that wolves are real and tend to eat you, and one could be waiting outside also seems to be part of thier makeup.

If everyone was this dense, this straight and this lacking in gut instinct, raw force, foolish bravery and imagination there would never again be a war or a psychological warfare unit in existence ever again.

Perhaps these people, with minds seemingly made out of cardboard, have a ticket to happiness that the extremely talented, intelligent, gifted, psychic, artist, cop, detective, military person, politician, criminal, academic or entrepreneur type person will never have the luxury of knowing.

Thats if the whole world decided to get this stupid all at once. That would be akin however to everyone realistically disarming thier nuclear arsenals all at once and being honest about it and never developing another. Since that is very unlikely, if these types were allowed to define reality, the US would soon find itself victim to spycraft as well as psychological warfare by other nations, especially ones with thousands of years of experience.

This is why the system tries to get you to 'forget' all that has happened and go on with yer life. Why they push taking the blue pill. Becuz we live in a world full of people like this who are too stupid to understand covert ops in general, forget about black ops false flag etc.

Being really evil on the sly as well as countering such actions, seems to take a great amount of creativity. Deception IS art.

These people are NOT capable of such thought processes. They also seem to lack any education in government, military or other small subjects that happen to mold and shape the world we live in. Someone should hand them a copy of Machiavelli's The Prince, but after looking through a few pages, they would most likely find it 'scary' and not want to read it anymore but if questioned on its content, would most likely respond with the body language of a dog just shown a card trick (yes, the sideways tilt of Fido who wants to understand you but does not have the grey matter to do so).

All one has to do is research the subjects at hand in thier discussions..what is most interesting is thier insistence on denial while purposefully remaining in denial willfully.

Most likely the little bastards are terrified or..more amusing of a reason is that they are programmed assets who have an inner fear of understanding what is beyond the obvious inside themselves. Now wouldnt that be amusing, a very good twist. OH no there is my imagination again. Must be the 'mental illness' that makes me so talented.

We can only hope they are very expendable slaves and will suicide before they have to deal with reality becuz it sounds like not only are they not worth keeping around due to having no balls whatsoever or other merit, they are very group minded.

Can you imagine people so jealous or stupid that they actually believe that freedom fighters or victim advocates/ activists do what we do based on a need to be "special"? That has got to be the most sick mind f*ck yet. The scary thing is that I dont think they are perps. The reason perps piss us off so much is that they are actually too good at being deceptive, know all too well that what is happening is real and rival us sometimes in intelligence if not creativity.

These are sheep and not worth the air they take in. What is also intriguing is thier rationale. What exactly is thier motive for being so insistent in thier denial? If these people ever ran into organized criminals they would take everything they have before they knew it was gone..or wanted to know rather.

HEY!! WAIT! This is exactly the kind of robotic dumbed down idiot that the NWO is trying to create in order to get world peace a reality. So that is the secret of inner peace! Just deny that there is any problems! Kinda like the world was before the 60's..or the Internet. No, before the 1890's really. Thrown back into the dark ages where, under threat of torture you are encouraged to not question or think.

Its exactly what the system is trying to do as well. If corruption is quietly accepted as status quo and denial is a tool of supporting that, then all will be right and good with the world. No upsets, now fouls.

Just a happy population of some of the world's densest human beings ever born. But unbothered by true crime and corruption. Happy. Content.

Perhaps these morons are the key to a better world. A world without gods..gods trying to crush other gods always into eternity. No more 33.3 ad infinitum of infighting gods and bloodline brotherhoods. Just dumb as nails Adam and Eve before realizing they were naked..and there was a God at all.

We can only hope they have the same lack of instinct and intuition they seem to have in relation to intelligence and some natural disaster takes care of thier frighteningly high numbers.

I dont know if I particularly want to have my life's work judged by a poster named "Cuddles". The "Carlitos" reference is just so creative and NOT predictable huh? More interesting is that a guy like Carlito in real life would probably not only believe in gang stalking but most likely be targeted for life due to his profession either to get him to crack (feds) or to keep him in line (criminals). A character like Carlito would most likely have to be intelligent as well as a bit of a paranoid to survive. So this guy idolizes the very kind of character that he is dissing in this forum or thread.

"Howie Felterbush" gets points for the Norsk Black Metal tootsie pop gag on his avatar but the info he is referencing is from the stupidest gang stalking sites. That is info that beginners look at to start understanding psy ops in its most simple form. If you dig deeply into admitted psy ops by military and then do some serious research into gang stalking targets you will find more similarities there than some asshole being freaked out by neighbors in on these campaigns.

Most of these people seem to jsut have not wanted to do research and know the truth. Also I find it interesting that many of the most avid deniers have creepy avatars that look like something out of horror movies or nightmares. Hmmm.

OK so what do you say to someone like me, who's mother is a documented human radiation experimentee with both parents in the US Marines during that time? Who had this done at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland, the hospital that was the site of so much MK Ultra abuses and at least one related suicide of personnel that knew too much?
As well as that I have embarassing dirt on rich people and one organized crime operation and a few career criminals and my 'imagined' harassment and stalking, which involved marked police cars state, cities and various colleges/universities during a period of time when there was a federal investigation of law enforcement corruption that ended up going all the way up to the Boston FBI, and where pissed off, scared cops were throwing Maltov cocktails at other cops houses as 'insurance'?
Those sound like circumstances that are pretty compelling for a case of real life stalking and harassment to either destroy someone, drive them to suicide or at least discredit them as witnesses.

What say you, oh stupid people of the forum thread? No contest?

Yeah motherf*ckers..I thought so.

People like this never stand up to the test. For if they could make it through such circumstances...
they would most likely be Targets themselves.

F*ck You JREF Forum. Stay on yer side of the fence becuz you cant ride this pony. You'd be dead in a year. Go back into denial and stay there. And if you are perps, yer doing the right thing as the above also applies to you. Stand alone complexes beat you hands down- keep yer mob becuz you could never make it alone against Goliath. You dont have the brains or the balls.

Keep up the good work, losers!